Friday, April 12, 2019

Pelosi's double standard; Illegals in your city but not mine

It's unfortunate that Trump has decided to not ship illegals just to sanctuary cities.  Those cities refuse to obey the law and say that massive numbers of illegals are good but refuse to actually host the illegals themselves.

Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats want lots of illegals so that they can get more Democrat voters but they don't want to deal with consequences; those they want to dump on we the people.

When the Democrat mayor of Oakland says that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes but that she doesn't want more in her city it's clear she knows she's lying. The key thing is that she says immigrants thereby lumping legal and illegal immigrants together.  We know that illegals are more likely to commit crimes than citizens and we know they're more likely to be on welfare; which is why the mayor of Oakland--where Democrats already have a comfortable majority--don't want any more.

If illegals did benefit the economy and were law abiding as Democrats keep telling us, if illegals were a great gift to America as the #FakeNews media is always saying Pelosi and the Democrats would embrace Trump's proposal.

The fact that they condemn Trump's proposal shows that the Democrats know that illegals cause crime and are a burden not a blessing.  But that doesn't matter because enough illegals illegally vote or provide support to the Democrat party by volunteering that Democrats benefit even though America doesn't.

But this is what Democrats always do; they impose on we the people to advance their goals.  Personal charity is a rarity among leftists; instead they view voting for Democrats who raise taxes on everyone as being their charitable contribution.

Pelosi needs to explain why if illegals are as great as she always says they are it's horrible to bring them to the sanctuary cities that say that they love them.

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