Thursday, November 5, 2020

Joe Biden loves China: Paris Accords edition

 The Paris Accords are proof positive that there is no environmental catastrophe in the works; that climate change isn't a big deal.

All the people, like Joe, who tell us we've got to drastically change our country--by eliminating the oil and gas industries for example-- also support the Paris Accords.

But the Paris Accords allow China to drastically increase its CO2 production.  Given that China already produces more CO2 each year than the US and the EU combined that means that under the Paris Accords any cuts by the US won't do anything.

But Joe doesn't care.  Hence either Joe is intentionally rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic and he's ok with us all dying or he's lying about there being a climate crisis.  He can't think we're facing doom from too much CO2 and still allow China, the largest CO2 producer on the planet, to drastically increase its CO2 production.

On the other hand the US constraining itself by the Paris Accords will make the US less economically competitive, especially since China is producing lots of cheap energy, which is good for China. No wonder China's paid the Biden family tens of millions of dollars.

What's more amazing is that under Trump US CO2 emissions have gone down more than most Paris Accord signatories have. But that's occurred because fracking allowed dirty coal power plants to be replaced with much cleaner natural gas power plants.  So when Joe bans fracking he's going to increase US CO2 production.

The only value of the Paris Accords is to make people like Joe and his base feel good about themselves.

Oh one last thing; because "green" energy is much more expensive than fossil fuel energy our energy prices are going to go up. It's no accident that Californians already pay much more for power than people in states which aren't going all in for "green" power--and despite the higher costs Californians still face rolling blackouts like people in third world countries.

But it turns out that poor people spend a much higher fraction of their money on energy than do the middle class or the rich which means that Joe's driving up energy costs by eliminating the oil and gas industries is effectively a huge regressive tax on the poor.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Pray. We need to stop the Democrats from stealing the election

 89% voter turnout in Wisconsin.

Republican poll watchers being prevented from monitoring the vote count in multiple Democrat cities in swing states.

A Democrat Attorney General in Pennsylvania who said Trump would not win the state before the election.

Various districts stopping counting votes.

Photos of a man passing out Democrat voting guides in a polling place in Philadelphia.

Democrat cities not reporting vote counts until other parts of the state have already done so.

These are all strong indicators of voter fraud.

To see how it works let's look back at the 1960 election that JFK won due to massive voter fraud in Texas, a Democrat strong hold at the time, and Illinois.

At the time all of Illinois was strong Republican other than Chicago.  On election night precincts from around the state reported. But none of the Chicago precincts were reporting.

Once all the Republican precincts had reported Chicago started reporting and magically managed to get just enough votes to give the state to Illinois.

The key problem with voter fraud is knowing how many ballots you have to fake.  Too many and the problem is obvious, as is the case with Wisconsin today, too few and you lose the election.

That's why Democrats want to report their totals late so that they can find just enough ballots in order to "win".

With millions of ballots having been sent to people who don't exist, because they've moved or died--I got a ballot for my daughter who hasn't lived with us for years--, it's easy to find real ballots. Given that Democrats have sued to prevent the signature on the ballot from being checked or passed laws that ballots don't have to be signed it's easy to create hundreds of thousands of "real" ballots.

It's pretty clear that that's what we're seeing.  After all why else would Democrats cover the windows of ballot counting stations and refuse to let Republicans monitor the process?

Of course if some people weren't so stupid as to vote for someone whose policies they hate because they don't like Trump's personality the Democrat's job wouldn't be so easy.

But we can't let the Democrats steal this election. Back in 1960 Nixon didn't want to put the country through a battle. But JFK was a patriot who loved America for all his other failings. 

Joe Biden is a corrupt, angry, racist man who says that American is so bad that it has to be dramatically changed in order to be good.  We need to suffer the pain to ensure he never gets control of the country.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Vote: America depends on it

Kamala Harris just came out for Communism; equal results not equal opportunity. That means that she wants someone who drops out of high school to do drugs to have the same quality of life as hard working people like you do.  Communism almost delivers that; everyone but the ruling elites are poor and the elites are very rich.

Joe Biden wants to pack the court, raise your taxes, take your guns, eliminate religious liberty, and he's the conservative person on the Democrat ticket.

Every vote will count.  If Trump wins but doesn't win the popular vote Democrats will never accept the election results.

Further we need the Republicans to control the House and Senate so even if your state might not go for Trump--and early indications are that pretty much all states are in play--electing a Republican for Congress could keep Nancy Pelosi from blocking aid to people who are suffering from the Democrat's perpetual lockdown.

Keep in mind Joe Biden isn't a nice person. When confronted he gets nasty and he says he's going to use the full power of the government to force nuns to provide contraception and abortion inducing chemicals.  He lies without any qualm and he keeps lying if it serves his interests.  Of course it's possible that he's not lying that he's simply clueless. Either way he's unfit to be president.

Joe didn't condemn the rioting and looting that destroyed so many Black neighborhoods until his polling data showed that that was costing him votes. Even after that though he refused to condemn Antifa/BLM.

Joe will raise your taxes and increase the cost of energy while destroying lots of jobs.  But he'll ensure that welfare is maintained.  If you're worried about Social Security remember that Joe has called for cutting it in the past while Trump has only said it would be nice if it could be funded differently.

Joe's the guy,  not Trump, who said that Blacks are only Black if they vote for him and that poor kids are as smart as white kids.  Joe's the guy who eulogized a former KKK leader. Joe's the guy who said that unlike Hispanics all Blacks are the same. Joe's the guy who doesn't care that Blacks abort at 3 times the rate of whites; Kanye and Jesse Jackson have talked about abortion being genocide against Blacks.

Trump wants you to keep more of what you earn.

He wants you to be able to live out your religious beliefs.

He wants everyone to have an equal opportunity which is why he supports school choice for poor Black kids

He wants you to run your life not the government

He supports the police not rioters

He maybe rough around the edges, uncouth, and his personal behavior in the past was bad but he's the only Presidential candidate who is looking out for we the people. Biden is and always has been first and foremost a member of the East Coast ruling elites who look out for themselves and who think they should rule over us not represent us.

For the love of the Constitution, for the love of God and the unborn, for yourself; vote Trump and vote for Republicans for the Senate and Congress.

God Bless!

Monday, November 2, 2020

Vote as if America depends on it because it does

 Historically in America both parties agreed on certain fundamental values at the national level.  

They believed in the value of human life, that politics didn't apply to foreign affairs, that America was a good albeit imperfect country, that freedom was good, that equal opportunity was the objective not equal outcomes.

But today Joe Biden and the Democrat party have rejected all of those beliefs.

Joe Biden is for making you pay for elective abortions for any reason at any point in a pregnancy.

Joe Biden politicizes foreign policy and doesn't view the US as the good guy.

Joe Biden thinks America has never been great or good and needs to be massively changed to live up to what it says it is.

Joe Biden believes that freedom of speech should be limited and that people whose faith conflicts with the moral code of the DNC on issues like contraception and abortion don't have the right to exercise their faiths.

Joe Biden is for judging people based on the color of their skin not the content of their character.

Kamala Harris has directly said that equal opportunity isn't good but that we should ensure that everyone gets the same outcome. Someone who drops out of high school to do drugs should have just as nice a lifestyle, thanks to taxpayer dollars, as someone who worked hard their whole life.

Joe Biden rejects the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments of the Constitution. He is ok with censoring speech he doesn't like, he wants to take your guns, he's ok with Democrats getting Trump's private data-- while keeping his own Senate records under wraps-- even though there is no evidence that Trump's done anything illegal.

Joe Biden refuses to say who he'd consider for the Supreme Court and he's planning on packing the court with political hacks who will rule not based on what the Constitution actually says but on what they want the Constitution says.  It's tyranny since Joe isn't willing to actually get us to vote to amend the Constitution the way Republicans did to ensure that Blacks were treated equally.

Joe Biden wants to reduce police funding, take away your guns, allow Antifa/BLM to riot; Joe doesn't want you safe he wants you afraid.  He does so because people who are afraid will often trade their freedom for security and give politicians like Joe more power.

If the Democrats win they have said that they will fundamentally transform America.  

They'll be our rulers not our representatives and they'll ensure that we do what we're told.

If you work hard they'll take your money and give it to people who don't.

Just say no to tyranny; vote for Trump and Republicans down the line.

California Democrats return to their racist roots

 Tomorrow Californians will have a chance to vote to institutionalize systemic racism.

Proposition 16, if it passes, will allow the government to discriminate against people because of their race and sex.

That means that it would be legal if the government of California never hired another Black, Hispanic, Native American, or Pacific Islander.

Of course the intent behind the bill is to discriminate against whites and Asians but that's just what the current batch of politicians plans to do; the Proposition would enable discrimination against what ever racial group is disfavored.

However this should remind us that discriminating against someone based on the color of their skin is wrong no matter what color they are.  Discriminating against whites because they're white or Asians because they're Asian is just as evil as discriminating against Blacks because they're Blacks.

Democrats have completely rejected the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s call for us to judge people based on the content of their character not the color of their skin.

They don't view we the people as individuals but as members of a group.  If you're white even if you've spent your whole life helping the poor you're evil, the only exception are the white Democrat politicians who are all perfect, and if you're Black you're good even if you're someone who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman.

That's what Democrats want for all of America; for us to be treated not based on how we act but on how we look.

That's Joe Biden's America.  

Sunday, November 1, 2020

A whistleblower confirms Joe Biden's corrupt practices: #FakeNews media censorship edition

If you read the #FakeNews media you probably don't know that Tony Bobulinski a former business associate of the Biden family has produced eyewitness testimony as well as emails and phone calls that prove that the Biden family is engaged in corrupt activities.

He went on Tucker Carlson's show and here are a few of the highlights
  • Bobulinski wanted Biden Inc to go on record as saying that he, Tony, wasn't a source of Russian disinformation.  Biden Inc said no and said that if Bobulinski published the evidence he had "Tony. You're just gonna bury all of us man."
  • Bobulinski asked Jim Biden how they could be engaged in such corrupt business dealings and Jim said "plausible deniability".
  • Bobulinski confirmed that the Chinese had loaned the Biden family $5,000,000.
  • The Biden's deals with China weren't about Jim or Hunter who are nobodies but about the Biden name; that is Joe Biden.
  • Bobulinski confirmed that the "big guy" is how Hunter referred to Joe Biden. Remember that in Hunter's email it says that 10% of the money from the China deal would be held for the "big guy".

Can you think of a single "scandal" the #FakeNews media has launched against Trump that has this sort of on the record support?

The story that Trump had dissed dead American soldiers was based on 4 anonymous sources and even after it was refuted by 10 people who were at the meeting, including John Bolton who hates Trump, Joe Biden acts as though the story is true as does the #FakeNews media.

Trump is on tape denouncing white nationalism repeatedly since 2000 yet the #FakeNews media keeps asking him to denounce them.

Yet here we have Hunter Biden's laptop, both DNI and FBI says there is no evidence it's Russian disinformation, and a close business partner of the Bidens going on record talking about corrupt practices and the #FakeNews media won't even cover it.

Apparently only anonymous whistleblowers like the one who lied about Trump and Ukraine can be trusted.

Democrats say that women who want to have children are evil

Since Amy Coney Barrett is a brilliant and honest judge Democrats have resorted to lying about her in order to try and keep her off the Supreme Court.

It's been long known that the religious group she may be associated with is not the group that the stupid novel "The Handmaid's Tale" is based on.

ACB in no way supports forcing women to have babies.  But of course the truth is irrelevant to Democrats.

What their attacks on her reveal though is that they hate her for wanting to have 7 children.  Attacking a women who has chosen to have 7 kids by comparing her to women who are forced to have children is obscene.