Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Will the courts keep you safe?

Senator Obama believes the Clinton approach to terrorism, treat them like crooks, is the way to proceed with war on terror. I don't know about you but given how much liberals have worked to make it hard to convict crooks these days i'd hate to see terrorists go before liberal judges defended by a team of ACLU lawyers. If you're liberal you believe rich white folk can buy lawyers to keep from being found guilty and if you're a conservative you look at the O.J. trial to see how enough money, and a friendly jury, can get you off the hook. Do we really want to require our troops to read captured terrorists their Miranda rights?

Do you think that foreigners who are hell bent on killing Americans and who violate the international standards of war--they dress like civilians for example--should get the same rights as a college student caught shoplifting? I don't. According to international law if you catch a combatant not wearing a uniform you can shoot him on the spot. Back when the US switched from green uniforms to camouflaged ones there was actually a legal discussion about whether or not the new clothing was a "uniform". Clearly dressing like a civilian is not a uniform.

More importantly though is the fact that the record of the Clinton administration was horrible. In fact the barriers that Clinton put up that prevented law enforcement and the intelligence community from sharing information about terrorists was probably a key reason 9/11 succeeded. During the Clinton administration the terrorists got bolder and bolder and nothing Clinton did dissuaded them. In fact Osama bin Laden continues to say that Americans are weak and cowardly because Bill Clinton withdrew our troops from Somalia after the Black Hawk down incident. Terrorists don't respond to diplomacy, they think we're satans agents and you don't negotiate with the devil. Do you think that it's an accident that since 9/11 Europe, which has been weak on terrorism, has suffered multiple major terrorist attacks and the US has suffered none?

Further think about it. Have our law enforcement agencies managed to shut down drug cartels or organized crime? It's not because the people who put their lives on the line to fight crime are stupid, lazy, or evil--they're actually very smart and dedicated. Rather it's due to two factors, the difficulty in getting anyone convicted these days due to all of the rules the liberals have put in to protect the guilty, and the fact that it's hard to get anyone in a tight knit organization to talk. Terrorist organizations are even worse than the mob and the drug cartels from the perspective of law enforcement. Can you imagine the scenario if a terrorist is acquitted because the search warren that was executed to find their stash of explosives had the wrong date on it? Don't laugh a real crook got off because while the judge had approved a search warrant for a certain day the clerk filled in the paperwork incorrectly. The evidence uncovered by the search, executed on the day defined by the judge, was thrown out of court.

Senator Obama seems to fail to realize that we are at war with extra governmental powers who do not adhere to anything resembling the international standards of war. Their objective is to kill civilians. They are monsters. I'm sure that Senator Obama would condemn the people who brought black slaves over to the US, as would any sane person, but it's far worse to kill the innocent than to enslave them. Yet the Senator wants to make it as hard as possible to deal with terrorists.

We know that it's unlikely that innocent people are held at Guitmo. Why? Well over 30 of the people that were released from Guitmo have turned up on the battlefield attacking Americans. Clearly if the release policy was as draconian as Senator Obama has suggested it's unlikely that so many confirmed terrorists would have been released. So if the Guitmo system is basically working why go back to the failed Clinton policies.

Think about it. If we go to a law enforcement approach to getting terrorists if we find that Osama bin Laden is in a house someplace we can't bomb it and kill him. We either have to let him go or send in a team to capture him, alive.

So what's the obvious?

Terrorists aren't crooks and they aren't Americans. Giving them the same rights as Americans is both stupid and proven to fail.

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