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Friday, December 21, 2012

Why God makes Western civilization possible.

If there is no God or if god is a mean old nasty guy who likes the wealthy--think the Greek or Roman gods--then there is no basis for the most fundamental belief of modern Western civilization--that all men are equal.

If we're all not equal because we're all children of an all powerful God who loves us then there is really no rational reason to believe that an inner city crack addicted child should be equal in the eys of the law to John Kerry.

But if we aren't equal then the superior people exploiting the inferior ones is an ok thing.

In societies that either eschew God altogether, such as the Communist regimes of the last century or China today, or which embrace gods who sanction violence against non-believers--such as Muslim countries--there is no basis for the equality of all.

Any honest analysis of Western history shows that one  can only conclude that Christianity is what motivates and justifies the movement towards democracy and the rights of all people.

Your freedoms are a direct result of that little child who was born in a manger nearly 2000 years ago; yet another reason to celebrate Christmas by thanking God.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas for Democracy

Christmas is a celebration of the fact that God so loved the world that He became man and was willing to be tortured to death so that we might all have the chance of spending eternity with Him.

This message of God's love has a very real secular aspect for without God's love there is no basis for declaring that "all" men are created equal.  Our equality is clearly not based on our capabilities or our inheritances; both of which vary dramatically. Rather our equality is based on the fact that we are all brothers and sisters of one Father who resides in Heaven.

Without the Christian God there is no real basis for democracy or equality; the Founders clearly recognized that when they declared that we are created equal by God and that He gives us certain inalienable rights.

 In a world where we are all just animals and there is nothing more than matter men are clearly not equal nor do they have any obligation to treat others well. In a country that believes that rights flow from government not God the concept of inalienable rights is clearly insane.

In Christ's world, the real world, not only are we all equal because we are siblings but we have an obligation to treat our family as we would have them treat us.  Our inalienable rights come from He who made us not the people who happen to have political power today.

So when you celebrate Christmas put the vast majority of your emphasis on gratitude to a God who so loves us in spite of our sins and failings that He willingly suffered all the day to day miseries of life for us, and of course died a horrible death to save us, but don't forget that without Christmas there can be no true freedom and no America as we have known it.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

There are minorities then there are minorities

It is taken for granted by the liberal establishment that they are more caring and more committed to tolerance than anyone else in the world. When it is pointed out that it is conservatives who give more to charity liberals will often respond by pointing out their commitment to ensure that minorities, and not just racial minorities, are never oppressed by the majority.

Since Americans in general don’t like oppressing their fellow citizens liberals gain support among the non-politically in tune population with the claim that liberals stand for any minority.

When looking at racial minorities there is clearly no basis for liberals to claim the high ground. Historically it has been liberals, such as FDR, who supported public racism not conservatives. Conservatives have never argued for discrimination against minorities based on race, after all it was conservatives like Dwight Eisenhower who pushed strongly for integration and who voted for the Civil rights act of 1964.  

While liberals do attempt to lie about their support of racial minorities--primarily by declaring that racially discriminatory laws are ok so long as only Whites, and more recently Asians, are discriminated against-- often liberals hitch their moral back patting on liberals support for non-racial minorities.

Liberals for example champion the rights of atheists to not have to see religious symbols or hear religious speech, the right of gays to declare any non-transitory “sexual” relationship to be a marriage, the right of Nazi’s to march in a neighborhood full of Holocaust survivors, the right of Muslims to build a triumphalist building next to Ground Zero,  and the right of Occupy Wall Street to violate most any law.

Because all of these groups make up only a tiny proportion of the population--atheists are about 2.4% of Americans, Muslims, OWCers,  and Nazi’s are much less than 1%, and gays are between 1 and 3%--liberals say that supporting the positions of these tiny minorities over the position of the vast majority of Americans show that liberals are tolerant; unlike those evil conservatives.  Liberals tell voters that liberals can be trusted because they won’t oppress even minorities.

The problem of course is that the liberals do not in fact support the rights of minorities in general.

In the case of the HHS mandate liberals support the right of the government to force Catholics to directly pay for services they find morally evil. 

Catholics are clearly a minority making up only about  26% of Americans, with even a smaller portion who care enough about the Church’s teaching on contraception to be impacted by the mandate.  Therefore if liberals really believe in the right of the minority to not be trampled by the majority liberals would have to stand with Catholics who oppose the HHS mandate.

Of course liberals are clearly not standing with faithful Catholics but instead are arguing vigorously that Catholics have no right to expect to be able to exercise the Catholic faith in their daily life.

The situation is even worse for liberals than it appears at first glance.  In the case of atheists liberals believe that atheists should not be required to view Christian symbology on public property; that is liberals believe that atheists cannot even be required to tolerate being exposed to Christian symbolism. 

In the case of the HHS mandate the issue is not one of tolerance since no Catholic company has ever fired or discriminated against an employee because that employee--or their spouse--used contraception or had an abortion.  Instead the issue is the forced direct funding by Catholics of contraceptives, sterilization, and abortion inducing chemicals. The correct analogy would be if the majority wanted to make atheists  directly pay for Bibles and facilitate Bible study classes for their employees.  That is liberals are not asking Catholics to tolerate the will of the majority but to become directly complicit in what the majority has declared to be good.

Another minority that liberals have no sympathy for are gun owners. Roughly 47% of Americans own guns yet liberals are constantly trying to eliminate that minorities right to own guns.  Interestingly liberals are also quite keen on helping people who use guns to commit crimes to get off with no or minimal punishment if certain arcane procedural rules aren’t followed.

Recently the liberal establishment has picked a new minority to be declared, by liberals, to be public enemy number one; no not drug dealers or rapists but rather the top 1% of Americans based on wealth.  Liberals are clear in saying that the majority has every right to confiscate as much of this economic minorities wealth as they want. Once again liberals are declaring that the majority can target certain minority groups for special, and discriminatory, treatment.

Finally liberals clearly have no problem with the majority oppressing the minority in the case of ObamaCare. To support the right of the government to take over the health care of most Americans on a strictly party line vote is a clear case of a highly transitory liberal majority oppressing the conservative minority.

How is it possible to reconcile the liberal claims on tolerance with the actions of liberals?
The answer is simply that liberals have no interest in minority rights except to the extent that minorities can be used to further liberal beliefs.  This can be seen by looking at which minorities liberals support and why.

Liberals support atheists because liberals in general don’t like the fact that religion puts limits on the authority of government.  In the liberal universe men owe their first loyalty to the government not God.

Liberals support gays because liberals, in general, support sexual promiscuity and the decorrelation of sex and responsibility.  Additionally breaking down the traditional family gives the “village”, ie government bureaucrats, more authority over other peoples children; a key step in ensuring that men will view the government as the source of all good.

Liberals support Muslims because Muslims oppose Jews and Christians and Muslims are too scary to cross.  Since Muslims are too tiny a minority to actually oppress liberals liberals don’t worry that supporting Muslims will turn people away from the government.

Liberals support Nazi’s because liberal anti-semitism--shown by their support of those who would commit a new genocide against Jews--has been suppressed but not eradicated. It’s one thing to say that Jews and Palestinians need to get along it’s quite another to say that it’s ok for Palestinians to call for the slaughter of Jews in the Middle East.

On the other hand minorities that don’t support liberal beliefs are treated very differently by liberals.
Liberals support the oppression of Catholics by the HHS mandate because liberals believe that Catholic morality is wrong. If the HHS mandate required abstinence based sex education or women to use natural family planning we all know that liberal shrieks would be heard as far away as Tiananmen square.

Liberals want to remove guns from honest people because liberals don’t want an armed citizenry who could put a halt to government expansion and because liberals generally believe that most Americans are too stupid or unprincipled to be capable of safely owning a gun; all those red neck fly over folks who cling to their guns are not well respected by liberals.

Liberals have no problems with the majority arbitrarily raising taxes on the minority because liberals believe that government, if run by liberals, is the rightful owner of all wealth in the country. While not overtly Communist-- in that most liberals don’t believe in a 100% tax rate -- liberals do believe that the government has the right and obligation to ensure “fairness” of outcome; everyone gets the same paycheck no matter how hard or how little they work.

Liberals believe that ObamaCare can be forced on everyone because liberals believe that the same government which they condemn for bloated inefficiency when talking about the DoD is more efficient than private industry when dealing with healthcare. Because ObamaCare extends government power it doesn’t matter to liberals that 20 or more times more Americans oppose ObamaCare than oppose a Creche in a public park at Christmas.

As part of the conservative effort to deconstruct the false front that hard core liberals use to gain the support of average Americans it’s a good idea to continually point out that liberals are not tolerant and do not support the rights of minorities in America.