Sunday, June 8, 2008

Caesers Wife, Does she matter?

Obamas wife said that the first time she was proud of her country was now that B. Obama is running for president.

So she wasn't proud when we won the cold war and liberated millions of people oppressed by communism?

So she wasn't proud when the civil rights act was passed and we recognized that racism is bad?

So she wasn't proud when we went in to end ethnic cleansing in Kosovo?

So she isn't proud that every year Americans of every social class give billions of dollars to charities?

So she wasn't proud that we liberated Afghanistan from the Taliban and their terrorist friends?

So she wasn't proud that the economic quality of life in America has improved for everyone year after year--look at how poor Americans lived in 1950 and now?

So she wasn't proud when we won in the Olympics?

So she wasn't proud that she and Barack could go to the most prestigious schools, only a generation after black people were forced to ride in the back of the bus?

Of course we're being asked to vote for Barack not his wife. But Barack has his wife campaigning for him. She's clearly no idiot who just says things without thinking. Barack knows what she's going to say, unless we assume they never talk which is, hopefully, very unlikely. Further the person that Barack will spend the most time with if he's elected is his wife, the ultimate lobbyist if you will.

I find it interesting that Barack has said discussing what his wife says, which he referred to as attacks, is forbidden. If that's the case she shouldn't be out there campaigning. I always felt it was unfair that people brought up Jimmy Carters brother because that relative wasn't campaigning. But if you send your wife/daughter/son/in-law/neighbor/third cousin on your mothers side out campaigning what they say is fair gist for any discussion.

In this case the obvious conclusion is this:

Barack and his wife are part of the ultra liberal hate America fringe of the Democrat party.

Now that's fine, this is a democracy and we allow, thanks be to God, all points of view. But it is something that should be taken into account when voting. Presumably the Obamas honestly believe America is a source of evil and they just want to do the right thing. While their intent may be noble do we want someone as president who thinks the country is mostly bad, that most of what we as a nation have done in the last 50 years is evil and wrong? Do we really think the US needs to be completely redirected in order to be good? If you do then Barack is your guy. If not...

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