Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Democrats want high gas prices.

The Democrats hate you. Either that or they're really stupid. We're paying an insane amount for gas these days. I think we can all agree on that. Well no I guess we can't because Obama has said that the problem is that gas prices have risen too fast, not that they've risen too high. But forget him--don't you wish you could?. Anyway most people who don't make millions of dollars off of their books agree that gas prices are too high.

Rational people trying to fix this problem would look for ways to get more, and cheaper, oil. With a constant demand more oil will result in lower prices. That's the way the world works when the government doesn't fix prices. Of course when the government does fix prices we run out of whatever they've fixed the price on because people can't make any money selling it.

But the Democrats think that getting more oil won't help the problem. According to them we could have oil wells on every corner and the price of gas would still be high. They refuse to allow more drilling in Alaska or off the coast, actually way off the coast more than 50 miles out to sea to be precise.

The Democrats aren't idiots--really!--they know that more drilling will lower prices. But the secret, as Senator Obama let on, is that they want high gas prices. They think cars are evil polluters. They want us to all jog to work and school. The Democrat party is owned by the neo-ludite environmentalists who view man as a problem, a plague on the earth. They want us all to live like third world peasants. Of course since they're the enlightened leaders they'll need certain special privileges to continue their quest to improve the world. Notice how Al Gore jets around the world?

They want a low tech world. Notice how the Democrats and the neo-ludite environmentalists oppose nuclear power? Not one American has died because of a problem at a civilian nuclear reactor. The infamous Three Mile Island incident was a joke. If you'd stood in the worst spot near the reactor for days you would have received an excess dose comparable to a few x-rays--did you know that flying in a commercial jet gives you a dose comparable to an x-ray?. Nuclear power is clean and efficient. Thirty percent of Japans power--you remember them the only country in the world to have been nuked--is generated by nuclear reactors. Oh yeah they tend to have big earthquakes too. Back in the 1980's when the US had a bunch of civil nuclear reactors they generated a volume of high grade--ie very radioactive-- waste that would fit in the average families garage each year. While the neo-ludite environmentalist wring their hands about how to dispose of this they miss the obvious. You put the stuff in glass and you pile it in a tunnel. Yes if someone breaks into the tunnel in 50,000 years and breaks up the glass they may die but then they could get hit by a meteorite too. The Democrats have no problem killing off 1.4 million unborn Americans every year but we're supposed to believe that they care so much about unconceived Americans 50,000 years from now that they oppose nuclear power. Yeah right.

The Democrats believe that if gas prices keep going up they'll get more tax revenues that they can spend to buy votes and that we'll stop using gas and live the life that our betters, ie the Democrats, say we should live. Of course if your house is to far away from work to bike you can just starve for all they care since you're just some fly over country loser anyway.

So what's the obvious?

If the Democrats wanted lower gas prices they'd allow more drilling in the US. The fact that they oppose that--and new refineries--shows that they support the extremist environmental approach of forcing Americans back into the 18th century lifestyle.

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