Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why "pro-choice" isn't

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Planned Parenthood "profits"

Because PP is a non-profit it cannot, by definition, make profits.

But that doesn't mean that PP employees don't get wealthy by selling baby hearts.

We all condemn those Protestant televangelists who make a fortune and live in mansions yet their ministries are non-profit just like Planned Parenthood.

What we need to understand is that when a non-profit takes in money it goes to either operating expenses, free services, or the employee's.  I'm not aware of PP doing much of anything for free--as opposed to billing the government for services to the poor--so that means money goes to pay for facilities and salaries.

But what PP charges for an abortion is designed to at least cover the facilities and salaries needed to perform that abortion--including overhead like the receptionist's pay etc. Therefore any money they get for the babies organs is extra.

Now since PP is a non-profit that extra money isn't a "profit" but it is money that can help a PP abortionist buy a new Lamborghini or increase the president of PP's salary.

That's why it doesn't matter if PP makes a "profit" off of selling baby hearts.  PP employees take home more money because they callously sell the parts of babies that they deny are human.  PP employees profit off trafficking in human organs even if the organization technically doesn't.

So if someone says that PP is just recovering their costs point out that those costs include the abortionists time so that the abortionist walks away with that extra cash she needs to buy that Lamborghini she's been wanting.

To most people that's making a profit. That's why sane people condemn PP for exploiting women in crisis by selling their daughters hearts for cold hard cash.

A liberal is

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Blue and Gold

The Lying Curtain; Female Warriors

Clearly women are very brave; few men would repeatedly volunteer for pregnancy.

However the simple reality is that woman in general lack the killer instinct, the competitiveness, and the muscle mass needed to be a combatant.

Yet if you watch TV or movies you see tiny women constantly out fighting men who are as well trained as they are and much larger than they are.

Sure any random female MMA fighter could beat me up without working up a sweat but in general women simply aren't designed for combat; which is why female MMA fighters are very unenthused about "transgendered" MMA fighters.

It's also why female MMA fighters would be slaughtered by male MMA fighters.

But by repeatedly lying about reality the media make it easy for people to simply accept women in combat or women as fire fighters even if that requires lowering standards. By hiding the lowering standards parts from the people the media makes the issue about discrimination based on sex not discrimination based on capabilities.

In the real world outside the lying curtain liberals use to confuse people men and women are of equal value but significantly different in their strengths.  If some tiny portion of women want to be fire fighters great; just make them pass the same tests because fires aren't gentlemen who treat ladies differently.

Similarly by not reporting on the problems with women on ships the media makes the whole issue of women in combat not about the problems of mixed gender units but about discriminating based only on gender.

In the end the main victims of this particular lie are women who get killed fighting fires because they don't have the strength they need and women who are mistreated by men who are being told to think of women as guys when it comes to fighting.

Monday, July 20, 2015

"Pro-choice" isn't pro-choice for men

The pro-choice position is not really pro-choice when it comes to men.
A man and a woman decide to have a baby. During the pregnancy the woman changes her mind and decides to kill her unborn daughter. 
According to the "pro-choice" position the man has no say but he is obliged to support his daughter for 18 years if the woman decides to not kill their daughter.
Clearly a man is responsible for his children so it's only just that the man pay for his child.
But even if the man loves his unborn daughter his daughters mother can kill her without even considering him. Yet if the man changes his mind and decides that he doesn't want his daughter the woman has complete control over whether or not he has to pay to support his daughter--if she kills the daughter he doesn't pay support but if she doesn't kill his daughter he does pay support.
Why is the man's supporting the daughter for 18 years nothing while the woman giving birth to the child so onerous that it's ok to kill the daughter instead? After all surrogates charge far less than it costs to raise a child.
This is one of the paradoxes of the abortion situation in America; men have full responsibility but no authority.

It shows why abortion doesn't make sense and how "pro-choice" is anything but.  

Sunday, July 19, 2015

To liberals white lives don't matter

O'Malley who is trying to out liberal Hillary was roundly booed for saying that all lives, including white lives matter.

Apparently to liberals white lives don't matter.

See the full story here

Some of the Stations of the Cross and one Confessional at St. Philip Catholic church in Pasadena

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Obama's enemies

You can tell a lot about a person by seeing who he considers to be his enemies.

Let’s look at who and what Obama stands against.

Obama views the basic concept of Congress to be his enemy.  He feels that he should have unchecked power to rule as a dictator.

Obama has said that it is so much easier to be the dictator who rules China. Obama has also lamented that he’s not the emperor of the US.

Obama doesn’t even bother to work with Congress—Democrats or Republicans—but demands his will be done. If Congress doesn’t capitulate Obama announces that he’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants irrespective of the Constitutional limits on his authority.

Obama’s rejection of Congress indicates that he has the mind of a tyrant not a president.

Obama has gladly accepted the Supreme Court’s illegal rulings on ObamaCare and gay marriage.  It does not bother him that the votes of 50,000,000 Americans were overruled by 5 rich, unelected lawyers. It doesn’t bother him that administrative law created by unelected bureaucrats has a huge adverse impact on Americans.

Even in victory Obama hates democracy.  When he was elected he told Republicans that since he’d won a small plurality of American votes they had to do what he said. A winner take all attitude is in direct opposition to the idea that the President is supposed to be the President of all Americans and that compromises have to be worked out so that the plurality can’t oppress the minority.

Obama has also stated that it’s wrong for the US to try and establish democracies in other countries.  Obama refused to try and support the Green Revolution in Iran where the Iranian people tried to overthrow the despotic theocratic regime that oppresses them. An administration official who tried to keep Twitter online because the Green Revolutionaries were using Twitter to communicate would have been fired if Obama had his way.

Obama’s rejection of the belief that power flows from the people shows once again that he has the mind of a tyrant not a president; Obama wants to rule not to govern.

The Rule of Law:
Obama’s actions in ignoring court orders from Federal judges, refusing to uphold the laws he doesn’t like, arbitrarily changing laws, and refusing to respond to Congressional subpoenas all show that he believes himself to be above the law.

Even worse Obama is clearly a totalitarian since he believes that those who disagree with him are subject to the law. Only he and those who agree with him are above the law.

The Police:
Obama immediately reaches out to console criminals such as Michael Brown but says nothing when police officers are killed.

It’s not surprising that Obama views police with contempt. He admits to having used illegal drugs extensively in his youth. Having to fear arrest for so long can’t help but have given Obama a hostile view of the police.

Obama’s rejection of the police sends the message that being a crook is ok and that the police are our enemies. That in turn encourages crime, especially crimes against Blacks, and leads to anarchy and misery for the poor.

Obama’s viewing police as the enemy is an example of how he identifies with those who reject society not those who build it.

The United States:
Obama’s foreign policy is based on the assumption that the US is the bad guy.  He is constantly “apologizing” to the world for the “sins” of America while ignoring the sins of Islamic terrorists and tyrants like Xi Jinping.

Apparently in Obama’s mind American self-interest and America’s desire to export democracy are evil.

Obama is trying to please the father who abandoned him by waging war against American “imperialism”.  Because Obama views the US as a source of evil he believes his obligation to those he likes, the poor of the Third World, justifies his efforts to reduce American power.

While Obama claims to be Christian he has no problem attacking Christianity and Christians while constantly defending Islam.

Obama blames Christians for the Crusades—ignoring the historical fact that the Crusades were a response to Islamic persecution of Christians—while refusing to label Islamic terrorism as Islamic.

The HHS mandate that is designed to force Christians to pay for abortions has been pushed by Obama even though the courts have ruled that it is unconstitutional. Obama has no problem with forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to violate their religious beliefs.

Obama’s condemnation of Christianity is another sign of his rejection of any authority above himself.  Because Christianity declares all men are bound by certain moral principles, that all men’s first obligation is to God, and because the Framers said that it is from God that our rights flow Christianity is the biggest impediment to Obama having complete and total power over the people.

Unemployed Blacks:
Obama wants Hispanic votes so he strongly supports bringing in as many low skill Hispanics as he can. Yet those people are in direct competition with poorly educated American Blacks for jobs.  Further Obama claims he’s done a great job at reducing unemployment that requires totally ignoring the obscenely high unemployment rates for Blacks.

While Obama is half Black his actions are always in lock step with the agenda of the white liberal intelligencia. While claiming he’s up for the struggle Obama’s life has been marked with all the benefits of white privilege.  His willingness to throw Blacks under the bus so long as they keep voting Democrat shows that Obama is more concerned about advancing the liberal agenda than helping his people.

The Constitution:
Obama has decried the Supreme Courts “failure” to abandon the principles of the Constitution.  He also continues to ignore the Constitution when it suits his needs.

Obama dislikes the Constitution because it limits what he can do and in Obama’s mind he is the savior of America.  Instead of rejoicing over the Constitutions dedication to the freedom of Americans Obama is despondent over how it limits his tyrannical desires.

The American People:
Good people don’t lie to their friends but Obama continually lies to the American people. From telling us that we could keep our doctors to saying that the Iran deal contains a strong inspection regime Obama has demonstrated a total lack of concern for lying to Americans.

Similarly Obama has condemned the American lifestyle as being exploitive of the rest of the world. He also has no problem condemning Americans for their love of religion and guns.

Obama views Americans with both contempt and disdain because they don’t share the hatred of God and America so in vogue with Obama’s white liberal role models.

The Unborn:
It’s one thing to support abortion in cases of rape or incest but it takes a hard heart indeed for Obama to say that he’s cool with his grandchildren being aborted just because they were “unplanned”.

Obama even supports allowing a viable baby that survives an abortion attempt to be denied medical care.

Viewing the unborn as a burden says a lot about Obama’s view of people; our rights depend on what society thinks in direct contradiction to the Framers who said our rights come from God.

Obama’s enemies show us that Obama is the embodiment of the elitist rich white liberal ethos where average American’s are evil, American self-interest is oppressive, and God is our enemy.

This in turn explains why every Obama action is designed to weaken America and why policies that hurt Americans—such as driving up energy costs even though it does nothing to reduce global warming—are viewed favorably by Obama.

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Flying sea lion

Obama's homies; foreign leaders not Americans

By ignoring the intent of the law he signed and taking the Iran agreement to the UN before Congress has a chance to deliberate on it shows who Obama believes he answers to; foreign leaders not the American people.

Obama has rationalized his actions by saying he can't tell foreign leaders that he has to wait for the US Congress.

This reveals two key things about Obama:

1) He believes that he has total power and that the peoples representatives in Congress have none.

2) Offending foreigners is a worse crime than ignoring the American people.

Just more evidence that Obama has the heart of a tyrant not a president. That's why he's more comfortable with dictators like Xi Jinping than with the American people.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Ten examples of how Liberals/Progressives either don't care about Blacks or are racists

1) The leading cause of death for Black Americans is abortion yet liberals/progressives are all in for Planned Parenthood.  Apparently Black lives don't matter. That only makes sense if liberals want fewer Blacks.

2) Black women are 3 times as likely to kill their unborn children yet liberals/progressives apparently don't think Black lives matter.  Once again this only makes sense if liberals/progressives are racist.

3) Liberals/Progressives have been running cities like Chicago and Detroit for more than fifty years yet Black kids still get horrible educations. But don't worry the teachers, whose unions support liberals/progressive, get paid a lot--more than $70,000 a year in Chicago for example.

4) Any time a Black espouses values that conflict with what white liberals want that Black is viciously attacked by liberals/progressives.  If conservatives used the rhetoric that liberals use against say Supreme Court Justice Thomas you'd never hear the end of screams of racism. This makes sense though when you realize that liberals/progressives are racists since they get upset when Blacks leave the ideological plantation.

5)Black unemployment numbers are nearly twice as high as whites yet liberals/progressives are shouting with glee about how good the economy is.  Only makes sense if liberals/progressives could care less about Blacks.

6) White liberals/progressives are all for lots of low skill immigrants.  Of course those immigrants won't compete with white liberals/progressives, or their children,  for jobs but those illegals do compete with Blacks because Blacks don't get good educations--see point 3 above.  This attitude only makes sense if liberals/progressives could care less about Blacks.

7) About 6,000 Black men are murdered each year, mostly in Democrat run cities, and liberals/progressives say nothing.  But let a white cop get involved and all of a sudden the liberals/progressives care a lot.  If Black lives matter to liberals/progressives why are they silent on this horrible problem?

8) Blacks are strongly against so called gay marriage yet liberals/progressives were cool with Black votes being thrown out and Obama not enforcing DOMA.  If one cares about Blacks one takes into account their beliefs. But apparently liberals/progressives only care about Black beliefs if those beliefs are held by white liberals/progressives.

9)Liberals/Progressives keep saying that Blacks can't succeed without liberal/progressive help but Japanese Americans went from being in prison camps to having one of the highest average incomes in America with no government help.  It's racist to assume Blacks are less competent than any other race yet that's what liberals/progressives believe.

10)Liberals/Progressives claim to care about Blacks but the welfare system liberals/progressives created has destroyed the Black family and oppressed Black children by denying them fathers.  Yet even as this decades long problem became obvious liberals/progressives did nothing to modify the system to end this disaster. The only reason that could make sense is that liberals/progressives don't care about Blacks.

And as a Bonus:

11) Liberals/Progressives are pushing hard for much higher energy costs to fight "global warming" even though they know that even if the US ended CO2 emissions it wouldn't matter since India and China will continue to pump much more CO2 into the atmosphere than the US does.  This is a big deal for Blacks since poor people spend 23% of their budgets on energy while liberals/progressives only pay 7%.

So next time some self righteous liberal/progressive calls you a racist point out that if they want to find real racism they should look in a mirror.

Begging for a bite to eat

Obama ending the envy of Xi Jinping

We're told that we should have trust in Obama that the agreement with Iran is the best we could get.

Yet Congress passed a law, which Obama signed, whose primary intent was to ensure that before any Iranian Agreement entered into force the US Congress had to approve it.  Admittedly the law stacked the game in Obama's favor by instead of requiring a 2/3rds majority to approve the agreement it would require a 2/3rds majority to defeat the agreement so it's clear why Obama signed it.

However now Obama is violating the clear intent of the law by taking the agreement to the UN before the US Congress has had a chance to vote on it.

The "excuse" is that we need to process the agreement expeditiously.  Interestingly that did not seem to be a criteria when the deadlines for achieving an agreement slipped for months and months.

The reality is that Obama honestly believes he's an emperor not a president. He feels justified in ignoring Congress because they're, in his mind, keeping him from doing what he wants.  Obama has expressed envy at the dictator who rules China since that monster doesn't need to get Congressional approval.

Well it appears that Obama has found a way to end his envy.

From unilaterally disobeying Federal Court orders about his illegal immigration reforms, to not defending laws he doesn't like, to bullying reporters who ask inconvenient questions Obama is showing that he's just like the dictators in China; he too doesn't have to listen to anyone else when he makes the rules.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Two Sea Otters off the coast of California

Obama negotiating skills

Obama's agreement gives Iran  the bomb in 15 years, long range ballistic missiles in 8, conventional weapons in 5, and hundreds of billions of dollars to finance terrorism right now but in exchange he couldn't get the 4 American hostages Iran holds freed.
Talk about tough bargaining...not.
Also remember Obama freed 5 senior terrorist leaders to get the freedom of an American deserter. Why is that deserter home now but those American hostages are still being tortured in Iranian prisons?

The Lying Curtain

The Iron Curtain separated the peoples oppressed by Communism from truth and freedom.

Today a curtain of lies produced by the MSM keep Americans from seeing how their liberty, economic security, and religious freedom are being stripped from them by power hungry elites.

The average American concentrates on their family and their faith and considers government to a nuscance that has to be endured.  As a result they get their news from the cloud, not the internet cloud but the cultural smog created by the MSM.

To those Americans Benghazi was the result of an anti-Muslim video, Trayvon Martin was shot by a white racist, police commonly kill Black people for no reason, Iran is a responsible country, Obama is opposed only because he's Black, Republicans exist to thwart Democrat solutions, and all Democrats are poor or self made people.

It's 1984 writ large.

We know that America is ensured by this curtain of lies because every election cycle every liberal candidate--well most--run as conservatives. Compare Obama's rhetoric to how he's governed for example. If there were no curtain of lies, if Americans actually support the real policies of the candidates they vote for why wouldn't Obama have been honest about what he was going to do?

Instead when the truth slipped out, as with his comment about spreading the wealth around, the Democrat media complex worked furiously to bury the truth.

Similarly if Americans were really fans of abortion why would Planned Parenthood be upset about being caught selling baby organs?

It's not too late to tear down the curtain of lies. In todays age with fewer and fewer people trusting the MSM speaking the truth to your friends and relatives can be the way to smuggle truth through the curtain of lies.

In the end the truth always wins, ask the Greeks. But if we all work hard to destroy the curtain of lies now we can greatly reduce the suffering America will go through on the path to truths eventual victory.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why is Planned Parenthood ashamed of selling baby organs?

I'm confused. Why is Planned Parenthood being defensive about selling the organs of things they abort?

Liberals are constantly telling us that abortion doesn't end a human life so if PP is just selling, at cost in most cases, pieces of blobs of tissue why aren't they just saying "Sure we do sell that stuff. So what?"

Oh I get it! PP is afraid to be sued for falsely representing a product. After all StemExpress, the middle man in PP's product pipeline, say this about their products: "Our human tissue products range from fetal to adult and healthy..." So since we now know that the products aren't human, since according to PP abortion doesn't kill human beings, PP is open to a big suit by StemExpress and StemExpress's customers.

Liberalisms worst enemy; the truth.

Iran and dreams from Obama's father

Obama's biological father was a staunch anti-Western radical who condemned the West for all the failings of third world countries.

Obama's own writings tell us how much he adores the father who abandoned him. This is not unusual; people often strive throughout their lives to be "worthy" of the parent who abused or abandoned them when they were children.

Obama believes that America is the problem and that Iran is the solution.

While Obama professes to be Christian it's clear he hold no antipathy towards Islam and in fact a great deal of cultural affinity towards Muhammad's heresy.

Hence the normal American concern about giving power to Iran as opposed to say France is not shared by our President.

Instead of condemning the Iranian use of terror in Lebanon and Syria Obama has harsh words only for President Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq. That's because in Obama's mind America, and let's be clear here he's talking about white America, is evil and must be limited.

America is not only evil according to Obama because of it's neocolonial actions in the Middle East but because we have good lifestyles.

In Obama's mind Americans live well not because we work hard, avoid government corruption, and have economic freedom but because we exploit the people Obama really identifies with, the poor of the Third World.

To Obama Americans are evil because we succeed. No matter that Taiwan, Singapore, and many other formally third world countries have shown that economic success is color and history blind; all that's needed is economic freedom and citizens who are willing to work hard. To Obama the poor of the third world are poor because America exploits them not because they live in countries run by selfish and corrupt men.

To Obama giving nuclear weapons to Iran is not only just it's good policy because then Iran will stabilize the region.

To say that is insane is an understatement.  First the only stability that Iran will recognize is Iranian rule of all--which includes genocide against the Jews in Israel. That Christians are second class citizens, at best, in Iran troubles Obama not a wit. Apparently the persecution of Christians is not a negative in the Presidents book though we already know that from his persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Second it's insane to think that Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia will stand by and let the Iranians go nuclear without having their own nuclear weapons. Iran is in the business of covertly destabilizing other governments so no rational thinker would doubt that once Iran has the bomb it will use more overt techniques to exert control

Third a Middle East controlled by Iran will lead to a huge oil problem for Europe; effectively putting Europe under the control of Iran.

Fourth we've seen how Iran treats a weak American President, anyone remember Carter?, so it's insane to think that Iran will honor any agreement when they've seen Obama walk back his "red line" comments after Syria's dictator used chemical weapons on his own people.

Fifth by giving Iran a huge infusion of cash Obama is removing the only constraint that has been effective to date in limiting Iranian sponsored terrorism abroad.

In the end this "deal" is proof that Obama hates America and loves the Third World; like most liberals he feels guilty about his wealth and lifestyle and like most liberals instead of giving his money to the poor overseas--he could start with his half brother--he demands that the average American suffer.

The Big Gay Lie

Loving gays means condemning the gay lifestyle which cuts gay life expectancy by twice what smoking does.

Look here

Friday, July 10, 2015

Retirement Day 18: Liberal = H8r

The recent Supreme Court ruling that redefined the thousands of years old definition of marriage is useful for revealing the hate at the heart of modern liberalism.

First it's clear that liberals hate democracy and want power to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

The Constitution never ever talks about marriage. To conclude then that the intent of the Constitution is to redefine marriage and compel everyone in the US to accept that new definition is absurd on the face of it.

However since liberals hate democracy they don't mind that 5 unelected rich white lawyers can make up new laws while muttering the magical phrase "the Constitution says...".

This act by 5 rich white lawyers nullified the votes of 50,000,000 Americans and trod over the beliefs of many more who didn't have an opportunity to vote.  No one who loves democracy and who thinks that complex social issues need to be worked out by the people, not rich white lawyers, would be applauding this amazingly tyrannical decision by the Supreme Court.

We also see how liberals hate anyone who doesn't agree with them. Given that it's trivial for any gay couple to find photographers, bakers, and florists who will provide services for their weddings it's a clear cut case of intolerant hate by liberals that they demand that the religious liberties of Americans be removed in deference to gay sensitivities.

While liberals try and force tolerance of liberal perversions down everyone's throats they themselves refuse to tolerate anything that bothers them in the least.

We can see the hate in the smears leveled against anyone who disagrees with them. They compared Bush to Hitler and they condemn as racist anyone who objects to any of Obama's policies yet they squeal like babies if they are even exposed to any ideas that they don't like.

They demand that Christians listen to atheist philosophy in school but cry like immature brats at the thought of having to listen to a high school valedictorian voluntarily mention how her belief in Christ has contributed to her success.  We can see this bigotry in action in liberal support of ultra explicit sex ed which is offensive to most Christians while those same liberals demand that school prayer be banned.  Apparently in the hate filled minds of liberals it's ok to force Christian kids to see things they object to but it's totally inexcusable to require atheist kids to have to listen to things they don't like.

Liberals try and drive Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves while supporting cable carriage fees that are the only thing that keep liberal shows on the air.

There is a battle in America but it's not for America's heart or the support of the American people.

The battle is about the dismantling of democracy and the silencing of the American people by transferring power to the liberal "elites" who will govern over the rest of us.

Liberal H8rs don't care what Americans think now; they don't want to convince people that liberal policies are right. Those H8rs demand that they be given power and that all others not only do as liberals say but think what liberals think under pain of the government crushing them.

Liberals don't believe in discussion but in name calling, smearing, and hate.

If they win we will be living in 1984.

Don't give in to liberal hate; call them out for the intolerant bullies they are.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Retirement Day 12: Dabbling in Fine Arts

To avoid my mind slipping away in the uniform ennui of retirement I've decided to express my artistic side.

This is my first sculpture entitled "Boxed out of time".

It's a condemnation of our hyperconsumer society.

Our addiction to things, shown by the boxes, is leading us to destroy the jungle...err rain forest which will result in our children becoming mutated cannibals, hence we're boxing ourselves out of time to save the planet by not reverting to  just a paleo diet but a total paleo lifestyle

Just kidding.  We're about to remodel the kitchen and we need boxes to hold the stuff that's in the kitchen cabinets.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Retirement Day 10: The real white racists

The real white racists in America are liberals who condemn any Black who does not adhere to the rich white liberal party line.

Compare how Republicans treat Obama with how liberals treat Clarence Thomas.

A white liberal member of the House called Justice Thomas "Uncle Thomas" for not agreeing with the liberals view of how the court should rule. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if a white Republican called Obama an "Uncle Tom"? But because Justice Thomas is not a liberal he's fair game for racist liberals.

To those racists Blacks are only ok if they know there place; supporting rich white liberals.

If liberals weren't racist they'd be fixing the inner city schools that deny most Blacks a chance at success.  Instead liberals ignore the plight of Blacks; that's because liberals know that as long as blacks think their very life depends on liberals they will vote liberal.

If liberals weren't racist they'd be worried about the insanely high murder rates for Blacks in our inner cities. Instead liberals only care if a white person kills a black; that's because they can use that to advance white liberal causes.

Obama is a big fan of Planned Parenthood even though the leading cause of death for Blacks in America is abortion.  And liberals love him.