Monday, June 9, 2008

If you care you had to invade Iraq!

There's a lot of complaining about the war in Iraq. But there's not a lot of looking at what the alternatives were.

While we didn't find weapons of mass destruction(WMD) we did find lots of evidence that if the embargo on Iraq was lifted Saddam was going to restart his WMD efforts.

But it would have been immoral to keep the embargo going indefinitely. The people who were suffering were the children and everyone in Iraq except Saddam and his storm troopers.

Choice number 1 then was to end the embargo and let Saddam go on his merry way. Which would probably have resulted in at least one more major war not to mention genocide against the Kurds. Even better Saddam would have developed WMDs and probably increased his ties with terrorists.

Choice number 2 was to keep the embargo in place and keep killing off innocent Iraqi's.

Choice number 3 was to get rid of Saddam and try to bring democracy to the Arab world. Now i know that racist liberals say that Iraqi's are too, well Arabic, to be able to support democracy--unlike the folks in Boston--but i've yet to hear their alternative options.

Oh yeah wait there is liberal option 4. End the embargo and talk to Saddam and convert him to niceness. I mean after all that has worked so well with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, the Columbian Drug Cartel, and Al Capone. Someday liberals will realize that evil people can't generally be talked into goodness. Sure God does occasionaly pull off a miraculous conversion but it's not something we should build foriegn policy around.

So what's the obvious?

There was no magic way out of invading Iraq. The options weren't great but freeing the Iraqi people was the best credible option out there.

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