Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Trump Rant

I have no clue why people support Trump.

Trump brags about using his money to ensure that politicians do what is good for Trump rather than what's good for the people.

Yet Trump supporters think he's on their side.

Trump brags about cheating workers out of their pay with his 4 bankruptcies even as he lived a lavish lifestyle.

Yet Trump supporters think he's on their side.

Trump used the full power of government to try and force a widow out of her home so he could benefit.

Yet Trump supporters think he's on their side.

Trump says that men should be able to use women's restrooms.

Yet Trump supporters think he's on their side.

Trump says the Republican party should embrace abortion.

Yet Trump supporters think he's on their side.

Trump has given huge amounts of money to Democrats and praised Hillary Clinton.

Yet Trump supporters think he's on their side.

Trump made money on his construction projects by ignoring the fact that his subcontractors were using illegals.

Yet Trump supporters think he's on their side.

Trump favored amnesty for illegals in the past.

Yet Trump supporters think he's on their side.

In the end Trump stands for one thing; Trump.  He cheated on his wives but Trump supporters somehow think he loves them more than he loved his wives.

We need to tear down the Beltway conspiracy. But we don't do that by electing a member of that conspiracy, the politician buying Trump, to the presidency.

Vote Cruz the real outsider you can trust.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Why we're worse off than the serfs were

When I was in high school I was appalled to find out that during the Middle Ages serfs had to work 3 months of each year for their feudal masters.

Today in America the average American works until April 24th to pay their taxes.

That's January, February, March, and essentially all of April; i.e. it's nearly 4 months.

So today we work 33% more for our government masters than serfs did.

Another reason that "progressive" is an oxymoron.

Only one Presidential candidate opposes men in women's restrooms: Vote Cruz!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Democrat party; racist then, racist now

It’s time to take a stand against the big lie that Democrats care about Blacks. The reality is that the Democrats of today are just as racist as the Democrats that founded the KKK.

We need to destroy this lie promulgated by the MSM and the Democrats get American’s to realize that the only Blacks modern Democrats care about are those who are firmly confined to the Democrat party’s ideological plantation.

Note that when talking about Democrats here I’m not talking about people who vote Democrat but who haven’t really studied the issues but rather about Democrat politicians and activists.

We all know that the Democrat party was racist to the core until 1964 because:

  • ·      It fought for slavery in the Civil War
  • ·      It passed the Jim Crow laws
  • ·      It founded the KKK
  • ·      It opposed integration at every level

But we also know, if we listen to the MSM and Democrats, that in 1964 the Democrat party magically became a big fan of Black people.

The reality is that the modern Democrat party is every bit as racist as it has always been.

Doubt that? Then ponder these facts:

1) Inner city kids, mostly Black, do well in private schools but horribly in public schools yet Democrats staunchly prevent school choice which would force the public schools to educate Black kids. Clearly after 50+ years of Blacks being denied a decent education in cities run by Democrats, like Chicago and Detroit, it’s obvious that Democrats don’t give a darn about Blacks.

2) Black women abort at 4+ times the rate of white women. 78% of PP clinics are in minority neighborhoods. It's quite possible to say "I'm pro-choice but we have to end this racist targeting of Blacks" but we never ever hear Democrats say that. Instead we hear them say that abortion saves money because it keeps people off welfare and when a rich white Democrat says that you know they're not talking about white people.

3) Democrats praise Planned Parenthood and it's founder even though she was an avowed racist. Gereldine Ferraro, Democrat VP candidate, argued that abortion was good because it resulted in reduced welfare roles for example.

4) Democrat Senator Byrd was given a huge fawning sendoff when he died in 2010. Prior to that Democrats picked him as Senate leader and President pro tempore of the United States Senate. Apparently the fact that he was a paid recruiter for the KKK was not an impediment. Can you imagine what Democrats would say if say McConnell turned out to have been a KKK recruiter?

5)Jesse Jackson called abortion genocide against Blacks but he was forced to change his tune before the white racists who run the Democrat party would let him try and win the Democrat party presidential nomination.

6) Whenever a Black speaks against white liberal policies they are tarred by the Democrat establishment. Look at Judge Thomas for example.

7) All the illegals that Democrats are so fond of aren't taking jobs away from whites but they are taking jobs away from poor Blacks.

8) Black unemployment is running twice what white unemployment is but Democrats are telling us how wonderful the economy is.

9) Black lives don't matter to Democrats. If they did they'd be up in arms not about Ferguson but about the hundreds of Blacks who die each year in Chicago and Detroit.

The reality is that modern Democrats are every bit as racist as their predecessors but they are better about lying about it.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Democrats: Working hard to ensure that men can use women's bathrooms

Nothing tells us more about the modern liberal than that liberals burning desire to ensure that adult men can share the bathroom with 10 year old girls.