Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fighting the double standard: Blackface edition

That people appeared in blackface decades ago when most people thought nothing of it is something we should be willing to forgive so long as Democrats stop attacking conservatives for similar things done decades ago.

The reality is that the Democrats have two standards; one for themselves and one for everyone else.

Democrats act as though a charge against Kavanaugh where the victim said that nothing ever happened is grounds for impeachment but when it was proven that Bill Clinton had lied under oath to avoid losing a sexual harassment case Democrats said it was nothing.

You've probably forgotten but the Democrat governor of Virginia appeared in black face or a KKK costume and Democrats are cool with it. Similarly Justin Fairfax, another Virginia Democrat, has been credibly accused of rape by two women and Democrats aren't bothered by that.

We should never allow sexual predators to get away with it but using the n word, telling a racist joke, wearing black face, decades ago shouldn't result in people being destroyed.  But so long as the Democrats destroy any conservative who does those things we need to destroy any Democrat who does those things.

In fact what really should happen is real journalists digging deep into the social media and behavior of the #FakeNews people who are constantly demanding perfection of Republicans.  If "reporters" realize that their glass houses will get shattered if they lie about Republicans or hold Republicans to a higher standard than what they live up to then perhaps we'll get less of this lie based attack journalism.

Democrats perverse definition of healthcare

According to Democrats murdering an unborn child because she's female when the mother wants a boy is "healthcare".

Only 0.3% of abortions are because a woman's life is at risk and only another 1.4% of abortions are due to less serious health issues.  Rape is the cause for 0.14% of abortions and incest for 0.01%.

That means that more than 98% of abortions are because a woman had consensual sex but then decided to kill her unborn child because she feels that child would be a burden.  But killing people to avoid the consequences of one's actions isn't healthcare.

Interestingly Democrats also declare that if a gay man wants to fix is genetically disadvantage same sex attraction not only isn't it healthcare; it should be illegal.

Democrats have passed laws that make it a criminal offense to help a gay man who wants to be cured.

Fortunately they're being forced to back off since these laws are a clear violation of the 1st Amendment.  The LGBTQ crowd in NYC are asking for the law there to be repealed rather than go to court to defend it because they admit that honest judges won't say that doctors can't talk to gays who voluntarily ask to be cured.

Clearly "healthcare" is whatever Democrats want to push their agenda. Hence it wouldn't be surprising that if they get their government controlled health care that they will choose to not treat people who aren't living the way Democrats want them to live.

Gays who get AIDS through their massively promiscuous lifestyle will get all the healthcare they need while smokers and people who are overweight will be denied care.

Democrats are all for massive promiscuity but they condemn over eating and smoking. So if you're on the wrong side of what they approve of you have good reason to fear if they get their way and gain complete control over your healthcare.

Did Democrat Ilhan Omar have her soon to be ex husband fired?

Multiple sources are reporting that Ilhan Omar got her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, fired from his job with the Minneapolis City Council.  Her apparent motivation is to put pressure on him to stay silent about what's really going on in Omar's life.

While Omar is denying that she's having an affair with a married man's wife the wife, in her divorce filing, is saying she is.

Omar is also denying that when she called her dad Nur Said rather than Omar that that showed that she has been lying about her real name since she gained entry to the US by pretending to be part of the Omar family. Now when that lie started she was a kid but the fact that she's continued with the lie as she's run for public office is something that we can hold her responsible for.

Omar also claims that she didn't in fact marry her brother, as part of some scam, when she was living and having children with Hirsi.

Clearly Hirsi knows where Omar's skeletons are buried and if he were to go on record, which sources are saying could happen since he doesn't want to go to jail to protect Omar, it would force even the #FakeNews media to take notice.

Hence putting Hirsi in a financial bind would make perfect sense from Omar's unethical perspective.

Remember Omar is the new face of the Democrat policy.  When she spewed vicious antisemitic rhetoric her fellow Democrats defended and protected her.

Democrats quit lying; they're going to take your gun

For a long time the end objective of the Democrats who say they favor "gun control" has been obvious; they want to disarm us and effectively abrogate the 2nd Amendment.

But as with most issues, such as wanting abortion to be safe and rare, the Democrats have been lying to us.

Fortunately in the hysteria created in the left by Trump's election Democrats are speaking the truth; probably because they confuse the fawning by the #FakeNews media with what Americans in general  believe.

Now they're admitting that if elected they will seize your guns.

If the Democrats weren't fascists they'd work to amend the Constitution to change the 2nd Amendment.  But since that's a lot of work and since they know that they couldn't get the support of enough Americans to change the 2nd Amendment they're using dishonest judges and unethical politicians to steal our rights.

That alone is reason to never vote for a Democrat; they ignore the Constitution.  If they think they can pretend the 2nd Amendment doesn't exist there's nothing to stop them from pretending that the 1st Amendment doesn't exist either, or the 4th, or in fact any aspect of the Constitution.

We've seen this in their push to declare whatever they happen to think is "hate" speech as not being protected by the 1st Amendment and their campaign to say that we have freedom of worship but not freedom to actually live our faith, unless of course you're Muslim.

Why do Democrats want us defenseless?  One reason is that the more dependent on government we are the more likely we are to vote for the party of endless government, the Democrats.

Another reason is that like all fascists they want to ensure that when the people are fed up with Democrats stealing their money and their freedom the people will be unable to rise up and throw off their Democrat forged shackles.

While not every Democrat has come out and said that they will seize our guns the reality is that the power of the Democrat party is behind it.

What Greta Thunberg tells us about the left

Greta Thunberg knows nothing about climate science; her concern is based on her blind faith trust in scientists.

Yet leftists are proclaiming her wonders.

That's because Greta's message is based on emotions not rational thought. Not because she's stupid but because she's a kid who "scientists" have lied to her entire life.

She's never learned that the hockey stick diagram is fraudulent; it deliberately conceals data that would show it's not correct.

She's never learned that the satellite data shows no significant warming.

She's never learned that all the climate models are wrong because they haven't correctly predicted the temperature for the last 20 years.

She's never learned that a new temperature measurement system created by the NOAA which doesn't require massive correction shows no warming in the US since 2004.

She's never learned that few scientists, including those who do believe that mankind is causing the earth to warm, think that the warming is catastrophic or that we only have 10 years to save ourselves.

She's never learned that 10 years ago Al Gore said we had 10 years to save ourselves.

She's a little girl who has been told all her life by the lying media and dishonest "scientists" that the world is doomed unless we stop cows from farting.

Her whole cause is based on her blind faith trust in charlatans and her natural concern for humanity.

In other words it's all about her feelings not about facts.

The fact that the left is willing to champion her shows that the modern left is all about feelings not about facts.

That's why the left denies the settled science that shows that human life begins at conception.  They feel that their "right" to causal sex is worth killing their own children.

That's why the left denies the settled science that our sex is determined by our DNA.

That's why leftists will rarely engage in an actual dialog; instead they do their best to silence any voice that disagrees with their feelings.

It's also sad how the left is so willing to use a child to advance their cause.  Greta supposedly has some issues, such as autism, which don't devalue her as a person but which call into question putting her into the spotlight.

In the end the fact that a 16 year old girl with no knowledge of science but who feels that scientists would never ever be either wrong or lie leading the left's attack on the poor, because green energy is expensive and the poor pay a higher percentage of their income for energy than do the rich, tells us that the left is about feelings and not about facts.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A good reason Democrat activist Max Stier lied about Kavanaugh

It turns out that the only "witness" in the New York Times latest hit piece on Kavanaugh, you know the one were the "victim" says it never happened, has multiple personal reasons to try to hurt Kavanaugh.

For one thing Stier was defending Clinton for Clintons perjury and sexual assaults while Kavanaugh was working for Ken Star the guy investigating Clinton.

A new bit of information has come up that give Stier a second reason.  His wife Florence Yu Pan was nominated to the DC circuit court and the GOP let her nomination lapse; effectively denying her the job.

Finally there's the general reason that as an abortion supporting Democrat Stier would want to do everything he can to keep Kavanaugh from restricting his decisions to what the law was intended to do.

The more time we have after the NYT story came out the more examples we find of the NYT lying by omission, and probably by commission too.

The Democrats want to drive up your drug prices and deny you medicine

Hundreds of thousands of life years have been saved in America because Americans get drugs before those drugs are available in other countries. Of drugs introduced in the 2011 to 2018 time frame Americans have access to 89% while only folks in England only have access to 60%.  Canadians, Australians, and the French have access to less than 50% of those medicines.

The limited access is due to the same sort of policies that Nancy Pelosi wants to impose.  Essentially if the government sets the price for drugs companies will be less willing to invest billions in developing new ones since the odds of the companies recouping their investment, much less making a profit, go down.

In the mid 1980s European companies were spending 24% more on developing new drugs than American companies were. After Europe imposed drug price controls that changed. By 2015 they were spending 40% less than US companies.  That means that Americans were living longer because we had more access to medicines that make a difference.

There is every reason to believe that if the Democrats emulate the Europeans and impose price controls on medicines that Americans will suffer.  Yet the Democrats don't seem to care.

All Pelosi seems to care about is winning elections and getting more power even if that means she is hurting her fellow Americans.

What's bizarre is that people like Nancy Pelosi don't give their own money to the poor but they expect companies to give away their products.