Saturday, April 25, 2015

Are the kids at your door on Halloween really monsters?

No of course not.

Just like Bruce Jenner will never be a woman no matter how elaborate a costume he wears.

If Jenner were wearing Black makeup and claiming to be African American everyone would be up in arms and rightly so. But why is a man pretending to be a woman any less offensive to women?

The science is clear; male and female DNA are very different.  A man is not a woman and a woman is not a man according to biology. To say otherwise is to reject science and invoke bizarre anti-scientific beliefs.

Clearly Jenner has a mental problem just like the guy who thinks he's Napoleon does. Jenner deserves our love and sympathy--he's got an illness not a moral defect-- but most importantly we need to be like the honest boy in the old story of the Emperors New Clothes and tell Jenner, and all other folks suffering from gender identity disorder, that he's a man.

There are things we can change about ourselves and there are things that we can't. We can lose weight, be kinder, drink less but we can't change our race, change our gender, or become a space alien.

To pretend otherwise is simply insane.  And if we love people with mental illnesses we don't tell them they're fine; we work to help bring them to the truth.

A shrink who told a patient who thought he was Napoleon that he should go out and rule France would be booted out of the profession post haste yet a shrink who tells a man that with some makeup, hair depletion, and plastic surgery he can become a woman is considered to be competent.

It's time we stop hurting those with gender identity confusion and start trying to help them be who they are.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Why Obama wants the Iranians to have the bomb

We now know that Hillary lined her pockets by giving Russia control over a lot of the worlds uranium.

If Iran builds a bomb they'll be buying lots of uranium from Russia and so the most likely option, :) , is that Obama is getting a cut of Hillary's commission.

So to line his post presidential nest egg Obama is enthused about Iran getting the bomb since Obama will get royalties--I bet he likes that word--for years. And if he stays away from Israel--no sacrifice there--and the Iranians don't bomb LA or Hawaii it's win win for Obama.

I know this sounds insane but it's a lot more polite than Bill Clinton trying to blame Rush Limbaugh for the Oklahoma City bombing.

The lie at the heart of liberalism; we care

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Divine Mercy Sunday; a chance for a clean slate

While our sins are forgiven in Confession we still carry the debt incurred by those sins.

God in His infinite Mercy is glad to wipe away that debt on Divine Mercy Sunday.

To see how go to

God Bless and have a great Divine Mercy Sunday!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy Easter!

Climate change we can believe in or not

Obama recently stated that he wants to end climate change building on his earlier pledge to stop the rise of the oceans.

King Canute would have been proud.

The latest reason that Obama wants to control the planet is supposedly that one of his daughters had an asthma attack when she was 4 years old.  While one can't help but sympathize with the fear he felt when his daughter said she couldn't breath it's not immediately obvious that one should assume that climate change is the cause.

In fact folks with asthma love to live near the water since ocean breezes tend to get rid of the pollen that causes asthma.  If global warming is going to raise the ocean levels and therefore make more coastline it would stand to reason that climate change is good for Obama's daughter.

But Obama didn't have to wait for the oceans to rise to help his daughters asthma; he could have--as Michelle Malkin pointed out--just stopped smoking.

While most second hand smoke scare stories are bogus people with asthma can be seriously bothered by second hand smoke.

Yet while we're now to believe that Obama was inspired by love of his daughter to crusade for destroying the middle class by driving energy costs through the roof he apparently didn't care enough to quit smoking then to protect his daughter--though he may have moved to smoking only out doors away from his daughter.

His daughter had the traumatic asthma attack when she was 4 years old which was 12 years ago. Yet Obama was still smoking in 2011 according to his doctor.  So even if we believe that Obama quit smoking when he said he did, in 2009, that means Obama continued smoking for years after he was supposedly traumatized by his daughters asthma attack.

Also it should be kept in mind that the earths temperature has been basically constant for 18 years.  Hence President's daughter hasn't experienced any global warming in her 16 year life.  That in turn means that it would be odd if her asthma resulted from climate change.

For the Presidents daughter the move from Chicago to D.C. was a far more drastic climate change than anything even the wildest warmist claims has occurred in the last 16 years.

All in all the only Obama related climate change we can believe in is that he's sensed that the political climate has changed and the peons don't care about fake climate change so he's got to make them think it's all about him so that they, out of their love for him, come to their senses and support destroying their lifestyles by supporting massive energy cost increases.