Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Who Democrat politicians protect tell us who they care about

One of the best kept secrets in America today is who is protected by the sanctuary city/state “laws” passed by Democrats.  Illegals who work hard, steal someone’s identity so they can pay taxes, and are better than flyover country rednecks in every way—according to Democrats— are not helped at all.  Only if an illegal commits new crimes in the USA and are arrested do sanctuary “laws” help them. In that case if ICE is looking for this criminal to deport them the Democrats ensure that ICE won’t be able to deport them.

Hence Democrats must like illegals who commit more crimes in the USA; perhaps that’s why Democrats were upset when Trump called MS-13 gang members animals.

Democrats also try and protect home grown felons too.  They are all for legal technicalities and reduced sentencing.  They’re also eager to put more Black criminals back on the streets; perhaps because Black criminals prey primarily on Blacks not white liberals.

This too isn’t surprising given the thousands of Blacks shot in Democrat run cities each year. We all know if thousands of whites were being shot in Chicago, Baltimore,etc something would be done.  But apparently Democrat politicians, like their KKK founding predecessors, don’t care about honest Black people.

Then of course drug dealers hold a special place in the hearts of Democrat politicians; Obama extended clemency to a bunch of them for example.

The one group you won’t find Democrat politicians protecting are honest hard working Americans.

If the Democrats win back the Congress here’s what they say they will do:

Raise taxes
Impeach Trump
Force Catholic nuns to assist in abortions
Cut defense spending
Increase welfare spending
Have open borders
Reduce criminals time in prison
Let men use the women’s bathrooms
Stifle the economy with regulations
Support FaceBook, YouTube , etc censorship of conservative views
Shut down all investigations into Deep State corruption

A win for Democrat politicians would be a win for criminals, illegals and a loss for honest Americans.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The lefts game plan is to make sure we’re ignorant

Unless you’re very rich, someone else is supporting you voluntarily—think college students—or someone else is forced to support you—think people who view welfare not as a temporary helping hand but as a lifestyle— none of the policies advanced by the left will be good for you.

Leftists know this which is why they use their control of academia and the media to try and keep Americans ignorant of the truth.

College students are indoctrinate about how whites are evil, which according to leftists is not racist, and that speech they don’t agree with isn’t protected by the First Amendment. They aren’t taught how to think of that feelings and facts are not the same things.

A Democrat senator was on trial for corruption for 7 weeks and the #FakeNews media hardly covered it; two of the networks never mentioned it.

Few Americans know that abortion is legal for any reason at any point in a pregnancy or that science says the unborn are human beings from the moment of conception not “blobs of cells”.

The fact that all the models used to “prove” that man kind is causing catastrophic global warming haven’t accurately predicted the actual temperature of the Earth for the last 19 years is something the media simply hides.

Americans aren’t told that the leading cause of death for Black Americans is abortion or that Black women are 3 times as likely to abort as white women.

While condemning Trump for starting a trade war with China the media fails to mention that China’s tariffs on American products are more than 3 times higher than our tariffs on their products. Essentially The media is hiding the fact that China started this trade war long ago.

The media has concealed the fact that the author of the infamous Trump collusion dossier has stated in court that nothing in that dossier has been verified; essentially the whole Steele dossier, paid for by Hillary, is just second, third or more hand gossip from unidentified Russian sources who may or may not have been working for Russian intelligence agencies.

When antifa attacks reporters the media downplays it.

These are just a few examples of how the left is working to deny Americans the truth.

Most Americans have little time for politics because they’re too busy working and raising their families. They’re also honest people who would never tell a big lie.  Hence when they do hear the news they assume, often incorrectly, that it’s not a lie and that no one is conspiring to hide the truth from them.

Truth is to the left what a Crucifix is to a vampire which means that we’ll informed people like you need spread the truth to your family, friends, and coworkers.

We need to crowdsource the news to counteract the lefts massive propaganda machine.

Sure die hard leftists won’t be moved if you share the truth with them in most cases but lots of low information voters may reconsider when they hear the truth.

Look at the #WalkAway movement where leftist who learned the truth have rejected the radical unAmerican leftist agenda.

If good people like you do nothing the left can win and steal away our freedom. But if we all work to spread the truth we can keep America free.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Yes the #FakeNews media is that clueless

Starting on August 16 128, and counting, “news” outlets will run coordinated editorials claiming that Trump saying the #FakeNews media coordinates against him is evil.

That’s right these left wing outlets are coordinating an attack on Trump Saying thatTrump is wrong to say that they coordinate attacks on him.

They’re also advancing the idea that any criticism of the #FakeNews media is unconstitutional.  Of course criticizing Fox is still kosher.

More amazingly the #FakeNews media has no problem with conservative news sources being thrown off Twitter, Facebook, et al.

To the Democrat party propagandists who pretend to be reporters Trump pointing out their bias is unfathonable evil but censoring news outlets that aren’t in lock step with the left is great.

These people don’t want a free press they want a propaganda monopoly so that they can deny us the truth.

It’s time for us to demand that if the media wants respect they need to stop lying to us.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Obama the super president and the death of democracy

Historically what one president has done with his pen and phone can be undone by his successors with their pen and phone.

That’s necessary if we’re going to have a democracy in America. If a new president can’t undo what his predecessor did then the people have no power because no matter who they elect the policies of the president they’re rejecting will stay in place.

But traitorous leftist judges have decided that Obama is a super president whose actions can’t be undone by Trump.  For example Obama changed Bush’s policy on the criteria necessary to seek asylum. But when Trump tried to change them back a dishonest judge said he can’t.

Note that the standard that Trump wants to return to was considered Constitutional and never found to be problematic.

The judge’s action is nothing less than treason. That judge is misusing his authority to nullify the 2016 election by preventing Trump from lawfully executing his authority as President.

We’ve seen this before in the lower court rulings on Trumps temporary travel restrictions on people coming from countries where their identity can’t be confirmed.

It’s time to impeach these judges so that the left can’t deny the people their president.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Washington Post’s Mission Statement

The new motto for the WaPo is “Democracy dies in darkness” but what is the WaPo’s Mission statement?

We know that a major objective of the WaPo is working to distract its readers from things like:

The fact that human life begins at conception

The fact that the Obama regime spied on Trump based on a dossier paid for by Hillary which is nothing more than a bunch of unverified rumors from unidentified Russians.

The fact that the economy is doing great because of Trump and the Republicans

The significance of the fact that the leading cause of death for Black Americans is abortion

It would seem then that the WaPo’s mission statement should be “We turn out the lights”

Friday, August 10, 2018

What happens when Democrats run things

In CA where it’s all Democrats all the time the wise and caring Democrat masters have decided to issue drivers licenses to illegals.

This has massively increased wait times at the DMV for everyone because the Democratic despots who rule CA don’t care enough about illegals to fix it. We know they don’t care about actual CA citizens.

They may not care because it turns out there is a special DMV office just for the state government elite hidden in the Legislative Office Building which exclusively serves  California’s rulers and their flunkies.

Yes that’s right oppressed and massively taxed workers of CA just like in the old Soviet Union the masters in CA have a special store open only to them so that they can avoid the consequences of the edicts they impose on the rest of us.

If we let Democrats take over the House and/or the Senate we can expect to see major growth in ruler only percs at the national level too because that’s how Democrats roll.

So in the words of the patron saint of Democrat corruption the late great Mayor Daily of Chicago “vote early and vote often especially if you’re dead because if you’re dead you don’t have anything better to do”—notice for Jim Acosta and other #FakeNews propagandists this is satire; that isn’t a literal quote from Mayor Daily not am I calling on people to commit voter fraud.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The FBI caught telling lies again

We now know that despite the FBI's claim that they stopped using Steele as a source after he was caught lying to them about his contacts with the media the FBI continued to receive, through Bruce Ohr a senior Justice Department employee, information from Steele.

This is a clear indication of the FBI's lack of concern about Steele's clear dishonesty.

Further we know from what Ohr has said that the FBI knew that Steele had a very strong bias against Trump prior to the FBI using Steele's dossier, which has admitted in court is not verified in any way, to get a FISA warrant against Carter Page.  Yet in that FISA warrant application the FBI vouched for Steele but did not mention that they knew that Steele was not an unbiased source when it came to Trump and his campaign.

Another thing we know is that when the FBI found out that someone on Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein's staff was a Chinese spy they notified her. But when the FBI suspected a staffer on Trump's campaign was a Russian spy they didn't warn Trump.

It's clear from revelation after revelation that the way the FBI and DOJ spied on Trump's campaign in the absence of any actual evidence--remember the Steele dossier was unverified and based solely no second, third and worse hand rumors from Russian sources--is very different than the way they handle other investigations.

The reality is that this whole thing is much much worse than Watergate because in Watergate a few people in the Nixon campaign committed crimes spying on the Democrat Presidential campaign which is no where near as bad as Obama subverting the FBI and the DOJ to spy on the Republican Presidential campaign.