Monday, November 19, 2018

Democrats declare racism when dine and dashers are Black

A video taken by a Black man, Masud Ali, of a Chipotle manager refusing to serve him and his friends went viral.  Legal Insurrection has the story here.

What didn't go viral was the fact that not only had Masud been there twice before and refused to pay both times but he boasted of dining and dashing on Twitter saying:

"aye man I think chipotle catching up to us fam should we change locations..."

He also tweeted:

"Dine and dash is forever interesting"

And Masud has an interesting new idea about how one can "borrow" food:

"Guys we're borrowing food......that's it and if the lady tires to stop you at the door don't hesitate to truck the shit out of that bitch"

As is to be expected Chipotle fired the manager even though they knew about Masud's tweets, or maybe not since their story has been changing.

That's what the Democrats have gotten America into; if people who have twice stolen from a restaurant are Black they can keep steeling for as long as they want otherwise the people who run the restaurant are racists.

Note too that Masud, who has been convicted of theft twice, is pretty clearly saying that if the manager, you know the one who was fired, tried to stop them from leaving without paying it would be ok to use violence against her.

Which would appear to mean that in the Democrat hierarchy of victims Blacks outrank women since we're not hearing any pushback from Democrats about Masud's threatening to beat up a woman. Given that the Democrats were all in for Keith Ellison in Minnesota whose been accused by two women of physically assaulting them it would appear that while Kavanaugh supposedly forcibly kissing a woman is intolerable beating up women is an ok thing to Democrats.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Big Lie works: Election fraud edition

67% of Democrats believe that it's likely that the Russians "tampered with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected."  Let that sink in.

Not even Trump's most rabid Democrat opponents have said that the Russians changed vote tallies; i.e. committed voter fraud.

Obama even said that that didn't happen.

Yet a significant majority of Democrats believe it.


Because the #FakeNews media have been using the Big Lie to create that impression. When they talk about Trump colluding with Russia, something there is no evidence of, they do so in a way that makes people think that somehow Trump stole the election when in fact if the worst accusations are true all Trump did was get the Russians to release DNC emails; you know the ones that showed that the Democrat leadership cheated Bernie.

But to steal an election, as opposed to having Russians convince American voters to vote for Trump, the vote tallies have to be impacted.  Hence the Big Lie of collusion combined with the way the #FakeNews media has been presenting that lie have created the impression among Democrats that Trump actually committed voter fraud on a massive scale.

The problem is that those same Democrats tell us that there is no voter fraud and all efforts to find and eliminate voter fraud are racist attempts to suppress Black voters even though the rules apply to everyone.

But given that the Democrats are the party of racists, if they cared about Blacks they wouldn't stand idly by and do nothing in Democrat run cities like Chicago where thousands of Blacks are shot each year, it's not surprising that they think that Blacks aren't able to master the same tasks that whites can.

Conservatives on the other hand know that Blacks are just as competent as whites at getting a voter ID or following whatever other rules are necessary to end voter fraud.

So on one hand Democrats are saying there is no voter fraud while on the other they're saying that the Russians committed massive voter fraud but we have no evidence of it.

Democrats the party that conforms reality to its truth.

The health consequences of the left's hedonism

The left's new normal is casual sex and hedonism.  While they act as though there are no consequences to treating sex like a game of tennis the reality is that God teaches that sex is meant to be part of a loving monogamous relationship for a reason.

Aside from all the sadness that results from the objectification of people there are serious health consequences that are the direct result of the left's attack on traditional morality.

The most obvious example of course is AIDS which the left alternatively says is critical in order to get more funding to address it and is nothing since it can now be controlled other STDs and pregnancies are wreaking havoc with the idea that there is such a thing as consequenceless sex.

There are nearly 1,000,000 abortions each year in America. That's 1,000,000 human beings, more than half of whom are women, killed to ensure that sex has no consequences.  But of course women who kill their daughters often do suffer as a result.  This isn't surprising given that either God created women to be mothers and/or nature spent 4,000,000,000 years evolving women to be mothers.  Going against their must fundamental biological nature is clearly likely to result in adverse consequences for women.

The massive promiscuity that the left endorses has also lead to an explosion in STDs and STDs which are resistant to modern medicines.

Gonorrhea for example has become resistant to most antibiotics and the number of cases of it have been rising dramatically.  Women suffer the most from this since untreated or untreatable cases can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease which can leave a woman infertile.  Also, as usual, the children suffer because they can go blind if their mothers have gonorrhea.

But the explosion in STDs and the increasing drug resistance of those infections is the inevitable result of the hedonistic policies that the left is pushing.  The more casual sex the more STDs spread, a husband and wife who have only had sex with each other will never get an STD, and the more the infections spread the more likely they are to develop a resistance to medicines.

Of course the #FakeNews media will conceal the links between adverse women's health results and hedonism but you have the opportunity to tell people, especially your daughters, the truth.

New Democrat motto: "Nuke them all!"

Eric Swalwell, a Democrat from California, said that if the American people were to try and overthrow a tyrannical government they'd lose because the government would use nuclear weapons on its own people.  He said this to ridicule the idea that an armed population is a deterrent to tyranny.

While Swalwell wasn't being serious his comments reveal a lot about himself and Democrats in general.

First his claim that an armed citizenry couldn't overthrow a government demonstrates an amazing lack of historical knowledge.  He apparently is unaware of the many examples from just the last century--Vietnam and China for example--where revolts by the people overthrew powerful governments.

Second his belief that the people shouldn't have guns shows that he believes that power flows not from the people but from the state; i.e. from him and his political cronies.

Third if a Republican were to joke about using nukes against say Antifa the #FakeNews media would be waging an unending and unrelenting war to get that Republican to resign.  Yet because Swalwell is a leftist Democrat the vast majority of Americans will never even know what he said.

Fourth it shows that he, like all leftists, don't believe in the rule of law.  If he wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment there is a well defined process to do so.  But because he knows that he can't get the political support across the country to do that he's perfectly willing to ignore the law and the Constitution and use activist judges and legislation to disarm the people.

It's clear that the Democrats winning the House has emboldened them to show more of what they really believe in rather than the lies that they run for election on which is a good thing.  Just as the insane objections to Kavanaugh energies Republicans for the midterms 2 years of unhinged hostility to the Constitution and the American people by Democrats will help us keep them from getting more power in the next election.

I, Racist

A leftist called me a racist the other day; surprisingly that was a first.

I'd listed several Obama actions that were bad.  He declared that since I didn't like Obama and I did like Trump I must be a racist.  I didn't make any general condemnation of Obama nor did I mention his race but the leftist declared that just because I disagreed with specific things that Obama said and did I must be racist.

Interestingly the way that leftists misuse the term racist shows that they are racists.

Racism is a horrible thing and reducing the power of accusing someone of racism by accusing everyone, except real racists, of being racist allows real racists to continue to be accepted as members of polite society.

If everyone who disagrees with Obama's policies, or to be honest any left wing policy, is a racist real racists, like Democrat Louis Farrakhan--who hates whites and Jews--or Democrat Ilhan Omar--who hates Jews--, are effectively shielded from the criticism they deserve.

To be clear in today's America racism is a nearly exclusive problem with Democrats and the left.  If you doubt that ask yourself if the Democrats who run Chicago, and other major cities, where thousands of Blacks are shot each and every year would be doing nothing if thousands of white people were being shot each year?

Similarly can you imagine the outcry if Republicans talked to and about Obama the way that Democrats talk about Candice Owens, Kanye, Ben Carson, and Justice Thomas? Unless Blacks bow to the white Democrat leadership they are treated horribly.

And then of course there's the amazingly patronizing paternalistic attitude the left takes towards Blacks.  According to the left without their guidance and special laws to protect them Blacks can't make it in America.  Aside from the fact that Blacks have demonstrated that if they aren't forced to live in Democrat created ghettos with high crime, no jobs, and horrible schools they can succeed just as well as whites there's the fact that Japanese Americans, who were put in prison camps by Democrats during WWII, now have one of the highest per capita incomes of any ethnic group in America which shows that minorities don't need special privileges to succeed because America isn't a racist country.

It's time to start combating the #FakeNews media's lies and remind your friends that if the Democrats who run Chicago, and have done so since the 1950's, weren't racists they'd be working to make Black neighborhoods safe rather than working to get Black criminals, who prey mostly on Blacks, out of jail faster.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Democrats weaponize hate

A long time ago Democrats were confronted with an unintended consequences of their relentless effort to make it hard to convict criminals; Democrat protected groups, like Blacks, needed protection from the crooks that Democrats were eagerly reintroducing to society.

The solution had two elements; civil rights prosecutions which ensured that prosecutors had two shots to convict so long as the victims were Black and hate crimes which allowed more serious punishments for the same crimes so long as the criminal held views that Democrats didn't like.

Not noticed at the time introducing the idea that what a person thought, as opposed to what they did, is extremely relevant to the severity of the crime laid the foundation for the latest Democrat hate speech drive.

Currently Democrats are saying that certain speech, pretty much anything they don't like, is hate speech which is, according to the left, actual violence.  Because this speech is actual violence, just like punching someone in the face, it isn't protected by the 1st Amendment, according to the left, and must be suppressed.  In fact hate speech is so violent that it's ok to use real violence, enter Antifa stage left, to silence it.

The idea of hate speech being the same as violence is clearly insane and even Democrats don't believe it. After all they think that calling Republicans Nazis and homophobes is perfectly fine so clearly they don't believe that hate speech in general is equivalent to violence. Rather they simply pretend that speech they don't like, which rarely involves actual calls to violence or even labeling leftist with odious titles like Communist, is hate speech to justify their support of the use of violence to silence it.

But the left has been conditioned to believe that what people think is just as bad, if not worse, than what they do by the whole concept of a hate crime.  Somehow if someone beats up someone else it's not the beating that's the problem but the attackers motivation.  But if what matters most is not just the violence but the intent then it makes perfect sense that if that intent is express through speech rather than physical violence it's just as evil and just as violent.

This dishonest reasoning is great for Democrats because they also believe that minorities can't be racist; hence it's impossible for a Black person whose beating up white people because he doesn't like white people to be guilty of a hate crime since he's an oppressed minority.  The same reasoning applies to gays; gays who are beaten up by heterosexuals are victims of a hate crime but gays who target heterosexuals are not guilty of a hate crime.  Essentially the whole idea of hate speech is based on the idea that only Democrats can be the victims of hate speech and nothing Democrats say can be hate speech.

What the Democrats are trying to do is create two sets of laws in America; one if which applies to their political opponents and one to Democrats.  If a Democrat calls for violence against Republicans, as Maxine Waters has, it's not hate speech and it's not a crime but if a Republican calls for an end to violence by Democrats that's hate speech which must be suppressed.

They're getting away with it because the lap dog media lies and conceals everything the Democrats are doing from voter fraud to establishing a two tiered legal system.

Democratic Racism; Ilhan Omar edition

Ilhan Omar, the woman who apparently married her own brother as part of some sort of scam, was elected to Congress by Democrats.

She is virulently anti-Semitic; she says that Jews have the supernatural ability to hypnotize the world for example.

She supports the BDS movement which declares Israel to be evil and Hamas and the PLO to be good.

Any Republican who said anything remotely as racist as what Omar has said about Jews would be pilloried incessantly by the #FakeNews media.

But because she's Black, Muslim, and most importantly a Democrat the #FakeNews media will be extolling her to the heavens for the next 2 years.