Sunday, July 15, 2018

Left shoots self in foot by declaring it's all Obama's fault

With the indictment of a bunch of Russians by Mueller the left is declaring that the Russians did successfully interfere in the US election.

Leaving aside for the moment the fact that the "interference" consisted of letting the voters know how the DNC broke its own rules to discriminate against a "Democratic Socialist", i.e. Bernie, what the left apparently didn't realize is that Obama was the President when this "interference" occurred.

That's right.  The Russians hacked the DNC, but failed in their attempt to hack the RNC, on Obama's watch. Obama controlled, and was responsible for, the entire power of the US government.  Trump had absolutely no ability to know about or thwart Russian hacking.  Hence the left declaring that the Russians were successful is the left declaring that Obama failed.

If the left says that Trump won because of Russia revealing DNC bias then the only people they can blame are the DNC for their poor cyber security and Obama for the government's failure to protect the election.

Remember the new indictments show absolutely no evidence of collusion between Trump and/or his campaign and the Russians.  Hence there is still no evidence for Trump colluding but there is now unambiguous evidence, according to the left, that Obama failed.

Strzok; the face of the deep state

It was clear from Strzok's testimony that he did not feel afraid of or beholden to the Congress which means he didn't feel afraid of or beholden to the American people either.

In doing so Strzok became the poster boy for the reality of the deep state.  He's the first deep state operative to fail to abide by the rules, pretend you're a civil servant in public but act as though you're part of a ruling elite otherwise, and as such he's giving us proof that the FBI is corrupt at the top.

When even CNN abandon's a leftist, and they abandoned Strzok by saying that it was clear he was biased,  it's clear that the person has violated the rule of the left; don't get caught.

True the media is still saying that it's credible that he somehow has the superhuman power to separate a profound dislike of Trump and his belief that Trump should never have been president from his strenuous efforts to clear Hillary but they've let him know that he's expendable.

The media will try to establish their credibility by saying that they agree with the obvious, Strzok is immensely biased, but simultaneously protect the left by declaring that his bias never impacted his work.

Amazingly they'll do so at precisely the same time as they will be declaring that Kavanaugh will not be able to separate his personal beliefs from his work.

This will probably help America in November because the deep state has taken off its mask sooner than it should have.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Whatever collusion is Mueller's not finding it

Pause for a moment and ask yourself the following question; "Is telling the American people truthful information about something a political party did that was wrong interfering in an election?"

Another way to think about it is telling the American voters the truth interfering in an election?

Because that's the sin that leftists are accusing Trump of.  While there is absolutely no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians to release the DNC emails--which showed that the DNC had violated their own rules and biased the nomination process for Hillary-- there is complete agreement that the emails are facts; the DNC did work against Bernie.

To see the oddity of this reasoning suppose the British government released emails showing that Trump had colluded with Russia. Would any of the foaming at the mouth leftists be upset?  Of course not because having the truth is always good no matter where it comes from.

Even worse the left is all enthused that foreign nationals being paid by Hillary released lies about Trump; the Steele dossier.

What we're seeing is another example of the left's double standards.  If truth that is damaging to the left is released it's "election interference" if lies about Trump are released, the Steele dossier, that's good.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Strzok doesn't pass the smell test

In his testimony to Congress FBI agent Strzok claimed that he was not biased against Trump and that none of his text messages indicated he was biased.

This is hogwash given that in one of the texts he says that Trump supporters have a certain smell.

Accusing people of being odiferous and/or unwashed is an age old way of disparaging them.  Yet according to Strzok that wasn't what he meant.

Can you imagine what would happen if someone talked about Jews or Blacks having a special smell? People would declare that person to be a hating bigot and they'd be right.  Yet Strzok thinks that American's will believe his claim that his comments don't show any bias.  Which gives us an idea of what Strzok thinks of the American people.

Of course he also said that he couldn't answer questions about an on-going investigation when asked by a Republican but when asked by a Democrat he suddenly could answer.

Strzok is the face of the deep state which thinks its above the law, above patriotism, above fairness, above the rest of us who smell different.

The good news is that it's likely that America isn't ready for our would be masters to be so candid about not having to follow the same rules the rest of us do.  Strzok's clear contempt for the American people and the Congress is not going to play well with folks in fly over country.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Left's ever changing goal posts

For a few years the Democrat politicians and their media cronies have been constantly attacking the rich; supposedly the top 1% but in reality anyone who isn't on welfare.

But now they're attacking Trump's choice for the Supreme Court because he's not wealthy.

So to the Democrat establishment rich was evil, unless it's a Nazi collaborator like Sorros, but now it's being poorer than the rich lawyers on the Supreme Court that's evil.

We've all seen the video of Schumer and Obama calling for strong borders but that flip at least took a few years.  Here we're seeing Democrat/Media complex move the goalposts in literally a couple of days.

We all know however that the real point is that anyone who stands between Democrat politicians and their ability to control how much soda we drink and what type of straws we use is the enemy and anyone, no matter how evil, who helps Democrat politicians control our lives is good.

Leftists eschew personal responsibility

While the "horror" of separating children from their criminal parents has receded from the leftist angst machine due to the new squirrel, the Supreme Court, its useful to recognize that we're seeing the Left's complete rejection of personal responsibility on display.

No parent who legally applied for asylum was ever separated from their children.  Only those who tried to sneak into the US and then applied for asylum, i.e. those who committed a crime, have temporarily lost custody of their children.

Given that there are 9 sites in Mexico,  as well as every Point of Entry on the boarder, where "refugees", can apply for asylum it's clear that parents who choose to avoid legally applying for asylum, because they're really just looking for more money not actually fleeing for their lives in most cases, are the ones responsible if they're separated from their children.

Yet the Left declares that it's Trump's fault that illegals choose to break the law in order to improve their economic situation.  Apparently illegals are somehow better in the minds of leftists than the 1,300,000 honest Mexicans who are waiting in line to enter the US legally; or the large number of honest citizens of other Central American countries who are also waiting patiently to enter the US legally.

But declaring that people don't have any responsibility for their actions, except of course conservatives, is a fundamental belief of leftists.  People have consensual sex and instead of having to accept responsibility for the child they brought into the world the left says that they can kill their child for example.

Or all the people who use drugs and/or drop out of school; according to the left they should enjoy the same quality of life as people who work hard and don't do drugs.

The sad thing is that the more that the left tries to normalize personal irresponsibility the more personal irresponsibility there will be.  And the people who suffer most are the ones who aren't responsible.