Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Media believe classification exists to protect Democrats

Since at least the 1960's the #FakeNews media have eagerly published highly classified documents that hurt the national security and probably cost American lives.

From the Pentagon papers to the revealing of highly successful counter terrorism programs the left wing media has rejoiced over giving our enemies highly classified and very useful, to them, information.

Yet now when Trump wants to declassify a document that the American people really need to see the media is hoping mad.

We know that the Obama administration weaponized the US Intelligence Community to spy on the Trump campaign. They did so by lying to a FISA court that the FBI had verified the information that Steele, paid by Hillary, dug up based on unnamed second and third hand Russian sources.

Every bit of the FISA application we've seen to date demonstrates the malign intent of the Obama administration.  But the #FakeNews media and the Democrats keep saying that the redacted portions show damning evidence that proves Obama was justified.

So now that Trump is saying let's let the people see and let them decided the #FakeNews media is all upset.  They know that the truth will show what liars they and the deep state have been.

What this tells us is that the #FakeNews media has no problem hurting US security, and possibly contributing to the deaths of Americans, so long as it means headlines for them and a bigger paycheck but that they are totally opposed to revealing anything that might hurt Democrat politicians.

Now it's 3 to one that Ford is lying about Kavanaugh

A third person identified by Christine Blasey Ford  as being able to support her claim that Judge Kavanaugh attacked her has gone public and said that her story isn't true.

He has no recollection of any such event occurring.

We now have 3 witnesses identified by Christine Blasey Ford  who say her story is untrue.  More importantly this third person was not accused, at least currently, as having participated in any illegal or morally repugnant actions so he has no reason to lie.

That combined with the fact that Christine Blasey Ford is unwilling to go under oath and tell Congress what she claims happened pretty much nails down the case that even she doesn't believe that she's credible.  Given our current slander and libel laws even if Christine Blasey Ford is lying through her teeth she faces no risk of punishment unless she lies under oath hence her reluctance to testify under oath speaks volumes about her honesty.

It's easy to understand why some people, mostly women, tend to believe that a woman wouldn't lie about a sexual assault.  Too often all we have is he said she said and to simply declare that that's a standoff means that real predators can walk free.

But we know that women do lie; especially in high profile cases. Some examples include the stripper who accused the Duke Lacrosse players, the woman who told Rolling Stone that a fraternity had raped her, and Nikki Yovino. Does this mean that most women lie?  Of course not but it means that we can't simply assume that women never lie.  Especially when it's in their self interest to do so.  Women have lied because they didn't want their boyfriend to find out they'd cheated on him for example.  In this case given the well established far left political beliefs of Christine Blasey Ford it's clear that she could well be motivated by an honest desire to save the country from what she perceives as unimaginable evil.

In this case we have 3 hes, one of whom has absolutely no reason to lie, and one she whose story has lots of problems; for example I can remember exactly where I was involved in a fender bender when I was in High School but she can't remember the house she was assaulted in.

Further unlike all the other #MeToo cases there is no history of Kavanaugh being accused of this sort of activity; on the contrary everyone who has known or worked with him say's that such actions are completely inconsistent with who Kavanaugh is.

Unless some startling new evidence is produce or if Christine Blasey Ford changes her mind and is willing to testify under oath there is absolutely no reason to believe her claims.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Leftist come out with their hatred of God.

At the Emmy's last night people who thank Jesus, who make up about 72% of Americans, were mocked.

Let that sink in.  Can you imagine the left wing pseudo intellectuals mocking Muslims that way?

Of course not.

But if there is one thing that unites the Left it's the desire for a sexually hedonistic society where people can be objectified and used as sex objects.  That's why the left is so supportive of the mass murder of the unborn and the massively promiscuous, and decidedly unhealthy, actively gay lifestyle.

And what stands against societies acceptance of that hell?  Christianity.

Hence the spoiled and overpaid Hollywood elites feel compelled to attack their greatest enemy; Jesus.

They're so rich that they don't care if they lose money because the ratings of the self congratulatory shows go down.  They want to destroy Jesus's hold on the hearts of people so that they can replace His teaching that we must love our neighbor with their teaching that we should use our neighbor.

They are not good people who just see different solutions to complex issues; say how we help the poor. Rather the leftist elites are evil people who view people as things to be used or killed if that's what makes life best for the elites.

In their rejection of God they want to make themselves god.  They think that they can define morality and even change their very nature by pretending that men can become women.

It's all about the power.  They are proud people who refuse to bow to their Creator and who want to pursue their warped ideas no matter what the cost to themselves and others.

It's possible to not believe in God while not mocking those who do. After all unless an atheists is so proud that he thinks he's infallible he has to admit that he might be wrong and the Christian might be right. Further if the atheist is a good person he knows he should tolerate the beliefs of others just as he wants his beliefs to be tolerated.

That the people at the Emmys last night felt mocking those who disagree with them on serious issues is funny tells us what sort of people they are.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Didn't Ford betray other women by being silent about Kavanaugh?

If Ford really believes that Kavanaugh tried to rape her isn't her decades long silence a sign that she doesn't care about other women?

We now know that no one else has ever accused Kavanaugh of such a thing but she didn't know that during the decades she kept silent.

Women who don't report assaults until they see a chance to torpedo someone whose politics they don't like are betraying their sisters.

This is an awkward part of the #MeToo movement. We're told we should applaud women who speak up only after others have done so. But silence makes the victims complicit in future crimes.

What we need to do is declare as a society that any woman who says no, or is afraid of physical harm,  no matter what she did before she said no is a guiltless victim if the man doesn't stop.  No woman should ever feel guilty about being raped anymore than she should feel guilty if someone steals her car at gunpoint.

No matter how much a woman has "led on" a man if she says no and he doesn't stop it's all his fault.  Men aren't animals; we can stop if we want to.

Lie Detectors don't; Christine Basey Ford passing one means nothing

It's an urban legend that lie detectors can actually tell if people are lying.  All a lie detector does is monitor certain types of biological activity and see if they change when people answer questions.

Lie detectors are so unreliable that they're not allowed in trials and that the infamous spy Aldrich Ames managed to pass several.

What lie detectors are useful for is getting people to talk.  Fearing being "caught" by the machine they will say things they would otherwise lie about.

However for that to work the person administering the exam has to want to catch the person being tested in a lie.

Something that doesn't happen in a friendly polygraph test.  Christine Basey Ford's lawyer arranged to have her client polygraphed.  Hence the person running the test had every incentive to not find that Christine Basey Ford was lying and no incentive to find that she was lying.

Given that Christine Basey Ford's lawyer, left wing radical Debra Katz, has said that she doesn't have to corroborate her claims it's clear that Katz is not interested in the truth only in ensuring that the Supreme Court stays leftist and activist.

So saying that Christine Basey Ford passed a poly is no more significant than Debra Katz saying that she believes that Christine Basey Ford is telling the truth.

Democrats declare Christine Blasey Ford's claim isn't credible

What? You're saying to yourself that Democrats are in fact saying that Christine Blasey Ford's claim is credible.

But remember actions speak louder than words.

Can you imagine the impact if the first words out of the first Democrat to speak at Kavanaugh's hearing were "Why did you try and rape a woman when you were in High School?"?

Corey Booker wouldn't be a laughing stock for his "Spartacus" moment if he'd revealed that Kavanaugh had been accused of attempted rape rather than revealing emails that showed that Kavanaugh objected to race based security screenings.

There is absolutely no reason for Democrats to have not unleashed Christine Blasey Ford's charge if they believed that it would survive scrutiny.

On the other hand if the Democrats knew that her claim wouldn't stand up to scrutiny then waiting until the hearings are done makes perfect sense. All they're doing is trying to run out the clock so that they can hopefully win the Senate and then demand a Ruth Bader Ginsburg clone for the Supreme Court.

It's obvious then that the Democrats know that Christine Blasey Ford's claim won't stand up.

Which makes sense based on what we've learned in just one day:

Her therapist's notes contradict key details of her claim.
Her parents had a court case ruled against them by Kavanaugh's mother.
She's a hard core leftist based on her actions and her political contributions.
She felt the need to delete her social media accounts probably because they'd show her bias.

If the Democrats had revealed her claim when the hearing started we'd have had enough time to dig even deeper into her claims and, in all likelihood, found even more damaging information.

The bottom line is that there is no chance that if the Democrats believed Christine Blasey Ford's claim would hold up that they wouldn't have revealed it far sooner.  Hence it's obvious that even Democrats don't believe her.

[UPDATE] The claim that student reviews of her showed she was a leftist has been shown to be false; the comments were about another professor.  That was removed from the post.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Democrats are lying weasels; the attack on Kavanaugh proves it

Democrats have known for months about some random college professor, who is a Democrat, claiming that 35 years ago Kavanaugh and one of his friends attacked her.

Yet they said nothing.  Clearly they didn't believe the accusation and held it back as a trick to delay Kavanaugh's confirmation.

The woman has finally stepped forward, but the fact she leveled the accusation anonymously, tells us a lot about her character.

Her story has problems. Kavanaugh and the other boy who supposedly participated deny any such events.

The first time she mentioned the event to anyone else was decades later in couples counseling where she, according to her therapist, said there were 4 attackers.  She now says that the therapist was mistaken there were only two.

She knows for sure who the attackers were but she doesn't know much else about the party where this supposedly happened.

She somehow managed to escape from two very strong young boys.

She says that they tried to remove her clothes but failed.

She says they were drunk.

So in spite of the long history of Democrats lying about everything to achieve political power we're now supposed to believe this woman who appeared out of no where, didn't turn up in any background investigation, said nothing about the alleged events until decades later and then did so in a manner that at best confused her therapist.

If the Democrats think she's telling the truth then they concealed a #MeToo event for months. Why would they do that?

The only reasonable explanation is that they know the charges are bogus but it will take time for her claims to be debunked.  If the Democrats had brought this up months ago the claims would have been debunked by now.

It's time for us to tell the Democrats to stop lying.