Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where does the buck stop?

Democrats wreck the economy. To be more precise when Democrats control both houses of Congress the economy tanks. This is pretty obvious. The economy was doing fine then two years ago the Democrats took control of the house and Senate. Within a year the economy was going south, according to the Democrats themselves. Back in the 1990's when the Republican's took over the House and Senate for the first time in 40 years the country began an unprecedented period of economic growth. While the media and the liberals credit Clinton it only started when the Democrats lost congress and it continued during most of the Bush presidency until the Democrats retook congress. If you want to go further back look at the stagflation that occurred under Jimmy Carter and the Democrat Congress. If Reagan hadn't pushed through the tax cuts that resulted in all Americans getting richer and the government revenue's increasing we'd probably still be living with a disaster.

Do you think for one minute that if the situation had been reversed the media wouldn't blaming the Republicans? Nah...

The Democrats continually push for higher taxes, more government control of business, restrictions on personal wealth, income distribution, and more bloated government programs which help no one but do provide jobs for those who vote for the Democrats. Basically Democrats are socialists who think you're too stupid to know how to spend your own money so they should let you keep as little of it as possible. Given that history shows capitalism provides the best way to generate wealth is it any surprise that the Democrat socialist policies which depend on government control and planning of the economy don't work?

Is it any surprise that business hunkers down when the Democrats are running the show?

So what's the obvious?

Democrat policies lead to economic stagnation and downturn.

If the issue is the economy and it's the Democrats who are running the show shouldn't Obama be campaigning for Republicans for Congress?

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