Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Global warming put on hold.

It's official. Global warming is a scam. How do i know this? Simple eco-facists who have been proclaiming global warming have said that due to climatic events in the Pacific the world will cool for the next five years. But don't worry we're doomed shortly there after.

Ignore everything else and think about this. The global warming which is going to cause us all to die is so small that it's swamped by a natural variation in the global weather patterns for 5 years. That means that the changes of global warming to date and for the next 5 years are smaller than the yearly variations of the climate. What does that tell you? Well it tells you that the supposed signs of global warming are very small. So what? Well all of the global warming hysteria is based on climate models which aren't very accurate--you know this because the weather folks can't even predict if we're going to have a wet or dry winter in the fall. But if the models aren't very accurate then they certainly can't be trusted to assess the impacts of tiny changes.

Bottom Line: Global warming is a small effect according to its proponents and no one knows how to model small effects over the long term. Hence there is no scientific basis for global warming. Doesn't mean we should stop looking but we shouldn't panic either.

But even if there is global warming there is no evidence it is man made. When man was emitting the most CO2, in the early 20th century, there was no global warming. As mans CO2 emmission rate went down we supposedly got global warming.

Did you know that when people talk about this being the warmest the world has been recently you know they're wrong? How do you know this? Well i bet you've heard of Greenland. You know the place covered in ice and snow. It's called Greenland because when it was discovered by the Vikings, the Norwegian guys not the football team, it was green. It was green because the world was a lot warmer then. There is a lot of other historical reporting from that period that confirms things were pretty warm back then. But even Al Gore doesn't contend that mankind was pumping a lot of CO2 into the air back then.

Ok so it's been warmer in the past so what. Well it turns out that Earth naturally goes through warming and cooling periods. If that's what happening now cutting CO2 emissions will do little or nothing to impact any temperature change. Of course if cutting back on CO2 didn't hurt people it would be fine. Unfortunately estimates of the impact on the American economy of the eco-facists proposed changes are in the -30% range. Rember that Democrats are saying that a .9% growth in the economy is a recession so what in the heck would they call a 30% reduction? It would make the Great Depression look like a picnic.

How about another little secret. Among the biggest sources of CO2 are India and China. But American liberals are quite glad to exempt those countries, and other places like Mexico, from any CO2 limitations. That's another way you can see that this whole thing is a scam. If the eco-facists really cared about the environment, or more accurately if they really believed in man made global warming, they'd be trying to cut CO2 everywhere.

The whackos don't care if India and China continue to spew CO2 because the real reason the eco-facists want to cut CO2 emmisions is because it will give the government--and them--more power and control over the average Americans life. You can be sure that while the average American loses his job and is force to take inconvinient public transportation Al Gore will be able to buy carbon offset credits and keep flying on his private jet. Eco-facists tend to want us all to live a "simpler" life, one where we work hard and die young. A life they themselves usually eschew. Sure if we could all be university profs or students and live within walking distance of work we could cut down on our carbon footprint. But that's not a very credible option.

But what about the scientists? Well first off most climatologists don't agree that there is a proven scientific case for man made global warming. But the ones who do argue that get lots of press and lots of grants--that's taxpayer dollars usually. So you can say that the evidence isn't in yet on global warming and be called a kook and lunatic by the press or you can say that we're all going to die due to global warming unless the politicians are given more power and get tons of money and be called a "hero" for speaking truth to power. Decisions, decisions. For those of you who are old fogies you might remember nuclear winter. Carl Sagan said that if enough nuclear weapons were detonated that the whole earth would be covered with clouds which would blot out the sun and result in the death of most life. He came to that conclusion using a 1 dimensional model of Mar's atmosphere. On the face of it his claim was stupid. He said even a very limited nuclear exchange would result in the death by nuclear winter of everyone in the northern hemisphere. Problem was that natural events--primarily volcanos--have historically injected much more ash and dust into the upper atmosphere than the limited exchange he was discussing could have. We know that those natural events didn't result in anything like the climatic effects he was predicting. Why did he say it then? He was trying to prevent the US from developing Star Wars. If even a limited exchange would mean certain death for everyone then in his mind no one--not even those mass murdering communists--would ever start a nuclear war so we don't need Star Wars. He basically lied to push a political point. Don't doubt that scientists are willing to lie like that. An honest, but very liberal scientist, who also thought Star Wars was evil asked his colleges why they didn't point out the obvious errors in Sagans reasoning. They said that they agreed with his objective. So we have good historical precedent for scientists--who tend to be politically liberal--to either lie or condone lying to advance a political objective.

So what's the obvious?

Global warming of any type but specifically man made global warming is a scam designed to give power to radical liberals who don't really believe in it.

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