Monday, June 9, 2008

If Bush lied so did everyone else!

I wasn't enthused about the war in Iraqi before it started. But given that the Germans, French, Russians, and US Intel agencies-- or spies in the non-PC vernacular--all agreed that Iraq was working on weapons of mass destruction it seemed like a good idea. I mean after all we knew that Saddam was supporting terrorism, he publicly gave $25K to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, and he did have a track record of starting wars that killed thousands of people. Oh yeah he did use poison gas on his own people and he committed ecological crimes including draining large wetlands areas to starve Iraqi's who he didn't like--you'd think that one would get the liberals ticked.

Even the Democrats believed that Saddam was a threat, they voted to allow Bush to invade. Now they can complain that Bush lied but they had access to the same Intel he had and they voted to support the invasion.

It's true that the French German and Russians didn't want us invading Iraq because it would cost them lots of money from sweatheart oil deals they had but they never doubted that Iraq was a threat. They just wanted to handle it differently.

Why was everyone so wrong? Well maybe they weren't. The footprint of the non-nuclear WMDs that Iraq supposedly had was small. A hundred gallons of nerve gas? Dig a hole in the sand and fill it in. Who'd ever find it? Smallpox culture, a few ounces to ditch. Not a big deal. Even better it might have all migrated to Syria--after all where did that covert nuclear reactor of theirs come from?

But let's suppose they were wrong. Hans Blix the UN inspector said that he too was fooled because Saddam was trying to convince everyone that he had WMDs in order to appear tough to his neighbors. Now if someone is trying to make you think they have WMDs and all your buds--France Germany etc--say that that someone does have WMDs and your homies--the CIA et al-- say that same someone has WMDs and to top it off if the closest thing you can find to a pacifist who hates you--ie Senate Democrats-- agree that this same someone is a threat in a major way why are you lying if you believe them?

If you want to look for lies watch Gore's movie. Global warming might be real but no scientist supports the size of the effect shown in his movie. A British court has ruled that Gore's sci-fi flick--too bad he didn't just go for the laughs--has no less than 8 major errors rendering it unfit for showing in schools.

But then liberal lies--i don't know that woman-- are ok according to liberal orthodoxy. Only when the President acting on the consensus of the whole bloody non-Iraqi world does something liberals in retrospect don't like does the word lie cross liberal lips.

So what's the obvious

Bush didn't lie. He, and the rest of the worlds major powers, may have been fooled but he didn't lie.

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