Monday, December 28, 2015

Prayers for my Aunt Alma who passed away last week. Thanks!

Sorry this is late.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dealing with Muslims

It's true that most Muslims, especially in the US, aren't big fans of terrorism.

One of the reasons is that far more Muslims die due to Muslim terrorism than do non-Muslims; groups like ISIS make the Westboro Baptists look inclusive.

But given that terrorism doesn't require much support even a small number of Muslims who believe that since Muhammad spread Islam via violence it's ok to use violence in the name of Islam can create a disproportionate amount of damage.

Further many Muslims believe that Islam should be in charge of civil affairs, i.e. sharia law, even if those Muslims don't support violence.

That creates a problem in the US. As a Catholic I look to my faith to define my morals and then I try and implement those morals through the law following the legal processes. But since the Church does not say we should be intolerant of other faiths or that the Church should run civil society my beliefs don't conflict with the Constitution.

Many Muslims however believe that the Quran comes first and that the Constitution is a bad thing; since Islam does not teach religious tolerance in general.  That means that those Muslims, however many or few they may be, can't really become Americans; they can't assimilate.

Since America does not benefit from bringing in people who reject America's founding principle it would seem obvious that screening would be immigrants would make sense.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

READ THIS: Critical warning from California Democrats!!!!!!!!!

Democrats in California have posted an urgent warning:
It appears that a new synthetic life form has broken into the wild.
They appear to be guns but they not only act on their own they can control people they come in contact with.
If we are to stop the plague of "gun violence" we have to be alert for these sentient weapons. If you spot them, or anyone who votes Republican, you must immediately retreat to a "safe space" and when you're done crying call the suicide hot line for support.
If you feel strong enough you can call 911, so long as the sentient weapons haven't taken over minorities or Muslims, and report the horror you've seen.
Be at peace because we Democrats are working tirelessly to ensure that you will never ever have a chance to have a gun to defend yourself from the sentient weapons.
While when you're being gunned down you might incorrectly think that the amazingly short 4 minutes it takes the truly brave police officers to respond isn't really all that short be assured that your death is a small price to pay for Democrats to know that anyone who attacks our armed security guards won't have guns.
Remember Democrats want sensible gun control laws where if you like your gun you can keep it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Climate Science for real people

All you need to know to realize that the media are lying to you is this: Every single climate model has been shown, based on real world data, to be wrong.

Every single climate model predicted steadily rising temperatures for the last 18 years but even climate nuts admit the temperature has stayed constant.

The way science works is the following:

1) We make a guess about why something works the way it does
2) We create models or formulas that predict how things should behave if our guess is right
3) We compare those predictions to data:
       a) If the predictions match the data we have reason to believe our guess is right
       b) If the predictions don't match the data we know our guess was wrong

Here's what the models for man made global warming predict vs what we see

Given that the models predictions are wrong, though a few models are still within the statistical limit based on their errors, we know for a fact that the assumptions in those models were wrong and that the assumptions in those models, that man made C02 is causing the earth to warm in a particular way, are wrong.  Now it may be that further studies could show that something man is doing is impacting the climate but remember:


Last summer some folks wrote a paper claiming the earth has in fact warmed in the last 18 years. Aside from the fact it only addressed one set of temperature measurements and other sets of measurements show that temperatures haven't gone up there are other huge problems with the study:

1) The study is basically saying that for more than 18 years all the same climate scientists who we are supposed to now trust have gotten the temperature records all wrong.  Apparently now they are new and improved scientists.

2) The "fix" to the data essentially lowers all measurements before 18 years ago and raises all temperatures after 18 years ago. The chance that honest calibration errors would result in such a fortuitous situation just before a major climate conference is vanishingly small

3) The authors of the paper have a direct financial and career interest in keeping the global warming scare alive; no climate change fears and the funding for climate scientists falls through the floor.

One last note; the man who gave a speech in Paris saying that mass shootings like the one in Colorado only happen in the US also says that the climate change is real and that it's the cause of Islamic terrorism.