Sunday, June 8, 2008

Introduction or Warning. You pick.

We live in a world where the obvious is hidden and the absurd is considered true. Even as Europe fades from the demographic map we're told that killing our babies is good and having more than 2 is bad. Gas prices soar while Democrats block exploiting US resources while trying to blame the president. In what they call a recession politicians scheme to raise taxes even though higher taxes always reduce economic activity.

The media lie, frequently, through both omission and commission. On global warming they lie by never citing the thousands of climatologists who do not believe there is strong evidence for anthropomorphic , ie human caused, global warming. On Iraq they lie by only reporting the bad news, just as in Vietnam they turned a massive defeat--the Tet offensive-- into an enemy victory. Lest you doubt this General Giap, head of the North Vietnamese army has stated that Tet was a massive defeat for North Vietnam. They lie by ignoring any ethical or moral problem liberals have and pontificating for months on anything conservatives do. Look at Obamas pastor. Does anyone really believe that if Bush went to a church for 20 years that preached white supremacy that he could ever have been nominated to anything?

Unfortunately for truth man is a social animal. We tend to want to go along to get along. We don't like to think ill of others or to buck the trend. So when the ideologically monolithic media keep repeating the same message over and over people tend to start believing it or at least acting like they do. Another factor is that liberals are great hypocrites. They attack people of faith for supposed intolerance but then the liberals turn around and viciously smear the personalities and beliefs of all they oppose--if you oppose gay marriage you're homophobic, if you think that abortion is wrong you want to oppress women etc.

The objective of this blog is to point out the absurdaties that are declared to be true by liberals and their lackeys in the media. The greatest enemy of liberalism is truth. When the light of truth is shone on liberalism it withers like a vampire caught in the rays of the dawning sun. Liberals fight truth with a passion. For liberal positions only appear reasonable when you don't think about them. Take rent control. It sounds good, keep rents low. But the result of rent control is a shortage of apartments. Why? Well if you were going to invest hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in an apartment building would you do so if you knew that the amount of money you could collect would be a lot less than your expenses? But that's what happens when the government fixes the rent prices. Given that in rent controlled areas you're unlikely to make money with apartments you take your capital elsewhere. In the end the only winners in a rent control scheme are the folks who get an apartment and never leave. Assuming of course the landlord doesn't just abandon the building as a loss. If you're a liberal these few sentences probably told you more about rent controls downside than you ever heard before. If you want affordable apartments rent control is probably the wrong way to go. But in the world of absurdity the obvious is excluded from public discourse and as a result well intentioned people support positions that result in the exact opposite of the result they desire. In life feelings will usually lead you astray, even when you're thinking of who to marry if all you do is go with your feelings you could end up married to someone who isn't who you'll want in 2-3 years when the initial infatuation wears off

If you're comfortable with not worrying yourself about the consequences of your positions so long as your intentions are good this blog isn't for you. If you're interested in the rantings on what should be obvious but isn't then come back once in awhile for some insight or amusement.

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