Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Retirement Day 8: Dealing with insanity

When I was young it would have been unimaginable that politicians would tell people to change their religious beliefs because the Supreme Court said they were wrong.

Yet both Obama and Clinton have basically said that people of faith need to change their thousands of years old beliefs, beliefs they hold come from God, because five unelected rich lawyers say so.

I guess perhaps Obama really thought he was more like God than King Canute--the guy who commanded the waves to stop--when he, Obama, said his nomination would mark the end of the oceans rising--by the way how's that promise working out?

At the core of modern liberalism is the immature child demanding that everything be their way irrespective of physical reality or historical morality.  If the liberal can't define reality--men become women when they want to--then he is angry and he throws a tantrum.

The liberal then makes "laws" through presidential or judicial fiat--since liberals can't convince a majority to go along with their madness--which supposedly change reality.

Sadly for the liberal men reman men and gays can't really marry since the purpose of marriage is to have kids and propagate the species;  a task gays are completely unsuitable for by their very nature.

However when the lunacy of the left depresses me I remember that the Catholic Church has persevered through far worse than this, 2,000 years of oppression have not managed to slow the Church Christ founded down so people like Obama and Clinton stand no chance.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Retirement Day 7: Bullies then and now

Sorry I missed days 5 and 6; I was napping.

When I was growing up bullies were kids who helped you build character and learn to stand up for yourself; useful skills for any adults.

We dealt with bullies the old fashioned way; we beat them up to get their attention and then we politely asked them to stop bothering us.

Modern bullies would never have the guts to be in a fight that wasn't rigged.  Sadly they are comfortable bullying others while sanctimoniously declaring their own virtue.

Unlike the old advice of picking on someone your own size modern bullies are generally rich with lots of media support and they attack regular folks who lack bunches of lawyers on their speed dial.

Todays bullies are primarily liberal commentators who hate on anyone they happen to disagree with.

While liberals bemoan bullying of kids too young to know if they're gay for being gay they hold back nothing when they try to bully normal folk.

For example Dan Savage gay anti-bullying advocate has said the following:

Wishing that "Carl Romanelli[Green Party Politician] should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there's nothing left but the rope."

Wishing that all Republicans were dead.

Calling Saint Pope John Paul II a child molester--rather odd given that a gay group advocating sex with children was a part of the San Francisco gay pride parade for years.

And who is this paragon of compassion mad at? Christians who say that the active gay lifestyle is bad.

Modern bullies don't believe in fair fights and will whine about being bullied whenever anyone talks back to them.  They're just one more example of liberal hypocrisy  one standard for liberals and another for everyone else.

Modern liberal bullies give bullying a bad name.

Understanding liberals

To understand liberals you really need to know only one thing; even though President Obama is wealthy he's done nothing to help his impoverished half brother in Africa.

This reinforces my definition of liberals:

A liberal is someone who wants to be philanthropic with other peoples money.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Retirement Day 4: Who stole America?

When I was a kid we had shared beliefs in America.

Nixon and Kennedy disagreed on a lot but they agreed that America was special, that religion was important, that killing the unborn was an abomination, that Totalitarian regimes were bad, that Christianity and Judaism were good, and that judges had the job of deciding what lawmakers intended.

Now we're told that Judges can decide what they think the law should be and make it so, that killing the unborn is cool, that we're the bad guys and totalitarians are misunderstood, and that religion is evil--unless it's Islam.

Note this isn't what the people in general believe but it is what the cultural and political elites believe and they have the power to make it so.  Because they don't believe in honesty or honor they don't mind subverting the Constitution and disenfranchising voters who they don't agree with.

It's kinda amusing that the same Democrats who condemn voter suppression--which in their minds is requiring voters to show they are who they claim they are--have no problem with the Supreme Court overruling the votes of 50,000,000 Americans who voted against same sex marriage.  Now that's disenfranchisement.

In reality the gap between the elites, and the folks the elites support with taxpayer dollars such as illegals, and a big chunk of Americans is wider than it was back in 1861.  Slavery was a horrible evil but it didn't lead to more than a million people dying each year as abortion does. Similarly slaves, slave owners, and anti-slavery folks shared a very similar set of morals with the exception of the slavery issue. All were religious and all believed in the Ten Commandments.

Today the elites are selfish hedonists who reject personal responsibility for themselves--though not those they disagree with--and who live off productive taxpayers sweat.  The same gays who demand tolerance drive Christian bakers out of business because those bakers won't make an offering at the idol of sexual promiscuity.  And the same media who tells us that Islam doesn't have to apologize for Islamic terrorism says that whites have to apologize for one white loon.

In the end all of this evil will lead to greater good; we can count on God for that.

In the mean time I've realized if I don't want my descendants living in Oceania I need to do whatever I can to raise awareness of the elites attack on Americans.

Do you think the slow recovery bothered liberals? On the contrary they loved it.  The liberals who aren't rich tend to live off the dole and that wasn't cut.  But by forcing more honest hard working people on the dole liberals ensured more fear driven voters who will vote for big government.

Freedom is all well and good but few are the men and women who will pick it at the risk of not being able to feed their children.

In the end when we meet God we will not be judged on the government we lived under but about how we lived our lives; including what we did to end oppression.

Forget Snowden; for real traitors look to the Supreme Court

Snowden betrayed America by releasing documents critical to national security that were unrelated to any domestic spying by the government.

Yet as traitors go he’s a small fish.  His betrayal has not lead to the destruction of America.

The traitorous acts of the Supreme Court justices however have.

There’s nothing wrong with Supreme Court justices being liberal or supporting gay marriage. What’s wrong is that when the Supreme Court rules not based on the law but on their personal beliefs they are effectively overthrowing the American government which is treason.

On the Obamacare case the dissenting opinion clearly showed that the ruling was an exercise of personal will by the Court majority not a ruling based on law.

Similarly irrespective of what one thinks about gay marriage there is no way a Constitution written by men who abhorred homosexuality was intended to say that gays could marry. Once again the minority opinion confirms that the ruling is an act of political will which overrides the democratic process not a reasoned interpretation of the Constitution.

But the Constitution and the votes of 50,000,000 Americans who have said no to gay marriage through the ballot box meant nothing to the 5 Supreme Court justices who violated their oath of office and imposed their personal beliefs on America.

What Americans have now learned is that what a law, whether it’s the Constitution or Obamacare, says is irrelevant; all that matters is what “important” people think it should say.  We live in a country run by men not by laws; we have become like Chicago writ large.

The core belief on which America was based is that power comes from the people because the people have God given rights and value. 

Now in the new “Amerika” power flows from the government and the elites who control it.  The Supreme Court has ushered in a new form of “soft” serfdom where people are free so long as they conform to the personal opinions of the majority of judges.

But should a serf, er citizen, defy the ruling elite by say not baking a cake endorsing a cause they don’t like they will be crushed with the full force of the law.

It’s time to pray and to demand that Republicans stop being Obama’s lapdogs in exchange for cheap labor and instead fight for the rights of Americans.  If our votes mean nothing then America is nothing; should that occur Obama will be right, there will be nothing exceptional about America.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's official; Supreme Court rules that it's 1984 and we live in Oceania

In the classic work of fiction “1984” by George Orwell one way the rulers kept the masses under control was by redefining words to have meanings totally at odds with what those word really meant; freedom is slavery for example.

Today the Supreme Court ruled that the phrase " exchanges established by the States" means "exchanges established by the States or any other organization, group, or individual including aliens and the Federal Government".

Justice Scalia nailed it when he wrote in the dissenting opinion: 

"Words no longer have meaning if an Exchange that is not established by a State is "established by a State""

Why did Big Brother have to resort to changing words? Because Obamacare is so bad that it could never be amended by the Congress without being totally changed. 

In one brief shining moment Obama had total power in America with the Democrats controlling the House and the Senate and he used that instant to ram through a law that the people hated.

As a result of the peoples hatred for Obamacare the Democrats lost the house, and eventually the Senate.

Now when faced with clear and insurmountable problems with Obamacare Obama can't use the Democratic--as opposed to Democrat which involves smoke filled back rooms and bribes paid with taxpayer dollars--process to fix those issues.  Instead he must unilaterally change the law in direct violation of the executive branch's Constitutional authority.

The role of the Supreme Court is to prevent such unconstitutional actions.

In America, as opposed to Oceania, when a law has problems it has to go to the people representatives to be changed.

In the Supreme Court’s Oceania what Obama wants Obama gets.

Sadly we live in an America where the Supreme Court is now the protector of an imperial Presidency where the President is unconstrained by the law.

Hence the most Orwellian aspect of this ruling by the Supreme Court is not that it redefines words but that it redefines America as being a country of men not of law where what matters is not the law but what certain powerful individuals say the law should be.

The Supreme Court has now shown itself to be a defender of the ruling elite's power over the people. If the Supreme Court had not distorted words beyond the breaking point the issue would have had to be resolved by the representatives of the people, all the representatives not just the President.  

Instead the Court has ruled that one man can redefine a law anyway he wants effectively disenfranchising the people; undoubtedly King George has a sardonic smirk on today.

It's interesting that this is the second time the Court has shared its anti-American power with Obama; historically the Court has reserved such imperial authority to itself.

For example the Court in the past has invented out of whole cloth the right to abortion and a wall of separation between church and state.

But in both Obamacare, or as Justice Scalia calls it SCOTUScare, rulings the court has said that Obama can ignore what the words say and do as he wishes just as though he had the same authority as the Supreme Court does to ignore the intent of the Constitution.

Conservatives now have to face the reality that a coup has occurred in America. A coup not led by gun waving soldiers but by briefcase toting lawyers.

By rejecting the idea that the role of the Supreme Court is to figure out what the wording of a law means and pushing the view that the role of the Supreme Court is to do what's "right"--as defined by liberal lawyers of course-- the entire system of checks and balances established in the Constitution has been destroyed.

We are beyond the point where half measures are enough.  Like the oppressed masses in any pretend Democracy we need to reclaim our rights as citizens and dethrone the ruling elites who have stolen our freedom.

To do this we need to elect representatives, presidents, and senators who are committed to freedom and "power to the people"; a phrase used but never intended by the liberal elites but now radically conservative in nature.

The Boehners and McConnells of the world will not save us; at most they will delay our transition from citizens to serfs.

We must unite behind a Presidential candidate who represents the people not one whose sole value is that they are "electable". "Electable" Republicans rarely win because they don't light the fire of freedom in the minds of voters.  "Electable" Republicans are generally stooges of the establishment who are comfortable with a ruling class so long as that class has somewhat conservative values.

If you don’t want your children to live as servants now is the time to start working to ensure that the election of 2016 will put people who want freedom for America in office. And don’t listen to the media; America is full of good politicians or would be politicians who are motivated by principle not profit.  You may have to look but you can find candidates to support; including in primaries against folks like Boehner.

If we fail in electing honorable men and women who believe in freedom then we will witness the end of the American dream and the beginning of just another hell hole run by elites for elites at the expense of the people.

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Retirement Day 3: The universe is collapsing

I discovered that my favorite grocery store is going to close soon--no not just for a night but forever!

This will force me to drive miles to another store in the same chain or give up foods that I like that aren't carried by the other chains in the area.

I was bummed.

The situation however deteriorated.

I realized that I shouldn't be upset about this when so many in the world are short of food due to corrupt governments, civil wars, and other human crimes.

That made me feel even worse since if I can't view myself as a victim of evil corporate actions and be miserable how can I be happy?  I mean it's not like being blessed makes you happy after all.

So now I'm confronted with an apparently insurmountable task; being happy without being miserable.

Perhaps if I read some historical books I can figure out how folks in the old days managed.

Time to surf the Kindle store.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Retirement Day 2: Nothing changes

I was shocked when I went to the place I used to work in order to pick up the cellphone I'd left there that nothing had changed.

Aside from a large number of used champagne glasses and a tattered banner that read
"He's gone! Yeah!" I could see no changes.

I had expected without my presence the site would have fallen into ruin and I would have seen abandoned buildings with doors flapping open and closed in the breeze.  Instead all structures appeared to be in good repair and there were even realistic looking cars in the parking lots.

For a moment I toyed with the idea that I was not in fact irreplaceable.  That however is clearly absurd so I now believe that a movie studio has taken over the facility and is maintaining it for some upcoming mega-blockbuster film.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Retirement Day 1: Descent into chaos.

Waking up this morning, my first as a no longer useful member of society having having been retired with extreme prejudice, I realized that there was a huge hole in my life.

I missed the annual ethics briefing my company graciously provided by a few days.

It's been over a year since my benevolent employers had taken it upon themselves to ensure that I knew right from wrong.  I fear that without that guidance, forced to rely merely on the teachings of God,  I might wander from the straight and narrow and achieve my 15 minutes of fame as a person who didn't follow the documented processes.

That in turn indicated to me that my situation was even more perilous than I had thought. I don't know what the documented ISO 9001 compliant processes for retirement are!

How will I be able to function without well documented and repeatable processes?  Who will take my money when they know that I am not ISO 9001 certified?

If that were not bad enough I also lack a way to access a database of all of the governmental regulations--defined by faceless unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats-- that are designed to help me be a new American person.

Without that guidance--which was also presented to me when I received the companies cheerful but stern multimedia ethics briefing-- how can I avoid reverting to the American man of my youth?  Could anything be worse than knowing one's gender, believing one is responsible for one's own support, or not hating oneself because of the pallor of one's skin?

Needless to say I feel though I am tottering on the edge of an abyss which leads to a grossly distorted view of man as an independent actor rather than a cog in the societal machine aimed at reelecting the Clintons.

I'd ask for prayers but that would clearly be a micro-aggression against those who wish to banish faith from the public square so I'll merely ask you to center yourself and then radiate good thoughts in my direction which is totally acceptable since it divinizes the individual so long as they are completely constrained by the PC societal norms.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

St. Philip Catholic church Pasadena CA

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why does Obama want Iran to have the Bomb?

From the UN--the UN?--saying that Obama is covering up Iran's violations of the economic sanctions to Obama admitting that in 15 years--when his presidential library is finished--Iran will have the bomb.

It's bizarre to see the US President acting so up beat about a country run by loons having nuclear weapons. The Iranian leadership is a major supporter of terrorism around the world--they're fighting ISIS not because Iran doesn't like terrorism but because ISIS thinks the Iranians are too liberal--and they've denied that the Holocaust occurred.

They've said the US is the Great Satan and they're developing ICBMs.

Apparently Obama doesn't think a country which believes the source of all the worlds evil is the US shouldn't have ICBMs with nuclear warheads.

Perhaps it's because Obama also thinks the US is the source of all evil but he wouldn't nuke the US. Given that Obama is also a big fan of Islam, like the mad mullahs running Iran, perhaps Obama merely thinks that since he wouldn't nuke the US neither would the Iranians.

But it's a bet that the American people shouldn't take.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

St. Philips Catholic church in Pasadena CA

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

If you saw Bruce Jenner dressed like this would you call him Napoleon? If not why are you pretending he's a woman because he's had plastic surgery and bought himself a new wardrobe?