Sunday, June 8, 2008

What is a liberal?

In my youth i was once asked by a liberal friend of my fathers what a liberal was. My answer was simple and a statement of the obvious

A liberal is someone who wants to be philanthropic with other peoples money.

Studies have shown the conservatives give way more money to charities, all types of charities not just religious ones, than do liberals. Fat cat liberals give very little to real charities that help people. But they continually inform us that they care. To them caring means they want to increase taxes so they can use other peoples money to help whomever they think needs helping.

Liberals always feel that the government is better at taking care of problems, except for defense, even though history has shown the government is always grossly inefficient--through no fault of the government workers who are forced to follow the bizarre rules that come out of Congress and whom are allowed no latitude for common sense--and rarely succeeds in what it sets out to do. Did the war on poverty really do much for the poor? Was your last visit to renew your drivers license a fun experience?

Liberals also continually extoll public service as being the best thing you can do. But what public servant cures the sick like a doctor? What public servant raises food to feed the hungry like a farmer? What public servant builds a better cheaper computer to open our horizons? Public servants are necessary and most of them are great people but the nature of their work is hardly the ultimate in importance. But liberals think so. Why? Well because they think they, the liberals, are smarter than the rest of us and should be running everything. They think they should spend our hard earned money because they're better people than we are, even though they don't give their own money to charity. The bigger the government the more power and control the liberals have. So in their minds public service is the most important thing to do because it let's use spend other, dumber, peoples money to do the right thing.

A liberals idea of charity is working to raise taxes so the liberals in Congress can have more money to spend. I'd take a lot of liberals proclamations more seriously if they actually gave their own money to charity. Till then I'll leave them to meditate on what hypocrisy really means.

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