Saturday, June 14, 2008

Unite who?

Just who is Senator Obama going to unite? Can someone tell me one issue where he differs from the most liberal wing of the Democrat party? Even better can anyone give me one example of how he's reached out to Conservatives, or even Republicans?

Let's look at the issues of the day. First abortion. He is so extreme on abortion that he voted against a law which would require an abortionist to provide medical care to a fetus that is born alive due to a botched abortion. But wait if she's alive and outside of her mother she must be a baby. Amazing thing that. The abortionist makes a mistake and the fetus becomes a baby. Hard to believe possible given the huge differences between a fetus and a baby. Not! Anyway with only something like 16% of Americans supporting abortion at any time for any reason--Senator Obamas position based on his voting record-- he's not reaching out to build a consensus on the abortion issue.

What about taxes? Well Senator Obama is for an increase in the capital gains tax. Ok so he wants to raise taxes that's what the Democrat party is all about, transferring wealth from working Americans to the politicians in Washington. But what makes Senator Obama so extreme is that when told that raising the capital gains tax rate actually reduces government revenue--people stop investing--he said he'd raise the tax anyway because it was fair. Given that these days the majority of working Americans own some stock and will have to pay capital gains tax when they sell it that's hardly a consensus building position.

Ah the war, that's where he's reaching out right? Well no. It's hard to figure out his position. He was for it when he ran for the Senate--he said his position was essentially the same as President Bush's. Then he was for cutting and running. Now that the surge, that he derided, has worked he's somewhere in the middle. But here too he's failed to define a compromise position that would appeal to most Americans. He's certainly done nothing to reach out to those who think we have to finish what we started in Iraq.

Race. That's it. He'll unite us on the race issue. But wait. He's been going to a church for more than 20 years that preaches that whites-- not conservatives, not republicans, but anyone who's of pallor-- are responsible for all of the worlds problems. I doubt anyone would think that some white guy who has been going to a church for the last 20 years where the minister taught that all of the problems of the world are due to blacks-- not liberal blacks but any one who isn't pale-- would be able to unite the country on the race issue. In any case his supporters continually attack anyone who opposes him as being racist which is the antithesis of what would happen in a race neutral society.

As far as I can tell during Senator Obama's few years in the senate he's never reached out to the Republicans and forged a consensus on anything. Senator McCain however has done that. Admittedly on things i don't like, such as the anti-First Amendment McCain Feingold law, but he did reach across the aisle and bring Republicans and Democrats together.

So what's the obvious?

If you ignore Senator Obama's rhetoric and look at his track record it's clear that Senator McCain is far more of a uniter than Senator Obama.

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