Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why does Obama want Iran to have the Bomb?

From the UN--the UN?--saying that Obama is covering up Iran's violations of the economic sanctions to Obama admitting that in 15 years--when his presidential library is finished--Iran will have the bomb.

It's bizarre to see the US President acting so up beat about a country run by loons having nuclear weapons. The Iranian leadership is a major supporter of terrorism around the world--they're fighting ISIS not because Iran doesn't like terrorism but because ISIS thinks the Iranians are too liberal--and they've denied that the Holocaust occurred.

They've said the US is the Great Satan and they're developing ICBMs.

Apparently Obama doesn't think a country which believes the source of all the worlds evil is the US shouldn't have ICBMs with nuclear warheads.

Perhaps it's because Obama also thinks the US is the source of all evil but he wouldn't nuke the US. Given that Obama is also a big fan of Islam, like the mad mullahs running Iran, perhaps Obama merely thinks that since he wouldn't nuke the US neither would the Iranians.

But it's a bet that the American people shouldn't take.

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