Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's official; Supreme Court rules that it's 1984 and we live in Oceania

In the classic work of fiction “1984” by George Orwell one way the rulers kept the masses under control was by redefining words to have meanings totally at odds with what those word really meant; freedom is slavery for example.

Today the Supreme Court ruled that the phrase " exchanges established by the States" means "exchanges established by the States or any other organization, group, or individual including aliens and the Federal Government".

Justice Scalia nailed it when he wrote in the dissenting opinion: 

"Words no longer have meaning if an Exchange that is not established by a State is "established by a State""

Why did Big Brother have to resort to changing words? Because Obamacare is so bad that it could never be amended by the Congress without being totally changed. 

In one brief shining moment Obama had total power in America with the Democrats controlling the House and the Senate and he used that instant to ram through a law that the people hated.

As a result of the peoples hatred for Obamacare the Democrats lost the house, and eventually the Senate.

Now when faced with clear and insurmountable problems with Obamacare Obama can't use the Democratic--as opposed to Democrat which involves smoke filled back rooms and bribes paid with taxpayer dollars--process to fix those issues.  Instead he must unilaterally change the law in direct violation of the executive branch's Constitutional authority.

The role of the Supreme Court is to prevent such unconstitutional actions.

In America, as opposed to Oceania, when a law has problems it has to go to the people representatives to be changed.

In the Supreme Court’s Oceania what Obama wants Obama gets.

Sadly we live in an America where the Supreme Court is now the protector of an imperial Presidency where the President is unconstrained by the law.

Hence the most Orwellian aspect of this ruling by the Supreme Court is not that it redefines words but that it redefines America as being a country of men not of law where what matters is not the law but what certain powerful individuals say the law should be.

The Supreme Court has now shown itself to be a defender of the ruling elite's power over the people. If the Supreme Court had not distorted words beyond the breaking point the issue would have had to be resolved by the representatives of the people, all the representatives not just the President.  

Instead the Court has ruled that one man can redefine a law anyway he wants effectively disenfranchising the people; undoubtedly King George has a sardonic smirk on today.

It's interesting that this is the second time the Court has shared its anti-American power with Obama; historically the Court has reserved such imperial authority to itself.

For example the Court in the past has invented out of whole cloth the right to abortion and a wall of separation between church and state.

But in both Obamacare, or as Justice Scalia calls it SCOTUScare, rulings the court has said that Obama can ignore what the words say and do as he wishes just as though he had the same authority as the Supreme Court does to ignore the intent of the Constitution.

Conservatives now have to face the reality that a coup has occurred in America. A coup not led by gun waving soldiers but by briefcase toting lawyers.

By rejecting the idea that the role of the Supreme Court is to figure out what the wording of a law means and pushing the view that the role of the Supreme Court is to do what's "right"--as defined by liberal lawyers of course-- the entire system of checks and balances established in the Constitution has been destroyed.

We are beyond the point where half measures are enough.  Like the oppressed masses in any pretend Democracy we need to reclaim our rights as citizens and dethrone the ruling elites who have stolen our freedom.

To do this we need to elect representatives, presidents, and senators who are committed to freedom and "power to the people"; a phrase used but never intended by the liberal elites but now radically conservative in nature.

The Boehners and McConnells of the world will not save us; at most they will delay our transition from citizens to serfs.

We must unite behind a Presidential candidate who represents the people not one whose sole value is that they are "electable". "Electable" Republicans rarely win because they don't light the fire of freedom in the minds of voters.  "Electable" Republicans are generally stooges of the establishment who are comfortable with a ruling class so long as that class has somewhat conservative values.

If you don’t want your children to live as servants now is the time to start working to ensure that the election of 2016 will put people who want freedom for America in office. And don’t listen to the media; America is full of good politicians or would be politicians who are motivated by principle not profit.  You may have to look but you can find candidates to support; including in primaries against folks like Boehner.

If we fail in electing honorable men and women who believe in freedom then we will witness the end of the American dream and the beginning of just another hell hole run by elites for elites at the expense of the people.

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