Monday, June 29, 2015

Retirement Day 7: Bullies then and now

Sorry I missed days 5 and 6; I was napping.

When I was growing up bullies were kids who helped you build character and learn to stand up for yourself; useful skills for any adults.

We dealt with bullies the old fashioned way; we beat them up to get their attention and then we politely asked them to stop bothering us.

Modern bullies would never have the guts to be in a fight that wasn't rigged.  Sadly they are comfortable bullying others while sanctimoniously declaring their own virtue.

Unlike the old advice of picking on someone your own size modern bullies are generally rich with lots of media support and they attack regular folks who lack bunches of lawyers on their speed dial.

Todays bullies are primarily liberal commentators who hate on anyone they happen to disagree with.

While liberals bemoan bullying of kids too young to know if they're gay for being gay they hold back nothing when they try to bully normal folk.

For example Dan Savage gay anti-bullying advocate has said the following:

Wishing that "Carl Romanelli[Green Party Politician] should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there's nothing left but the rope."

Wishing that all Republicans were dead.

Calling Saint Pope John Paul II a child molester--rather odd given that a gay group advocating sex with children was a part of the San Francisco gay pride parade for years.

And who is this paragon of compassion mad at? Christians who say that the active gay lifestyle is bad.

Modern bullies don't believe in fair fights and will whine about being bullied whenever anyone talks back to them.  They're just one more example of liberal hypocrisy  one standard for liberals and another for everyone else.

Modern liberal bullies give bullying a bad name.

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