Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Retirement Day 8: Dealing with insanity

When I was young it would have been unimaginable that politicians would tell people to change their religious beliefs because the Supreme Court said they were wrong.

Yet both Obama and Clinton have basically said that people of faith need to change their thousands of years old beliefs, beliefs they hold come from God, because five unelected rich lawyers say so.

I guess perhaps Obama really thought he was more like God than King Canute--the guy who commanded the waves to stop--when he, Obama, said his nomination would mark the end of the oceans rising--by the way how's that promise working out?

At the core of modern liberalism is the immature child demanding that everything be their way irrespective of physical reality or historical morality.  If the liberal can't define reality--men become women when they want to--then he is angry and he throws a tantrum.

The liberal then makes "laws" through presidential or judicial fiat--since liberals can't convince a majority to go along with their madness--which supposedly change reality.

Sadly for the liberal men reman men and gays can't really marry since the purpose of marriage is to have kids and propagate the species;  a task gays are completely unsuitable for by their very nature.

However when the lunacy of the left depresses me I remember that the Catholic Church has persevered through far worse than this, 2,000 years of oppression have not managed to slow the Church Christ founded down so people like Obama and Clinton stand no chance.

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