Friday, June 26, 2015

Forget Snowden; for real traitors look to the Supreme Court

Snowden betrayed America by releasing documents critical to national security that were unrelated to any domestic spying by the government.

Yet as traitors go he’s a small fish.  His betrayal has not lead to the destruction of America.

The traitorous acts of the Supreme Court justices however have.

There’s nothing wrong with Supreme Court justices being liberal or supporting gay marriage. What’s wrong is that when the Supreme Court rules not based on the law but on their personal beliefs they are effectively overthrowing the American government which is treason.

On the Obamacare case the dissenting opinion clearly showed that the ruling was an exercise of personal will by the Court majority not a ruling based on law.

Similarly irrespective of what one thinks about gay marriage there is no way a Constitution written by men who abhorred homosexuality was intended to say that gays could marry. Once again the minority opinion confirms that the ruling is an act of political will which overrides the democratic process not a reasoned interpretation of the Constitution.

But the Constitution and the votes of 50,000,000 Americans who have said no to gay marriage through the ballot box meant nothing to the 5 Supreme Court justices who violated their oath of office and imposed their personal beliefs on America.

What Americans have now learned is that what a law, whether it’s the Constitution or Obamacare, says is irrelevant; all that matters is what “important” people think it should say.  We live in a country run by men not by laws; we have become like Chicago writ large.

The core belief on which America was based is that power comes from the people because the people have God given rights and value. 

Now in the new “Amerika” power flows from the government and the elites who control it.  The Supreme Court has ushered in a new form of “soft” serfdom where people are free so long as they conform to the personal opinions of the majority of judges.

But should a serf, er citizen, defy the ruling elite by say not baking a cake endorsing a cause they don’t like they will be crushed with the full force of the law.

It’s time to pray and to demand that Republicans stop being Obama’s lapdogs in exchange for cheap labor and instead fight for the rights of Americans.  If our votes mean nothing then America is nothing; should that occur Obama will be right, there will be nothing exceptional about America.

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