Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Retirement Day 2: Nothing changes

I was shocked when I went to the place I used to work in order to pick up the cellphone I'd left there that nothing had changed.

Aside from a large number of used champagne glasses and a tattered banner that read
"He's gone! Yeah!" I could see no changes.

I had expected without my presence the site would have fallen into ruin and I would have seen abandoned buildings with doors flapping open and closed in the breeze.  Instead all structures appeared to be in good repair and there were even realistic looking cars in the parking lots.

For a moment I toyed with the idea that I was not in fact irreplaceable.  That however is clearly absurd so I now believe that a movie studio has taken over the facility and is maintaining it for some upcoming mega-blockbuster film.

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K.Seward said...

The secret solution to your first posting on retirement was posted in your own message. "new American person" is code. N.a.p. Nap. Go take one. It just takes time to pick up on this stuff.