Friday, June 26, 2015

Retirement Day 4: Who stole America?

When I was a kid we had shared beliefs in America.

Nixon and Kennedy disagreed on a lot but they agreed that America was special, that religion was important, that killing the unborn was an abomination, that Totalitarian regimes were bad, that Christianity and Judaism were good, and that judges had the job of deciding what lawmakers intended.

Now we're told that Judges can decide what they think the law should be and make it so, that killing the unborn is cool, that we're the bad guys and totalitarians are misunderstood, and that religion is evil--unless it's Islam.

Note this isn't what the people in general believe but it is what the cultural and political elites believe and they have the power to make it so.  Because they don't believe in honesty or honor they don't mind subverting the Constitution and disenfranchising voters who they don't agree with.

It's kinda amusing that the same Democrats who condemn voter suppression--which in their minds is requiring voters to show they are who they claim they are--have no problem with the Supreme Court overruling the votes of 50,000,000 Americans who voted against same sex marriage.  Now that's disenfranchisement.

In reality the gap between the elites, and the folks the elites support with taxpayer dollars such as illegals, and a big chunk of Americans is wider than it was back in 1861.  Slavery was a horrible evil but it didn't lead to more than a million people dying each year as abortion does. Similarly slaves, slave owners, and anti-slavery folks shared a very similar set of morals with the exception of the slavery issue. All were religious and all believed in the Ten Commandments.

Today the elites are selfish hedonists who reject personal responsibility for themselves--though not those they disagree with--and who live off productive taxpayers sweat.  The same gays who demand tolerance drive Christian bakers out of business because those bakers won't make an offering at the idol of sexual promiscuity.  And the same media who tells us that Islam doesn't have to apologize for Islamic terrorism says that whites have to apologize for one white loon.

In the end all of this evil will lead to greater good; we can count on God for that.

In the mean time I've realized if I don't want my descendants living in Oceania I need to do whatever I can to raise awareness of the elites attack on Americans.

Do you think the slow recovery bothered liberals? On the contrary they loved it.  The liberals who aren't rich tend to live off the dole and that wasn't cut.  But by forcing more honest hard working people on the dole liberals ensured more fear driven voters who will vote for big government.

Freedom is all well and good but few are the men and women who will pick it at the risk of not being able to feed their children.

In the end when we meet God we will not be judged on the government we lived under but about how we lived our lives; including what we did to end oppression.

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