Thursday, June 25, 2015

Retirement Day 3: The universe is collapsing

I discovered that my favorite grocery store is going to close soon--no not just for a night but forever!

This will force me to drive miles to another store in the same chain or give up foods that I like that aren't carried by the other chains in the area.

I was bummed.

The situation however deteriorated.

I realized that I shouldn't be upset about this when so many in the world are short of food due to corrupt governments, civil wars, and other human crimes.

That made me feel even worse since if I can't view myself as a victim of evil corporate actions and be miserable how can I be happy?  I mean it's not like being blessed makes you happy after all.

So now I'm confronted with an apparently insurmountable task; being happy without being miserable.

Perhaps if I read some historical books I can figure out how folks in the old days managed.

Time to surf the Kindle store.

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