Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fighting for the right to slavery

The Democrats shut down the government over Obamacare because a core belief of the Democrats is that the work of others belongs to Democrats; that Americans should be Democrat’s tax slaves.

The Democrat party has always been the party of slavery and exploitation but over time they’ve tried to paste a smiley face over their beliefs.

No longer do Democrats want those whose labor they steal in manacles; now they use the law to purloin American’s hard earned wages.  By taxing Americans to support a wide spectrum of activities that don’t benefit taxpayers Democrats are effectively enslaving the roughly 55% of Americans who pay income tax.

Of course modern American tax slavery is not as bad as what African Americans endured in the pre-Civil War Democrat run South.  But that does not mean that taking from those who work to fund Democrats pet projects and restricting the freedoms of Americans is not a type of slavery lite.

The very concept of a “right” to health care says that some people are entitled to the labor of others, just as with slavery.  A right is something everyone is entitled to and therefore if a person can’t pay for that right on their own others are required to pay even if those others gain no benefit. The rights in the Constitution on the other hand were specifically crafted to ensure that they don’t require financial subsidy by Americans. 

The absurdity of a “right” that requires other people to fund it can be seen by thinking about Somalia.  Are Somalian’s rights being denied because their country is too poor to fund American quality medical care?

That raises another issue just what level of health care do Democrats believe people have a right to?  Should every high school dropout who is too lazy to work have the “right” to the same quality of medical care as someone who has worked hard all their life? Should people who avoided buying health insurance and instead spent the money on luxuries and then developed an expensive medical condition have the same insurance bills as people who always paid for health insurance?  It would appear that Democrats would answer both of these questions in the affirmative; making tax slaves of responsible people in order to ensure that irresponsible people don’t suffer the consequences of their actions.

Further we know that Democrats do discriminate between who does and who does not have a “right” to medical care. Democrats like the medical system in England that denies care to people based on their behavior—such as being overweight-- so long as that behavior is not avoiding work or using drugs.  It appears that Democrats believe in a “right” to health care so long as people live their lives in ways that Democrats approve of—just as Democrats slaves in the South were rewarded when they were obedient and punished when they were not.

The Democrats shutting down the government in order to make sure they gain control of the health care of Americans is just the latest in a long line of Democrat actions designed to turn more and more Americans into tax slaves in order to buy the votes Democrats need to stay in power.

On one hand Democrats condemn wage slavery—working for a company and getting paid for it—while on the other they constantly work to expand tax slavery—being taxed ensure that others won’t suffer the consequences of their bad decisions—dropping out of school, doing drugs, being illegal etc.

When the country was founded the role of government was to provide services that benefitted everyone; defense, police, etc. When that was the case taxes benefitted those who paid them. But Democrats over the last 80 years—starting with FDR—have turned the government into a vast plantation of tax slaves where the fruits of the labor of Americans are used for things that don’t benefit the taxpayers.  When tax dollars are turned over to those Americans who don’t labor or are used to support policies that don’t benefit taxpayers but which Democrats would like to see but are unwilling to fund themselves the taxpayer becomes a tax slave whose hard earned dollars are confiscated by Democrats to spend as they please.

Everyone agrees that some level of support for the poor is necessary; in a society as rich as ours we can’t allow people to starve to death or freeze in the winter—even Ronald Reagan supported some sort of safety net.  But  when 79.1% of the “poor” in America have either cable or satellite TV and 84% of the “poor” have air conditioning it’s clear that Democrats have taken us far beyond any safety net.  Given that most of the growth in the poor is due to the Obama economy and Democrat policies of high taxation and massive regulation the best hope for the poor is more jobs and economic growth not converting those people who have managed to stay employed into tax slaves.

Anyone who listens to Democrats can instantly see the deliberate disingenuousness of their rhetoric.  How can an honest person simultaneously declare that the Pentagon is a huge mass of corruption and inefficiency and then turn around and say that the very same federal government is capable of administering American health care efficiently?  It would appear that Democrats believe that federal government workers who are willing to die for their country are more corrupt than those who aren’t.

The reality of course is that the bigger an organization is the less efficient it is; and there is no organization bigger than the Federal government.  Sometimes we need to have a large organization in order to achieve some necessary objective, such as defending the country, so that we must tolerate the inefficiency.  On the other hand as Catholic social teaching has taught for millennia the concept of subsidiarity is one that has been shown to work well. Basically keep everything as local as possible.

This makes sense in that no reasonable person can honestly claim, given the historical record from the socialist failures of the 20th century, that centralized planning is more efficient than the free market.

Yet Obamacare is a massive step towards centralized control of services that spell life or death for the average American.  Democrats recognize that costs will go up which is why Obamacare includes a massive tax increase on young healthy Americans—turning them into tax slaves for those whose health care costs will be subsidized—and a variety of other taxes.  Does anyone who is not a low information voter think that the IRS and the other parts of the Federal government that will run Obamacare will be more efficient than the current private system?

Republicans have shown there are less wasteful solutions for some of the real problems with the health care system—from being able to keep insurance when changing jobs to tort reform-- but Democrats have shown no interest in any sort of compromise. That’s because the core objective of Obamacare is not to ensure that people have the “right” to health care but to increase the level of servitude of American tax slaves and restrict the freedom of all Americans to choose their health care.

It’s critical that we make sure that people realize that Obamacare will cost Americans more and will reduce their freedom and that Democrats are not interested in helping but in controlling Americans.

When American’s realize that the Democrats shut down the government in order to increase the power of Democrats over Americans and to increase the servitude of taxpayers voters may begin voting what they believe rather than buying into the Democrat lies.

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