Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Obamacare benefits....?

The unions don't like it.

Workers losing their health care coverage don't like it.

Workers being shifted to 29hrs because their employers can't afford Obamacare don't like it.

People buying on the exchanges have to pay more than they used to so they don't like it.

People who haven't lost their insurance are afraid they might so they don't like it.

Young people who have to pay big bucks for something they don't need don't like it.

So who does like it?

The dependent class, the folks who can't carry their own weight.  Not those who have physical or mental limitations but those who just don't mind living off the sweat of another persons brow.

The whole purpose of Obamacare is to make more Americans dependent and to pay off the already dependent for voting for Obama and Democrats in general.

Obamacare the biggest bribe in the history of America!

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