Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Obama takes ownership of the shutdown

Obama has said he'll veto any partial budget bills that get passed, for funding the national parks for example.

That means that Obama is the one responsible for the shutdown.

He's willing to shutdown the government just so he can take over your health care.

Given that it's obvious he's been lying to us about Obamacare from day one it's clear Obama is interested in power not helping people.

Lie 1: You can keep your current insurance.  Companies drop their coverage and so workers can't keep their current insurance.

Lie 2: Prices will go down or at least not go up as fast.  The costs on the California exchange were higher than private policies before the exchange.  We're hearing stories from all over about massive rate increases.

Lie 3: Liberal conscience clauses for people of faith.  The HHS mandate orders people to violate their religious beliefs.

Obama is picking increasing the governments power over helping those who need the help of government when he's shutting down the government.

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