Thursday, October 10, 2013

Forget the $1000 dollar military toilet seats.

Back when liberals felt safe bashing the military they used to use the hyper expensive toilet seats in some military transports. They ignored the fact that commercial airplane toilet seats cost hundreds of dollars for the same reason; they're not supposed to kill people in a crash by flying off.

But now we have a much better example of why the government will never ever be the cheap option.

For over 1/2 billion dollars the Obama administration couldn't make a working web site to buy Obamacare.  They spent more money than was needed to launch Facebook or Twitter and all they got was a lousy digital equivalent of a rock.

Now this may be intentional given that people are having sticker shock when they see how much more Obamacare will cost than their present policies. Maybe Obama wants the software to be down until after the 2014 elections.


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