Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Third World slow motion

Rush made a good point awhile back. The average American isn't feeling the pain of Democrat policies. Sure taxes are high but the average person doesn't see that since taxes disappear from their paychecks before they see their real pay.

Similarly why the unemployed, and those who have given up hope, are kept buoyant by liberal welfare, food stamps, and disability payments.  Even if they blame Obama--which is unlikely since the media is constantly lying--they are probably afraid that the Republicans would let them starve--more media lies.

The stock market is doing well so people who have 401K's are feeling good. Similarly the housing market is slowly--very very slowly--recovering in spite of Obama.

But the prices of Obamacare may be one place where people see that Democrat policies are negatively impacting them.

It's unclear if it's enough.  Democrats are like people who max out their credit cards; it feels great until you can't borrow anymore and you have to start living life low in order to pay your debts. Sadly by the time we get to where Greece is it'll be too late. The Democrats will all have gotten rich and the voters who they lied to will be left holding the bag.

What' we're seeing is the slow motion looting of a country--just like in third world dictatorships--where the Democrats steal the peoples money to buy votes--just like in the third world except there instead of buying votes they buy the military.

This won't end well unless the American people wake up to what's happening.

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