Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bob Costa's bigotry

Bob Costas thinks American Indians are too stupid to know when they’re being mocked. That’s a pretty bigoted view of Native Americans.

Costas declared the term Redskins to be an insult and a slur

But think for a moment about the term “Redskins,” and how it truly differs from all the others. Ask yourself what the equivalent would be if directed towards African Americans, Hispanics, Asians or any other ethnic group. When considered that way, “Redskins” can’t possibly honor a heritage or noble character trait, nor can it possibly be considered a neutral term. It’s an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present day intent.

Earlier in his tirade about the name of the Washington football team—the Redskins—he said

And in fact, as best could be determined, even a majority of Native Americans say they are not offended.[by the name Redskins]  It turns out 83% of Native Americans say that pro-teams with Indian related names should not change their names; quite a big majority.

What Costas is saying is that he needs to help American Indians understand what they should and shouldn’t be upset about because they’re too intellectually deficient to figure it out for themselves. 

After all when does a person tell someone else they think is intelligent when that person should and shouldn’t be offended by something?  That sort of “advice” is reserved for those who are assumed to be too clueless to figure out they’re being insulted.

Costas’s comparison to other racial groups is wrong because unlike Redskins the equivalent terms for Blacks and other racial groups do have a derogatory history.  Black face for example describes how racist whites painted their faces black in order to avoid having to allow Blacks on stage.

The term Redskin however is associated with fierce fighters which is why it’s a great name for a football team.

While Costas claims that the name Redskins demeans Indians it appears that Indians side with the rational folk who recognize the obvious; who in their right mind would name a team for something or someone they disrespect?

A teams name is like a totem to inspire fans. Can anyone imagine the Washington losers, the Washington traitors, the Washington welfare moms, the Washington tax dodgers, or the Washington politicians?

Of course not.  A teams name is chosen because not only do the people choosing the name have a great deal of respect for what the name represents but they also believe that the majority of fans will respect the name as well.

When real Americans think of Redskins they think of primitive but brave warriors who fought even though massively outnumbered and out gunned.  To this day when people think of Apache or Sioux they think of strong and proud warriors.

What we see here is Costas projecting his own racism on others.  Conservatives reason that if Native Americans aren’t offended there is no reason to change the name but Costas believes that he knows better than American Indians what is wrong and that he has an obligation to guide the helpless Native Americans to the “right” point of view.  What’s more racist than saying that all the members of another race are all too stupid to figure out when they’re being discriminated against?

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