Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You've got to be a speaker.

No I don't mean you have to give speeches.

But if we're going to win this country back to honesty it's critical that everyone in the know makes sure that the low information voters understand that Obama is breaking the law all the time and that that's bad.

Let them know that if they like the illegal things Obama is doing--like not defending laws he doesn't like or using executive orders to make laws Congress won't pass--they won't like it if the next administration has a different perspective than they do.

Liberals win elections only when they manage to hide what they really want--you can keep your health plan-- or when people don't know what's going that something for sore muscles?.

The Main Stream Media won't report on Obama's or Liberal's failures so it's up to us.

Don't be obnoxious but drop some bombshells into conversations like:

Wow I couldn't believe the Democrats held American hostage and shut down the government.

People can disagree on abortion but Obama opposing requiring medical care for babies that survive an abortion seems pretty cold.

Unemployment is horrible and Obama never even talks about it anymore.

Will the NSA care about our phone calls once they get their hands on all our medical records?

Be prepared to support whatever assertion you put forward.  If the folks you're talking to are sane but ignorant you might just change a vote in 2014.

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