Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to show it's a Democrat shutdown

With the Obama fawning media in full gear trying to convince low information voters that the shutdown is all due to evil Republicans here's an approach to help the uninformed see the light.

At every point the Republicans have been trying to avoid a government shutdown.

They could have shutdown the government and demanded that Obamacare be repealed--after all that's why they got the majority in the house.

Instead they simply said no funding for Obamacare this year but we'll fund the entire rest of the government while we try and fix or replace Obamacare with something that won't bankrupt the country but will still address some of the problems in our medical system--such as too many lawsuits and the inability of people to carry insurance from job to job.

Given that the Republicans weren't interested in shutting down the government all the Democrats had to do is admit they lost the elections for the House in 2010 and 2012 so that in order to respect those elections Democrats had to renegotiate Obamacare.

Instead the Democrats, and the Democrats alone, decided to shut down the government.  They didn't have to, they weren't forced to, they decided it would be the best option for them.

Essentially while the Republicans were trying to minimize the impacts of this significant disagreement between Americans--most Americans aren't fans of Obamacare and even the die hard Democrat unions are now against it--the Democrats were thinking about how to hold America hostage.

This was made clear when Obama said he'd veto any partial funding measures other than for the military.  If Obama wasn't trying to blackmail Americans into supporting his demand for control over their healthcare he'd have jumped at the chance to alleviate some of the consequences of Democrats in the Senate refusing to respect the results of the last election.

At every step in the path Democrats have been acting like selfish uncaring little children who declare that unless everyone plays by their rules they're going to take their ball and go home.

Democrats are like Communists.  Communists believed that once a country became Communist it could never return to Democracy no matter what the people wanted--the Brezhnev doctrine. Democrats believe that once they get a hyperpartisan bill passed without a single Republican vote no future election can change that bill.

And Democrats are so intent on getting control of your healthcare--we all know that Obama lied about being able to keep our current plans since the news is full of stories of companies dropping their employee's healthcare coverage--that they're going to threaten the average American with a complete cessation of government functions if Americans don't give in.

To recap:
1) Republicans have done everything to not shutdown the government
2) Democrats shut down the government when they didn't have to just so they could take control of your healthcare decisions
3) Democrats are refusing to fund any part of the government until they get their way
4) Democrats seem to think that once Democrats pass a law future elections can't ever change it

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John B said...

You certainly aren't wrong. But when has facts and accurate recollection ever convinced a tunnel-visioned liberal that Obama and Democrats were in the wrong about anything?