Thursday, October 24, 2013

Venting on atheists

There is a certain group of atheists who are very very difficult to deal with.

They basically say that the don't have to prove anything since they don't believe in anything.

The problem is they turn around and say there is no God. Not they don't believe in God but there is no God.

That is they say that if you believe in God you're wrong.

Now that's not a lack of belief; it's a strong belief that there is no God.

There are several things that have to be true if there is no God including:
  • The evidence for God is wrong
  • The universe can self create
  • The universe can be explained by purely materialistic phenomena
  • We have no free will--all we are is brain chemistry
Yet atheists can't prove any of these things is true.  These things may be true but they can't be proven based on what science currently can explain.

As a result atheists,those who say there is no God, believe there is no God based on faith not science or facts. They may be right but their faith is still faith not facts.

What is irritating is that they constantly attack and mock people who believe in God and refuse to admit that their beliefs are based on faith.

They honestly don't understand that their faith that God is unlikely is not something that is a fact.

In the end they will be converted by God not by us so all we can do is try to expose this group of atheists to logic and truth and hope that opens a window by getting them to question their faith.

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