Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Lying Curtain

The Iron Curtain separated the peoples oppressed by Communism from truth and freedom.

Today a curtain of lies produced by the MSM keep Americans from seeing how their liberty, economic security, and religious freedom are being stripped from them by power hungry elites.

The average American concentrates on their family and their faith and considers government to a nuscance that has to be endured.  As a result they get their news from the cloud, not the internet cloud but the cultural smog created by the MSM.

To those Americans Benghazi was the result of an anti-Muslim video, Trayvon Martin was shot by a white racist, police commonly kill Black people for no reason, Iran is a responsible country, Obama is opposed only because he's Black, Republicans exist to thwart Democrat solutions, and all Democrats are poor or self made people.

It's 1984 writ large.

We know that America is ensured by this curtain of lies because every election cycle every liberal candidate--well most--run as conservatives. Compare Obama's rhetoric to how he's governed for example. If there were no curtain of lies, if Americans actually support the real policies of the candidates they vote for why wouldn't Obama have been honest about what he was going to do?

Instead when the truth slipped out, as with his comment about spreading the wealth around, the Democrat media complex worked furiously to bury the truth.

Similarly if Americans were really fans of abortion why would Planned Parenthood be upset about being caught selling baby organs?

It's not too late to tear down the curtain of lies. In todays age with fewer and fewer people trusting the MSM speaking the truth to your friends and relatives can be the way to smuggle truth through the curtain of lies.

In the end the truth always wins, ask the Greeks. But if we all work hard to destroy the curtain of lies now we can greatly reduce the suffering America will go through on the path to truths eventual victory.

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