Friday, July 10, 2015

Retirement Day 18: Liberal = H8r

The recent Supreme Court ruling that redefined the thousands of years old definition of marriage is useful for revealing the hate at the heart of modern liberalism.

First it's clear that liberals hate democracy and want power to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

The Constitution never ever talks about marriage. To conclude then that the intent of the Constitution is to redefine marriage and compel everyone in the US to accept that new definition is absurd on the face of it.

However since liberals hate democracy they don't mind that 5 unelected rich white lawyers can make up new laws while muttering the magical phrase "the Constitution says...".

This act by 5 rich white lawyers nullified the votes of 50,000,000 Americans and trod over the beliefs of many more who didn't have an opportunity to vote.  No one who loves democracy and who thinks that complex social issues need to be worked out by the people, not rich white lawyers, would be applauding this amazingly tyrannical decision by the Supreme Court.

We also see how liberals hate anyone who doesn't agree with them. Given that it's trivial for any gay couple to find photographers, bakers, and florists who will provide services for their weddings it's a clear cut case of intolerant hate by liberals that they demand that the religious liberties of Americans be removed in deference to gay sensitivities.

While liberals try and force tolerance of liberal perversions down everyone's throats they themselves refuse to tolerate anything that bothers them in the least.

We can see the hate in the smears leveled against anyone who disagrees with them. They compared Bush to Hitler and they condemn as racist anyone who objects to any of Obama's policies yet they squeal like babies if they are even exposed to any ideas that they don't like.

They demand that Christians listen to atheist philosophy in school but cry like immature brats at the thought of having to listen to a high school valedictorian voluntarily mention how her belief in Christ has contributed to her success.  We can see this bigotry in action in liberal support of ultra explicit sex ed which is offensive to most Christians while those same liberals demand that school prayer be banned.  Apparently in the hate filled minds of liberals it's ok to force Christian kids to see things they object to but it's totally inexcusable to require atheist kids to have to listen to things they don't like.

Liberals try and drive Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves while supporting cable carriage fees that are the only thing that keep liberal shows on the air.

There is a battle in America but it's not for America's heart or the support of the American people.

The battle is about the dismantling of democracy and the silencing of the American people by transferring power to the liberal "elites" who will govern over the rest of us.

Liberal H8rs don't care what Americans think now; they don't want to convince people that liberal policies are right. Those H8rs demand that they be given power and that all others not only do as liberals say but think what liberals think under pain of the government crushing them.

Liberals don't believe in discussion but in name calling, smearing, and hate.

If they win we will be living in 1984.

Don't give in to liberal hate; call them out for the intolerant bullies they are.

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