Saturday, July 18, 2015

Obama's enemies

You can tell a lot about a person by seeing who he considers to be his enemies.

Let’s look at who and what Obama stands against.

Obama views the basic concept of Congress to be his enemy.  He feels that he should have unchecked power to rule as a dictator.

Obama has said that it is so much easier to be the dictator who rules China. Obama has also lamented that he’s not the emperor of the US.

Obama doesn’t even bother to work with Congress—Democrats or Republicans—but demands his will be done. If Congress doesn’t capitulate Obama announces that he’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants irrespective of the Constitutional limits on his authority.

Obama’s rejection of Congress indicates that he has the mind of a tyrant not a president.

Obama has gladly accepted the Supreme Court’s illegal rulings on ObamaCare and gay marriage.  It does not bother him that the votes of 50,000,000 Americans were overruled by 5 rich, unelected lawyers. It doesn’t bother him that administrative law created by unelected bureaucrats has a huge adverse impact on Americans.

Even in victory Obama hates democracy.  When he was elected he told Republicans that since he’d won a small plurality of American votes they had to do what he said. A winner take all attitude is in direct opposition to the idea that the President is supposed to be the President of all Americans and that compromises have to be worked out so that the plurality can’t oppress the minority.

Obama has also stated that it’s wrong for the US to try and establish democracies in other countries.  Obama refused to try and support the Green Revolution in Iran where the Iranian people tried to overthrow the despotic theocratic regime that oppresses them. An administration official who tried to keep Twitter online because the Green Revolutionaries were using Twitter to communicate would have been fired if Obama had his way.

Obama’s rejection of the belief that power flows from the people shows once again that he has the mind of a tyrant not a president; Obama wants to rule not to govern.

The Rule of Law:
Obama’s actions in ignoring court orders from Federal judges, refusing to uphold the laws he doesn’t like, arbitrarily changing laws, and refusing to respond to Congressional subpoenas all show that he believes himself to be above the law.

Even worse Obama is clearly a totalitarian since he believes that those who disagree with him are subject to the law. Only he and those who agree with him are above the law.

The Police:
Obama immediately reaches out to console criminals such as Michael Brown but says nothing when police officers are killed.

It’s not surprising that Obama views police with contempt. He admits to having used illegal drugs extensively in his youth. Having to fear arrest for so long can’t help but have given Obama a hostile view of the police.

Obama’s rejection of the police sends the message that being a crook is ok and that the police are our enemies. That in turn encourages crime, especially crimes against Blacks, and leads to anarchy and misery for the poor.

Obama’s viewing police as the enemy is an example of how he identifies with those who reject society not those who build it.

The United States:
Obama’s foreign policy is based on the assumption that the US is the bad guy.  He is constantly “apologizing” to the world for the “sins” of America while ignoring the sins of Islamic terrorists and tyrants like Xi Jinping.

Apparently in Obama’s mind American self-interest and America’s desire to export democracy are evil.

Obama is trying to please the father who abandoned him by waging war against American “imperialism”.  Because Obama views the US as a source of evil he believes his obligation to those he likes, the poor of the Third World, justifies his efforts to reduce American power.

While Obama claims to be Christian he has no problem attacking Christianity and Christians while constantly defending Islam.

Obama blames Christians for the Crusades—ignoring the historical fact that the Crusades were a response to Islamic persecution of Christians—while refusing to label Islamic terrorism as Islamic.

The HHS mandate that is designed to force Christians to pay for abortions has been pushed by Obama even though the courts have ruled that it is unconstitutional. Obama has no problem with forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to violate their religious beliefs.

Obama’s condemnation of Christianity is another sign of his rejection of any authority above himself.  Because Christianity declares all men are bound by certain moral principles, that all men’s first obligation is to God, and because the Framers said that it is from God that our rights flow Christianity is the biggest impediment to Obama having complete and total power over the people.

Unemployed Blacks:
Obama wants Hispanic votes so he strongly supports bringing in as many low skill Hispanics as he can. Yet those people are in direct competition with poorly educated American Blacks for jobs.  Further Obama claims he’s done a great job at reducing unemployment that requires totally ignoring the obscenely high unemployment rates for Blacks.

While Obama is half Black his actions are always in lock step with the agenda of the white liberal intelligencia. While claiming he’s up for the struggle Obama’s life has been marked with all the benefits of white privilege.  His willingness to throw Blacks under the bus so long as they keep voting Democrat shows that Obama is more concerned about advancing the liberal agenda than helping his people.

The Constitution:
Obama has decried the Supreme Courts “failure” to abandon the principles of the Constitution.  He also continues to ignore the Constitution when it suits his needs.

Obama dislikes the Constitution because it limits what he can do and in Obama’s mind he is the savior of America.  Instead of rejoicing over the Constitutions dedication to the freedom of Americans Obama is despondent over how it limits his tyrannical desires.

The American People:
Good people don’t lie to their friends but Obama continually lies to the American people. From telling us that we could keep our doctors to saying that the Iran deal contains a strong inspection regime Obama has demonstrated a total lack of concern for lying to Americans.

Similarly Obama has condemned the American lifestyle as being exploitive of the rest of the world. He also has no problem condemning Americans for their love of religion and guns.

Obama views Americans with both contempt and disdain because they don’t share the hatred of God and America so in vogue with Obama’s white liberal role models.

The Unborn:
It’s one thing to support abortion in cases of rape or incest but it takes a hard heart indeed for Obama to say that he’s cool with his grandchildren being aborted just because they were “unplanned”.

Obama even supports allowing a viable baby that survives an abortion attempt to be denied medical care.

Viewing the unborn as a burden says a lot about Obama’s view of people; our rights depend on what society thinks in direct contradiction to the Framers who said our rights come from God.

Obama’s enemies show us that Obama is the embodiment of the elitist rich white liberal ethos where average American’s are evil, American self-interest is oppressive, and God is our enemy.

This in turn explains why every Obama action is designed to weaken America and why policies that hurt Americans—such as driving up energy costs even though it does nothing to reduce global warming—are viewed favorably by Obama.

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