Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Lying Curtain; Female Warriors

Clearly women are very brave; few men would repeatedly volunteer for pregnancy.

However the simple reality is that woman in general lack the killer instinct, the competitiveness, and the muscle mass needed to be a combatant.

Yet if you watch TV or movies you see tiny women constantly out fighting men who are as well trained as they are and much larger than they are.

Sure any random female MMA fighter could beat me up without working up a sweat but in general women simply aren't designed for combat; which is why female MMA fighters are very unenthused about "transgendered" MMA fighters.

It's also why female MMA fighters would be slaughtered by male MMA fighters.

But by repeatedly lying about reality the media make it easy for people to simply accept women in combat or women as fire fighters even if that requires lowering standards. By hiding the lowering standards parts from the people the media makes the issue about discrimination based on sex not discrimination based on capabilities.

In the real world outside the lying curtain liberals use to confuse people men and women are of equal value but significantly different in their strengths.  If some tiny portion of women want to be fire fighters great; just make them pass the same tests because fires aren't gentlemen who treat ladies differently.

Similarly by not reporting on the problems with women on ships the media makes the whole issue of women in combat not about the problems of mixed gender units but about discriminating based only on gender.

In the end the main victims of this particular lie are women who get killed fighting fires because they don't have the strength they need and women who are mistreated by men who are being told to think of women as guys when it comes to fighting.

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