Friday, July 17, 2015

Ten examples of how Liberals/Progressives either don't care about Blacks or are racists

1) The leading cause of death for Black Americans is abortion yet liberals/progressives are all in for Planned Parenthood.  Apparently Black lives don't matter. That only makes sense if liberals want fewer Blacks.

2) Black women are 3 times as likely to kill their unborn children yet liberals/progressives apparently don't think Black lives matter.  Once again this only makes sense if liberals/progressives are racist.

3) Liberals/Progressives have been running cities like Chicago and Detroit for more than fifty years yet Black kids still get horrible educations. But don't worry the teachers, whose unions support liberals/progressive, get paid a lot--more than $70,000 a year in Chicago for example.

4) Any time a Black espouses values that conflict with what white liberals want that Black is viciously attacked by liberals/progressives.  If conservatives used the rhetoric that liberals use against say Supreme Court Justice Thomas you'd never hear the end of screams of racism. This makes sense though when you realize that liberals/progressives are racists since they get upset when Blacks leave the ideological plantation.

5)Black unemployment numbers are nearly twice as high as whites yet liberals/progressives are shouting with glee about how good the economy is.  Only makes sense if liberals/progressives could care less about Blacks.

6) White liberals/progressives are all for lots of low skill immigrants.  Of course those immigrants won't compete with white liberals/progressives, or their children,  for jobs but those illegals do compete with Blacks because Blacks don't get good educations--see point 3 above.  This attitude only makes sense if liberals/progressives could care less about Blacks.

7) About 6,000 Black men are murdered each year, mostly in Democrat run cities, and liberals/progressives say nothing.  But let a white cop get involved and all of a sudden the liberals/progressives care a lot.  If Black lives matter to liberals/progressives why are they silent on this horrible problem?

8) Blacks are strongly against so called gay marriage yet liberals/progressives were cool with Black votes being thrown out and Obama not enforcing DOMA.  If one cares about Blacks one takes into account their beliefs. But apparently liberals/progressives only care about Black beliefs if those beliefs are held by white liberals/progressives.

9)Liberals/Progressives keep saying that Blacks can't succeed without liberal/progressive help but Japanese Americans went from being in prison camps to having one of the highest average incomes in America with no government help.  It's racist to assume Blacks are less competent than any other race yet that's what liberals/progressives believe.

10)Liberals/Progressives claim to care about Blacks but the welfare system liberals/progressives created has destroyed the Black family and oppressed Black children by denying them fathers.  Yet even as this decades long problem became obvious liberals/progressives did nothing to modify the system to end this disaster. The only reason that could make sense is that liberals/progressives don't care about Blacks.

And as a Bonus:

11) Liberals/Progressives are pushing hard for much higher energy costs to fight "global warming" even though they know that even if the US ended CO2 emissions it wouldn't matter since India and China will continue to pump much more CO2 into the atmosphere than the US does.  This is a big deal for Blacks since poor people spend 23% of their budgets on energy while liberals/progressives only pay 7%.

So next time some self righteous liberal/progressive calls you a racist point out that if they want to find real racism they should look in a mirror.

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