Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Planned Parenthood "profits"

Because PP is a non-profit it cannot, by definition, make profits.

But that doesn't mean that PP employees don't get wealthy by selling baby hearts.

We all condemn those Protestant televangelists who make a fortune and live in mansions yet their ministries are non-profit just like Planned Parenthood.

What we need to understand is that when a non-profit takes in money it goes to either operating expenses, free services, or the employee's.  I'm not aware of PP doing much of anything for free--as opposed to billing the government for services to the poor--so that means money goes to pay for facilities and salaries.

But what PP charges for an abortion is designed to at least cover the facilities and salaries needed to perform that abortion--including overhead like the receptionist's pay etc. Therefore any money they get for the babies organs is extra.

Now since PP is a non-profit that extra money isn't a "profit" but it is money that can help a PP abortionist buy a new Lamborghini or increase the president of PP's salary.

That's why it doesn't matter if PP makes a "profit" off of selling baby hearts.  PP employees take home more money because they callously sell the parts of babies that they deny are human.  PP employees profit off trafficking in human organs even if the organization technically doesn't.

So if someone says that PP is just recovering their costs point out that those costs include the abortionists time so that the abortionist walks away with that extra cash she needs to buy that Lamborghini she's been wanting.

To most people that's making a profit. That's why sane people condemn PP for exploiting women in crisis by selling their daughters hearts for cold hard cash.

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