Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Iran and dreams from Obama's father

Obama's biological father was a staunch anti-Western radical who condemned the West for all the failings of third world countries.

Obama's own writings tell us how much he adores the father who abandoned him. This is not unusual; people often strive throughout their lives to be "worthy" of the parent who abused or abandoned them when they were children.

Obama believes that America is the problem and that Iran is the solution.

While Obama professes to be Christian it's clear he hold no antipathy towards Islam and in fact a great deal of cultural affinity towards Muhammad's heresy.

Hence the normal American concern about giving power to Iran as opposed to say France is not shared by our President.

Instead of condemning the Iranian use of terror in Lebanon and Syria Obama has harsh words only for President Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq. That's because in Obama's mind America, and let's be clear here he's talking about white America, is evil and must be limited.

America is not only evil according to Obama because of it's neocolonial actions in the Middle East but because we have good lifestyles.

In Obama's mind Americans live well not because we work hard, avoid government corruption, and have economic freedom but because we exploit the people Obama really identifies with, the poor of the Third World.

To Obama Americans are evil because we succeed. No matter that Taiwan, Singapore, and many other formally third world countries have shown that economic success is color and history blind; all that's needed is economic freedom and citizens who are willing to work hard. To Obama the poor of the third world are poor because America exploits them not because they live in countries run by selfish and corrupt men.

To Obama giving nuclear weapons to Iran is not only just it's good policy because then Iran will stabilize the region.

To say that is insane is an understatement.  First the only stability that Iran will recognize is Iranian rule of all--which includes genocide against the Jews in Israel. That Christians are second class citizens, at best, in Iran troubles Obama not a wit. Apparently the persecution of Christians is not a negative in the Presidents book though we already know that from his persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Second it's insane to think that Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia will stand by and let the Iranians go nuclear without having their own nuclear weapons. Iran is in the business of covertly destabilizing other governments so no rational thinker would doubt that once Iran has the bomb it will use more overt techniques to exert control

Third a Middle East controlled by Iran will lead to a huge oil problem for Europe; effectively putting Europe under the control of Iran.

Fourth we've seen how Iran treats a weak American President, anyone remember Carter?, so it's insane to think that Iran will honor any agreement when they've seen Obama walk back his "red line" comments after Syria's dictator used chemical weapons on his own people.

Fifth by giving Iran a huge infusion of cash Obama is removing the only constraint that has been effective to date in limiting Iranian sponsored terrorism abroad.

In the end this "deal" is proof that Obama hates America and loves the Third World; like most liberals he feels guilty about his wealth and lifestyle and like most liberals instead of giving his money to the poor overseas--he could start with his half brother--he demands that the average American suffer.

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