Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Big Gay Lie

Loving gays means condemning the gay lifestyle which cuts gay life expectancy by twice what smoking does.

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MSEE said...

You say in the essay that a tendency to homosexuality is not inherent at birth. This is false. And this is the only point you make that I disagree with. There is no way that social science or reductionist science can establish this point you make.

I know of two cases where homosexuality has been reversed unequivocally and those were after dramatic sessions of LSD-assisted psychotherapy. The cases where persons claim to have reversed homosexuality after other types of treatment are most likely bisexuals who have suppressed the homosexual tendency and do so for respect from the Christian mainstream.

The mistake is to assume that the personality has no causal nexus of existence before conception. The truth is that most problems of human suffering have roots in karmic bonds, i.e. thoughts and actions in previous incarnations. You should read Realms Of The Human Unconcious by Stanislav Grof to get an idea of the deep roots of human personality disorders, if you think this far-fetched. Here is a review:

Aaron said...

To the author, to see you dehumanize me as a gay person and perpetuate lies like that is deeply saddening. You stereotype all gay as promiscuous, when a huge number of LGBT live live in happily monogamous relationships. Of course you wouldn't know since I doubt you have known many gay people at all. It is far easier to critisize, dehumanize and judge from your hilltop far away, rather than than immitate Jesus and go and eat with those whom you have deemed to be sinners. I will pray for you.

trinko said...

Let's see I say over and over that gays are people to be loved but the gay lifestyle is bad and provide many sources to support that yet you say I'm dehumanizing you. As to seteotyping blame the gay friendly researchers who did the studies I cited.

I make it clear I condemn the gay lifestyle not gays. And while Jesus ate with sinners He never ever condoned their sins which is what you appear to want me to do.

Precisely because I care about gays I speak the truth about how bad it is when gays give in to their temptations.

I didn't judge anyone. I have no idea if gays are sinning because that depends on their internal disposition
which I cannot judge however I can say that their acts, when not chaste are objectively wrong.