Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is Trayvon inspiring a new crime wave?

The evidence from the Zimmerman trial conclusively proved that Trayvon looped back and confronted Zimmerman; if Trayvon had just continued on home Zimmerman would have had to fight Trayvon in Trayvon's living room.

We also know like a lot of unemployed teens of the male persuasion Trayvon liked fighting which makes it more likely that Trayvon started any fight especially when one considers that Trayvon was a lot bigger than Zimmerman.

Does that make it ok? Well in a legal sense yes the fact that based on all the evidence Trayvon looped back and attacked Zimmerman makes it ok that Zimmerman shot Trayvon.  But of course we'd all, and Zimmerman first among us, love to be able to go back in time and avoid Trayvon's death.

If we had our magical time machine we could try and convince Trayvon that attacking an adult he doesn't know is a lot different than having a consensual fight with another teen.  Strangers don't know if you're going to stop before they're dead and adults don't expect to be physically attacked by strangers.

And race did play a role in this tragedy. Does anyone think Trayvon would have looped back and attacked a Black man as opposed to a "crazy assed Cracker"?

The question of the day is do all those folks saying they're Trayvon--or wearing shirts to that effect--really mean that if they see a white, or whitish, person on the street behind them they will loop back and try to beat the animal excrement out of the person of , semi-, pallor?

Do white people have reason to be afraid because so many Blacks are now saying that they will start attacking whites, or Latino's, at random?

Of course not.  But the even scarier thing is that so many Blacks, and their media enablers, seem quite comfortable living in a fantasy world where whites are constantly seeking to murder random Blacks.  Hundreds of Trayvons die each year and the vast majority are killed by other Blacks, not by skin head racist whites.

If Black Americans keep avoiding the truth they're going to keep getting killed by their brothers in the hood.  Jesse Jackson pointed out, a long time ago, that if you're walking down a city street at night and you hear someone following you you feel a lot better if when you turn around you see that the person following you is white. The point Jackson was trying to make is that Black culture in America is far too tolerant of criminality; the vast majority of event the poorest Blacks are honest but Blacks are much more likely to be criminals than whites.

This bizarre reaction to the Trayvon case is a sign of the disconnect Blacks have from reality.  A white couple was murdered by a Black gang and a small white child was shot by a Black man recently but whites haven't demanded anything nor have they condemned Blacks as a group for these horrible crimes.  Similarly a Black man left his house to confront some white teens who were acting threatening on his front lawn. He ended up shooting one of the white kids; who died.  This is much worse than the Zimmerman case since the Black man could have stayed in his house, where he and his family were safe, until the cops arrived. But still the Black man wasn't prosecuted; nor should he have been.

The above cases are the reality of America but too many Blacks have been convinced that whites are evil and that it's ok for a Black teen to attack an adult. They seem to think that it's the Hispanics fault that Trayvon looped back and attacked him. Blacks talk as though Trayvon was just walking home and Zimmerman shot him from a distance.

If Blacks don't like being profiled they need to cut down on the Black crime rate. If Blacks really give a darn about Trayvon they need to start working to end the mass murder of young Black men by other young Black men; 3 young Blacks were killed in Chicago just during the Zimmerman trial and Black "leaders" can't name any of them.

Is a Black death bad only if it's caused by a non-Black? Do Blacks have a pass on killing each other? That sure seems to be the case and it also seems to be a might racist policy yet we hear little or nothing from the media or people like Al Sharpton about it.

That may be because when a Black bigot like Sharpton attacks a non-Black liberals will shower him with money and publicity. But those same liberal media elites could care less if some inner city Black kid is killed by a Black gang member.

Sharpton and his ilk make it all about race; the death of a Black teen is only important if it involves a white--without a white being involved Black teens lives are worthless in Sharptons eyes.

It's time we dropped the racists anti-white bigotry of the ruling class and started caring about all those innocent Black kids being killed by other Black kids.  While liberals may be content letting Blacks rot in inner city slums so long as those Blacks keep voting Democrat we as a country need to do better. We need to make sure that teens like Trayvon don't think it's ok to attack people they don't know. We need to make sure that the gangsters who kill so many Trayvons each year go to and stay in jail.

Only Trayvon could have saved Trayvon's life. Let's work to make sure that future Trayvon's don't suffer from a distorted view of the world the way Trayvon did.

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