Thursday, August 1, 2013

Democrats admit they're phony

President Obama and other Democrats have condemned the "phony" scandals that have been plaguing Obama.

Specifically Democrats have identified the IRS being used for a political agenda and the slaughter at Benghazi of several Americans as phony scandals.

In the case of the IRS the IRS's own internal auditors disclosed that the IRS had engaged in a systematic attack on organizations who were political opponents of the Obama administration. The facts really aren't in dispute; the IRS denied tax exempt status to conservative groups while granting it quickly to equivalent liberal groups and the IRS illegally released tax information to Democrat political operatives.  While liberals claim that there is no scandal the fact that the key IRS official in the whole mess is trying to take the 5th, amendment not whiskey, when testifying is pretty good evidence that it wasn't just an innocent mistake.

Clearly then the IRS scandal is quite real.

Our Ambassador, and several brave men, died in Benghazi because of Obama's bizarre belief that Muslims wouldn't hate America because of Obama's Muslim roots.  Because Obama thinks of radical Muslims as friends he didn't think it necessary to provide significant security to our Ambassador to Libya even though Libya was far from recovered from its revolution and there were lot's of terrorists running around.

But that's not the scandal.  Incompetence is abhorrent when it leads to the deaths of innocent Americans but it's not a scandal to be a total failure at foreign policy; look at Jimmy Carter, he was a failure but nothing he did was scandalous.

The scandal was that the administration knowingly lied to Americans for weeks after the event in order to help Obama be elected. The administration went so far as to blame an innocent American film maker in order to avoid the country finding out that the disaster was due to Obama.  Obama and Hillary Clinton knew within hours that there was no demonstration but they, and their stooges, kept blaming a spontaneous riot right up till the time Hillary Clinton could tell Congress, referring to the government actions which lead to the deaths of brave Americans, "what difference does it make?".

Those blatant and intentional lies are the real scandal.  They're the reason why it's hard to trust the government with all of our private information; it's clear the government can't always be trusted so long as Democrats run the show.

So if the two scandals are not phony what are they?  Well first and foremost they're Democrat scandals; not a single Republican involved.  That means that if Democrats are saying
"phony scandals" = "Democrat scandals"
it means that Democrats are saying that
"phony" = "Democrat"
a astonishingly accurate assessment.

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