Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Liberals vs Conservatives 4

Liberals don't believe in the rule of law; instead they believe in the rule of men. That's why when Bill Clinton committed perjury Democrats said so what but when Nixon covered up a break in they howled for blood.

Similarly liberals have no problems with the Supreme Court making up laws so long as liberals like the laws the Supreme Court makes up.

Additionally liberals have no problems with elected officials not enforcing laws they don't like. They're fine with Obama not enforcing DOMA before the Supreme Court ruling and they're fine with Jerry Brown not defending the votes of 7 million Californians on Prop 8. But imagine the uproar if Nixon had decided to not enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Conservatives believe the law should apply to everyone which is why they abandoned Nixon when it was clear he had committed a crime. Similarly Conservatives believe that elected officials have to enforce laws even if they personally don't like them. Finally conservatives believe judges should interpret laws based on what the people who passed the law intended.

Liberals believe in a two class system; liberals to whom the laws don't apply and conservatives to whom the laws do apply.

Conservatives believe all people are equally subject to the law.

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