Thursday, July 4, 2013

Liberals think Obama is king

The Obamacare law says that major portions of it have to go into effect on 1/1/2013. Among these are the individual and business mandates.

Yet Obama has declared that the business mandate will be delayed till just after the 2014 elections.

Why isn't anyone suing?  This is the latest in a long string of Democrat decisons to not enforce laws they don't like--DOMA--, not defend votes they don't like--Prop 8 in California--, or implement laws that didn't pass Congress through bureaucratic fiat--the Dream Act.

If we accept the idea that elected officials can decide what laws they want to enforce then we no longer have a representative democracy because in a free society politicians have the power to change the law not to ignore it.

Can you imagine if some racist President decided to not enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Yet the same people who would be rightfully indignant over that have no problem with Jerry Brown not defending the votes of 7,000,000 Californians for Prop 8.

Obama is not alone when he says he wishes he didn't have to deal with Congress; that he could just rule by declaration.  Liberals want an imperial government where backwards voters can't stand in the way of what Democrats believe is progress--which usually involves either supporting hedonism or transferring money from the pockets of middle class Americans to whomever will sell their votes to the Democrat party.

Conservatives need to use lawfare against those Democrats who refuse to uphold the law of the land lest we find ourselves living in a tyranny.

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