Sunday, July 7, 2013

Conservative vs Liberal 5

Sadly someone on Facebook I knew in high school keeps posting liberal nonsense on my wall. I ask him to stop but he refuses.  I could block him but he provides great material for what liberals are all about.

He is truly a major player in liberal circles. His wife went to the Democrat convention and sat near Michelle Obama. She even got to talk to Michelle.

In a private message he told me about an evil Republican plan to defund veterans health care.

First he said that the disabled veterans were due to Republicans.  I pointed out that the Democrats supported the wars in Iraqi and Afghanistan and that more soldiers have been hurt or killed in Afghanistan under Obama than under Bush.

It turns out that the article he linked to was quoting a CBO study one option of which was defunding certain types of medical care for conditions not recognized by the medical community.

Given that the CBO is non-partisan and given that there was no indication that any Republican supported "option 35" one would think that the liberal would say gee sorry and be embarrassed; that's what a conservative would do. We feel bad when we get our facts wrong and it embarrasses us.

But since the guy is a liberal he just ignored the whole thing and went on to ask me how I felt about being wrong about my prognostications on the financial state of California.  He then went on to say how bad Walker is doing in Wisconsin.

He is apparently unaware that Californian unemployment hit a 5 year low, 8.6%, while unemployment in Wisconsin is at 7.1%.

The lesson from this is that liberals don't care about facts and are very much into the Big Lie theory of political discourse; if you lie enough and long enough enough people will believe you so that you can get political power which is all liberals care about.

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