Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BART; why government unions are bad

In the Obama economy with unemployment running at record levels and millions of people forced to take part time jobs or so disheartened they give up looking for work the BART unions want a 23% pay increase over the next 4 years.

Already very well paid the government unions realize that unlike all other businesses their bosses can just arbitrarily raise prices on their customers through higher taxes and higher fares.  Additionally eco-nazism in California makes it hard to drive a car so there's really no viable competition to keep BART prices down.

The unions bribe the politicians, who never pay with their own money, by providing support, support not limited by the laws that limit contributions by other groups.

The only people who suffer are the taxpayers. Which the unions and the liberals have no problem with.


Anonymous said...

I just think that with a struggling economy and many people out of work these people should be grateful to have a well paying job. It's greed!!! In the beginning I was totally on there side but once salary were posted ....omg... Ridiculous! I myself work at a successfull medical office and as an office manager make nothing close to the janitor at Bart... They should be ashamed .....I agree with many other comments, I can't recall one moment while at Bart that an employee was hellpful. The stations are filthy.... Employees are rude as hell..I know they can all be replaced with well rounded individuals who would appreciate the salary and would work hard for it...

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