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Why liberals root for the Bad Guys; like Trayvon

The Zimmerman case is the latest, and one of the more blatant, examples of how liberals in America always root for the bad guys.

Anyone who grew up in the 1960’s, and no dinosaurs did not roam the earth at that time, remembers how popular entertainment turned from extolling heroes, like those played by John Wayne, and began extolling anti-heroes, men who were basically evil or extraordinarily flawed and not seeking redemption.

That change was a reflection of the changes in the way liberals looked at criminals in general.  The liberal activists in the Warren court started with a good idea, stop the police from coercing confessions from potentially innocent people, and ended up creating a maze of loopholes that rich and unscrupulous defense lawyers could use to exclude critical evidence from trials.

It’s gotten worse over time so that now the “heroes” extolled by the entertainment mafia are drug dealing killers, Breaking Bad, and serial killers, Dexter. No businessman is ever honest and people of faith are regularly mocked while drug using promiscuous people are extolled. Rejecting real heroes and embracing the bad guys is clearly a very slippery slope.

In the Zimmerman case liberals have continued to support the bad guy.

The one thing we’ve never heard from liberals is the one thing that’s obvious:

Trayvon was the bad guy.

We know, but the Jury wasn’t told, that Trayvon was a drug user who liked to fight, and was disappointed when the people he fought weren’t sufficiently hurt, and quite possibly a petty thief.

That doesn’t make him the bad guy but it does show that he had the makings of a bad guy in him. What makes Trayvon the bad guy was the fact that he initiated the confrontation with George.

It’s a matter of fact that from the time that Trayvon complained about being followed to when he was shot was four minutes.  If Trayvon had just walked right home, a mere 100 yards away, any fight would have occurred in his living room.  The evidence is unambiguous; Trayvon went back to confront Zimmerman.

By liberal reasoning Zimmerman is guilty because he followed Trayvon.  Using that same logic then Trayvon must be guilty because Trayvon went back to confront Zimmerman.  If Trayvon was afraid of Zimmerman then he, according to the liberal logic, should have done what liberals say Zimmerman should have done; head home and call the cops. 

Instead of walking home and calling 911 about the “creepy assed cracker” who was following him Trayvon turned around and accosted George.  Trayvon did exactly what liberals condemn Zimmerman for doing but which the evidence shows Zimmerman did not do.

Even if George was a skin head. Black hating. Westboro Baptist, gun toting, Tea Party member if Trayvon had just walked home Trayvon would be alive today; assuming he didn’t get killed in one of his frequent fights.

Even if Zimmerman is a total liar and he initiated the conflict with the larger Trayvon the simple fact is that unless Trayvon did what liberals condemn Zimmerman for supposedly doing, confronting a suspicious person rather than calling the cops, Zimmerman couldn’t have started a fight.

If it’s wrong to follow a suspicious person because that’s an unfair aggravation of that person, which is what liberals are arguing, then it was wrong of Trayvon to turn around and accost Zimmerman.  Hence even using liberal reasoning:

Trayvon was the bad guy.

While it’s a tragedy that someone so young died because of their stupidity that doesn’t change one simple fact; it was Trayvons deliberate actions that led to his death.  Just as it’s not the fault of the cop who shoots a sadly young gang member in selfdefense.

Has a single liberal asked the question what would have happened if Zimmerman didn’t have a gun?  The physical evidence and the eyewitness testimony is unambiguous; Trayvon was on top and beating the crud out of Zimmerman.  If Zimmerman hadn’t had a gun would he have ended up like Reginald Denny—who was beaten by a mob as part of the Rodney King riots in LA? Would liberals have defended Trayvon, assuming he was even charged, as they defended the men who beat Denny?  Would they have even cared?

Based on precedent we can say with a fairly good degree of certainty that liberals would not have cared a bit about a viciously beaten Zimmerman.

If liberals cared about victims they wouldn’t support laws that keep relevant evidence from the jury because the police, or a judge, was determined to have made a slight procedural error—an error that it took the Supreme Court months to determine was an error.

But in addition to the general support liberals give to the bad guys there are numerous cases where liberals support individuals who are clearly guilty while those same liberals ignore, or even worse besmirch, the victims.

Troy Davis murdered a police officer in cold blood, Mark MacPhail—the murdered officer—was on the ground when Troy shot him, in front of 34 witnesses but liberals were demanding Troy not be executed.

You can find many more examples of liberals advocating for obviously guilty criminals in Ann Coulters book “Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and their assault on America”

Liberals enthusiasm for the bad guys are not limited to murders however.

Millions of honest foreigners are waiting years to legally enter the US yet liberals are hell bent on rewarding the dishonest people who illegally sneak into America.

Liberals consistently defend Muslim extremists and lump peaceful pro-life activists in with suicide bombers.  We’re told by liberals that it’s America’s fault that Muslims hate us and that that Muslim terrorists should get the same constitutional rights as US citizens; if the glove doesn’t fit you can’t convict.  We’re even told that a soldier extolling Allah while shooting defenseless Americans is not a terrorist but just an example of workplace violence.

Liberals condemn Israel, an imperfect country but one where you can legally go to a Catholic Church without being in fear of your life, while extolling Arab nations that consistently oppress and often murder Christians.

Liberals have no problem with welfare cheats; instead liberals save their ire for “selfish” working people who feel they pay too much in taxes.

Why do liberals feel such an affinity for the bad guys? While the reasons will vary, since liberals are no more clones than are conservatives, it’s not unreasonable to see if basic liberal beliefs are linked to liberals apparent love of those who do evil.

At the core of modern American liberalism are a number of very racists beliefs including:

1) Unlike other minorities who succeeded on their own in America, say Japanese Americans, Blacks are incapable of success without the help of liberals. Because of this paternalistic view towards Blacks liberals tend to not hold Blacks responsible for their actions.

2) Unenlightened Whites, ie anyone who isn’t a liberal, are mean evil nasty racist selfish aggressive folk.  As a result liberals assume all Whites who don’t hold degree’s from Harvard are racist, misogynistic, Neanderthals eager to oppress Blacks in any way possible.

As a result liberals tend to support Blacks whenever a crime involves Whites—or now apparently Hispanics—and Blacks. When it’s Black on Black crime liberals seem to not care; if they did they’d be doing something to end the horrendous death of Blacks in the cities controlled by Democrat Mayors--three Blacks, as young or younger than Trayvon, were killed in Chicago just during the Zimmerman trail but liberals, including Al Sharpton, have remained quiet.

In the liberal mind a violent drug crazed Rodney King is the good guy simply because he’s black.  If he’d been white and the police had been Black liberals would have looked the other way; as they have in so many other cases.

Similarly liberals believe that in America honest people can’t succeed and therefore that people are only on welfare because the system is forcing them to be poor. Hence the person who’s on welfare because they dropped out of high school to do drugs is the one liberals like., not the hardworking business owner.

It’s time that we get low information voters to realize that no matter what the issue liberal’s side with the bad guys and that that is bad for America.

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msederoff said...

While reading this article, I am reminded of something another poster wrote at a different site I often visit.

She wondered why everyone seems to consistently call Trayvon Martin "Trayvon" when writing about him, but they always refer to George Zimmerman as "Zimmerman". The "Justice for Trayvon" people along with the MSM started this, and conservatives, by going along, reinforce the notion that Martin was an innocent boy. Poor little Trayvon.